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Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Raw Lotus Seeds?
« on: April 12, 2015, 02:31:02 AM »
My wife bought raw lotus seeds on our Vietnam trip.
The chinese and the viets put this in many of their cooked dishes.
Im eating them raw, of course.

Anyone have experience eating raw lotus seeds?
Feedback? Benefits? Warnings?

Humanity has been degenerating...

From raw paleo food to cooked food to crappy food to junk food.

From life giving PALEO SEX to contraceptive fake sex to VIRTUAL SEX!

Watch out!

Virtual Sex Will Put Porn on Steroids
April 9, 2015

Sex won't take place in bed;
it'll take place in the head.

The next phase in the Illuminati's agenda to separate sex from reproduction, and break down the family unit, is the introduction of virtual sex. The use of virtual reality headsets combined with robotic devices will make a limitless number and variety of sexual experiences possible.

- See more at:


And I googled "virtual sex" and yes, it is here... the industries are hiring!

Check out

Get Paid Real Money to Have Virtual Sex | VirtualSexWork ...
If you are outgoing and can do voice chat you can make up to $40 per hour having virtual sex with paying clients, and if you're willing to do optional webcam ...


Tsk tsk tsk... everything has to be fake nowadays.

Personals / Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam - Food Tips?
« on: March 29, 2015, 10:42:34 AM »
Family vacation to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Any food tips?

Raw paleo or cooked paleo?

Off Topic / 8,000 Years Ago, 17 Women Reproduced for Every One Man
« on: March 19, 2015, 10:15:30 PM »

8,000 Years Ago, 17 Women Reproduced for Every One Man
An analysis of modern DNA uncovers a rough dating scene after the advent of agriculture.

    Francie Diep
    Mar 18, 2015

Once upon a time, 4,000 to 8,000 years after humanity invented agriculture, something very strange happened to human reproduction. Across the globe, for every 17 women who were reproducing, passing on genes that are still around today—only one man did the same.


Another member of the research team, a biological anthropologist, hypothesizes that somehow, only a few men accumulated lots of wealth and power, leaving nothing for others. These men could then pass their wealth on to their sons, perpetuating this pattern of elitist reproductive success. Then, as more thousands of years passed, the numbers of men reproducing, compared to women, rose again. "Maybe more and more people started being successful," Wilson Sayres says.

In more recent history, as a global average, about four or five women reproduced for every one man.


My comment: Look guys... if you haven't yet impregnated your 4 or 5 women... you are BELOW the global average.  ;D

I was corrected by someone... if you are a man and have impregnated 4 to 5 women... you are an amazing STUD. (I got my math wrong, sorry.)


Ha ha, geneticist getting into this game because the other hypotheses are unsatisfactory!   

- Dr Eugene McCarthy points to features that distinguish us from primates
- He says that the only animals which also have these features are pigs

Read more:
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Geneticist's interesting website

Lots of hybrid examples there...

Let's get this debate rolling... Read the links first.

Human-Ape Hybridization: A Failed Attempt to Prove Darwinism

Ilya Ivanov (1870-1932) was an eminent biologist who achieved considerable success in the field of artificial insemination of horses and other animals. Called “one of the greatest authorities on artificial fecundation,”1 he graduated from Kharkov University in 1896 and became a professor of zoology in 1907. His artificial insemination techniques were so successful that he was able to fertilize as many as 500 mares with the semen of a single stallion.

Ivanov also pioneered the use of artificial insemination to produce various hybrids, including that of a zebra and a donkey, a rat and a mouse, a mouse and a guinea pig, and an antelope and a cow. His most radical experiment, though, was his attempt to produce a human-ape hybrid.2 He felt that this feat was clearly possible in view of how successful he had been in his animal experiments--and how close evolutionary biologists then regarded apes and humans. The experiments were supported by some of the most respected biologists of the day, including Professor Hermann Klaatsch3 and Dr. F. G. Crookshank.4 The main opposition was from "two or three religious publications."5


"In the end, the research failed and has not been attempted again, at least publicly. Today we know it will not be successful for many reasons, and Professor Ivanov's attempts are, for this reason, a major embarrassment to science. One problem is humans have 46 chromosomes--apes 48--and for this reason the chromosomes will not pair up properly even if a zygote is formed. Another problem is a conservatively estimated 40 million base pair differences exist between humans and our putative closest evolutionary relatives, the chimps. These experiments are the result of evolutionary thinking and they failed because their basic premise is false.11"


Rather interesting to know the Soviets tried this.

Can you guys dig up some other research of this nature?

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Anyone get to taste Elephant Meat?
« on: March 16, 2015, 09:42:22 PM »
Derogatory article says the people were starving so they ate elephant meat, even raw.

What I observe is that these people see elephant meat as a delicacy, they eat it raw.

Anyone can report here what elephant meat tastes like?

This tech should make honey bee farming reachable for more people.

For those of us who haven’t actually harvested honey, here’s a wee peek into what is involved: First, there’s a whole lot of protective gear. Then you have to smoke the hives to sedate the bees and transport the hives to a place where they can be processed. After that, the hives have to be cut and put into an extractor to remove the honey. Throw in the process of cleaning all that backup, and you can see why it’s such a daunting task. Not to mention that you’re on the clock: All of this has to happen before the bees wake up.   

With a the Flow Hive, you turn a tap and honey flows out of the homes into containers. Win!

Flow™ Hive Full Reveal

Company website is

Infowars Declares War on Vaccine Pushers

Infowars Declares War on Vaccine Pushers

Published on Feb 13, 2015

Alex Jones and the Infowars crew break down just how dangerous vaccines really are. As the MSM continues an all out assault on freedom, it's our job to speak out and fight back with the truth.

All you FREEDOM LOVERS need to get involved in this.

Or else live in SLAVERY in the future.

Original reporting by me:

Maria Guevarra 125 yrs, 16 children, Healer, Ate Raw Fish, Raw Beef, High Meat

I was driving our vein and tendon healer Beth Pantilone to the bus station and our conversation led to how she learned her healing art.  She shared that she was taught by her mother.  And that her mother learned it from her mother as well... Beth's grand mother... Maria Guevarra.

Maria Guevarra lived in the rice and farm fields of Pampanga.  She gave birth to 16 children.  She was a vein and tendon healer who practiced her art until 120 years old.  At 100 she prepared her own coffin and dress for burial.  But she survived another 25 years before she died.

Maria was a very picky eater.  Even until her old age she would not eat just anything given to her by her children or grand children.  She would eat her vegetables and fruits she prepared herself.  She ate raw fish... clean fish... and she ate raw beef... which when Beth saw me eating, she said I reminded her of her grandmother.

The special food Beth remembers Maria eating was her many high meat... usually high fish in bottles.  Her grand kids would smell the stink and refuse, but Maria fondly ate high meat, usually fish.

Maria was strong and lucid until the day she died.  Her memory never lapsed.  She was always sharp minded.

Where did Maria learn all that?  Beth does not know.  But Maria was a healer, and that's a clue.

Maria may have died 45 to 50 years ago.


Inspiring my friends... maybe we can have long healthy lives as well.

I would like to open up a thread for a depository of knowledge about the Pre-Flood Earth.

Seems from the global flood stories, there really was a global flood.

As paraphrased badly in Genesis Noah's Ark in the Old Testament... to a more detailed Sumerian story as a chapter in the Epic of Gilgamesh... and lots more around the world.

See this short video

Dr Walt Brown 1993 - What Happened to Our Pre Flood Atmosphere

Hydroplate theory by Dr. Walt Brown in 1993.

Why we raw paleo dieters are having a tough time looking for when paleolithic times were and what conditions did we have during paleolithic times... when human history is incompletely told to us... the oldest civilization with a recorded language is Sumerian... but we know the Big Flood is some 12,000++ (?) or more years ago.

We can see today from many submerged cities, and core samples that show the ocean level is not what it once was.  Earth conditions had changed... very recently.  The food, the air, the landscape, etc....

Search for "pre flood" in and you will be amazed at the number of videos and documentaries showing new research.

Pre flood presentation by Jonathan Gray

Jonathan Gray - The Killing of Paradise Planet - Lost History from the pre-flood world

Off Topic / 2015 Watch: economic, financial, war, money, gold turmoil
« on: January 20, 2015, 11:34:37 AM »
2015 is going to be an exciting year.  It is just 2 weeks into it and tons of things had happened.

Let's watch this thread, fasten our seat belts, prepare... and watch the fireworks.

The 2015 January 19 summary so far c/o of Jim Willie

Jim Willie: Swiss De-peg Triggers Massive Derivative Crisis, Potential END OF THE EURO!
Posted on January 19, 2015 by The Doc

In the wake of the Swiss National Bank shocking the market this week de-pegging the CHF from the Euro, the Golden Jackass Jim Willie joined us over the weekend for an Exclusive Interview discussing:

    Willie explains why the Swiss are dumping the Euro in favor of GOLD, and that multi-hundred billion trading losses will result in MASSIVE DERIVATIVE LOSSES & CONTAGION!
    Swiss actions have brought a HUGE ACCELERATION of end game events-We’re looking at the potential END of the EURO!
    Swiss have front run the Global Currency Reset & GOLD REVALUATION!
    $2 TRILLION IN SUB-PRIME OIL BONDS ARE ABOUT TO EXPLODE!  Contagion will be bigger than sub-prime housing crash!
    Dollar Death-Spike: Fed has LOST CONTROL of the dollar!
    Coming European bank failures will result in a STAMPEDE INTO GOLD!
    2015 Will be a repeat of Lehman- Several Western banks will go down, This is GAME OVER!
    When Putin flips his switch, the DOLLAR IS DEAD, and Gold Will DOUBLE!
    GREXIT will blow up the EU!

The Doc began by asking the Golden Jackass his thoughts on the Swiss Franc de-pegging from the Euro:

- tipped off on Draghi EuroCB decision to proceed with QE bond monetization

-Currency interventions are coming to a CLIMAX!

- could be as simple as Swiss bank noticing the physical gold flows

- Swiss act as gold coordinator (see Bank For Intl Settlemt) and guide for refiners

- could anticipate German departure from common Euro currency

- could anticipate Greek Exit and huge shock waves

- numerous factors could lead to widespread European bank failures


Willie made a STUNNING prognosis for 2015- Death of the dollar and GOLD REVALUATION:

- energy trade gradually excluding USD

- key upcoming element is Saudi/OPEC acceptance of non-USD

- US losing control of USD and oil price (Petro-Dollar demise in full view)

- US oil industry at great risk ($2 trillion in shale bond all subprime)

- convergence of Brent & WTexas oil price signal in 2013

- US blocks all reset Currency & Gold market reform

- therefore East will force Gold Standard through trade channels

- Eastern capital development and asset acquisition will be done on USTBond tab

- East led by BRICS are to shun avoid reject the USD

- QE has accelerated all movements to remove the USD from trade and banking


The Doc then asked Will for his take on the upcoming Greek elections- will we see a GREXIT? 


- potential for European bank runs, bail-ins

- ELA is Emergency Liquidity Assistance

- four big Greek banks ask aid

- Syriza Party seeks to abandon austerity and probably the common Euro currency

- debt default likely following EUR 240bn bailout

- EU 195bn debt owed to EU nations = 4% of EU govt budgets

Germany 56.5bn,  France 42.4bn,  Italy 37.3bn,  Spain 24.8bn,  Dutch 11.9bn

- GREXIT     will blow up EU on fiscal side

- Swiss Natl Bank                        on currency side

- USGovt sanctions                     on economic side

- Germany                                    on monetary side

- Ukraine                                      on energy side

Jim Willie: Swiss De-peg Triggers Massive Derivative Crisis, Potential END OF THE EURO!

If you think Jim is a wild man, well monetary historian Andrew Gause has much respect for him.  Jim Willie is invited to the show on January 26 with host Patrick Timpone.  That is respect.

Andrew Gause and The Real World of Money – As A Nation, We Have A Lot Of Atoning To Do – January 7, 2015

The Real World of Money

Andrew Gause may just be the top man anywhere for the highest quality analysis into the world of money we all live in. Andrew is a currency historian, an internationally recognized expert on the United States monetary system. He’s written two books, “The Secret World of Money” and “Uncle Sam Cooks the Books”. You can order these books as well as speak to Andrew personally. As a One Radio Network listener, you’ll have highest priority in his phone time. His # is 800.468.2646

Patrick messed up recording the very beginning of the show, and as it starts ten minutes after the hour, Andy is giving some history surrounding the U.S. policy in foreign Countries and the money barron’s controlling foreign policy. This is a special edition of our money show; we dig into some really fascinating monetary history which you will surely enjoy!

Show Highlights:

- JP Morgan and The Panama Canal
- Money, war and everything in between
- Venezuela update: Where they’ve been and where they are going financially
- Economic Terrorism on Russia, Iran and Venezuela
- How on Earth did the banks attain such powerful control?
- Hot money, money with a zero maturity continues to grow
- Hear exactly what is backing the digital dollars we have in the bank?
- What happens when one plays musical chairs and we go short chairs
- The Revolutionary war was about the colonist printing their own money…nothing else
- Dollar Inc.’s market share and the competitors
- Mark Twain and his “Million Dollar Note” classic book for children and adults
- Scott the Trader chimes in on gold. the dollar, the markets and oil prices saying:

Last March I wrote to Patrick and Andrew that gold, which at that time was $1375, that for the rest of 2014 would have a range between $1130 to $1440.

The rest of the year brought a high of $1390 and then that low before the Swiss vote of $1132. For years I have been on this show saying that gold would not hit its major low until Sept. 2015. We’re getting closer to that time and now people need to be watching the outperformance of gold vs. all the Components of the USD index.

This is important going forward as I remain very bullish on the Dollar. Presently gold is ripe for a selloff, but selling waves will continue to see big demand step up. PATIENCE.

During the October stock market selloff I said that we have a short term selling climax and then the stock market would go to new record highs, but those new highs won’t last long.

And that the selloff after those new highs could be quite serious. That has panned out, so what’s likely now. As I’ve stated repeatedly we are in a major stock bull market, but we will see several huge down waves. Those claiming a stock bubble and crash are out once more, but they’ll be wrong once again. However, after a short term rally starting soon, there is currently alot of downside risk for stocks – 20 to 25% starting this summer.

By this fall the complacency about the massive global debt binge will be shattered, as peripheral European Debt – Greece, Spain, etc. will begin to crack. And Junk Bonds will implode, which leads me to the last item – OIL. I am astounded by the continued complacency about oil. Oil is not remotely close in time nor in price to any major bottom. What is happening in oil will have huge global ramifications – Middle East, emerging market debt, US employment, Texas, Oklahoma and the use of leverage in Shale Oil which will hit the huge junk bond market destroying Wall Street banks once again. I will emphatically state that oil has much further to fall – $35/barrel minimum. And this will drag on for years.

The next economic blow up will dwarf 2008. Mad Max here we come.

and more!!
(click and listen to the podcasts 1 hour x 2 = 2 hours)

Startup the Ubuntu Movement in your Country -- 4hr Lecture by Michael Tellinger

Contact in the Desert 2014 Michael Tellinger UFO & ALIEN Documentary

They came in with 1 million supporters in the May 2014 ZA elections and got cheated wholesale down to 8,500 votes.

Free humans from monetary slavery!

Lots of info on Tamarind here...

Lately I've been buying candied Tamarind or Thai boxed tamarind for my children.

What occurred to me remembering old videos of how to make candied tamarind is they do not cook this.

Funny we were talking about this and a relative was happily surprised that some time ago he ate candied Thai tamarind and kept throwing the seeds out to his garden and the darn thing grew into a sapling... (meaning the tamarind was raw / alive.

Health / Glyphosate and new variants of this Poison in our food
« on: December 13, 2014, 10:14:36 AM »
Let's help one another be aware of this Glyphosate poison in our agricultural produce.

What it is, how to avoid.

Was invented by Monsanto and introduced in the 1970s as Roundup.

Patent expired in 2000.  Now produced in many variations by China, India and the rest of the world.

Those who actually study glyphosate see a direct relationship with the diseases we have today and in the past few decades.

Here is an actual scientist studying Glyphosate

please contribute more info, how to avoid, what to do if you have glyphosate poisoning....

.... it appears that sugar is not really the culprit... but the glyphosate in the sugar... need to do some reinvestigating.

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Let's Talk about Raw Pistachios!
« on: December 12, 2014, 08:31:12 AM »
Well ha ha lucky... the Indian grocery near me sells RAW PISTACHIOS.
And they do not sell it as anything special like a "health food store".

I get raw pistachio for P 1,600 / kilo

Exchange rate here

So far I have consumed some 3/4 kilo along with my kids.

I think these come from Iran if their primary imports come from India.

If I want a little salt in it I whip out my black salt.

Please share your benefits, reviews, sources for raw pistachios.

Info / News Items / Announcements / Hybrid Origins of the Human Races
« on: November 24, 2014, 01:10:54 AM »
Hybrid Origins of the Human Races

Hybrid Origins of the Human Races

Sounds new to me.  What do you guys think?

Excerpt from "Mysterious Origins of the Hybrid Man"
Introduction: The Unexpected Family Tree
by Susan B. Martinez, Ph.D

We live in an age when the truth will out, perhaps even more than we bargained for, bubbling to the surface in unexpected ways. For forty years I have sat by and kept my mouth shut, knowing my confreres in anthropology were not doing justice to the story of man’s extraordinary origin. I had to go off the reservation to find out for myself if we are really just apes who acquired culture and a great brain. Recently, in the course of writing about the little people (homo sapiens pygmaeus) in The Lost History of the Little People, the house of cards called human evolution came tumbling down on my head. I knew I could not turn back: I had to write about man--the hybrid. This then is his checkered history.

Right away I must insert a disclaimer: this book is not concerned with biological evolution, only the ascent of man, who is of course a zoological entity (corporeal) but at the same time something more than an animal (something incorporeal), in a class by himself, a separate kingdom. So let us ask: are we really ex-mollusks, ex-starfish, ex-trilobites?

The VIPs of evolution disagree about almost everything except evolution itself. It seems the extent of quibbling is proportionate to its ill-founded premise. Almost every “important find” is contested amidst a maelstrom of conflicting fossil information. One new fossil find and everything gets reclassified. What this means is that there exist no clearly defined taxa in the whole of human evolution. And for a good reason: all the overlapping among these types of fossil men (erectus, sapiens, Neanderthal, etc.) is due not to evolution but to hybridization. Taxonomy doesn’t stand a chance in the face of the ongoing amalgamations that this book is about. The fossil record is an unsolvable puzzle of mosaics--each hominid type possessing hopelessly mixed racial traits.


I start this book on the premise that people (the races of man) don’t, didn’t, can’t, and couldn’t change or evolve to become something else. Notwithstanding hypothetical family trees and even more fanciful common ancestors, the question of origins today remains completely unsettled and open to interpretation. What evolutionists call change is simply the result of comingling--different races mixing genes.

It is man’s ideas that have evolved.
--Loren Eiseley, The Immense Journey

I don’t believe in physical evolution; our real evolution is in mettle, ethos, character. In A Path of Light, George Morley of the Kosmon Church in England put it this way:

There have been times when Man was more advanced than today. . . . In the civilizations of the ancient Egyptians and Persians, and earlier still on the grand continent which sank beneath the Pacific (Pan), we see great knowledge and wisdom, when men had understanding of the gods. . . . Then what is it that has advanced? It is the conditions of life . . . the ordinary comforts. . . . But it must ultimately come about that there will be a spiritual apotheosis to which Man will attain.

Human history is a “process of ascent to godhood,” wrote John W. White, educator and researcher in the fields of consciousness and higher human development. “Cro-Magnon are distinguished from Neanderthal not so much by physical body design as by their greater intelligence which resulted in the world’s first art, statuary, engravings, music, personal ornamentation, star charts . . . [and] more highly developed social systems. Altogether they showed a superior degree of consciousness.”

One European critic thought that “one day the Darwinian myth will be ranked the greatest deceit in the history of science.” The interpretation of fossil evidence (exclusively) by convinced evolutionists should, thought attorney Philip Johnson, be “scrutinized as carefully as a letter of recommendation by a job applicant’s mother.” If evolution were actually on trial, its mountain of circumstantial evidence, complicated jargon, and factoids would be bounced out of court by an annoyed judge. Darwinism today rides on its reputation. Not on its truth.


The disproving of evolution has already been done--many times! And well done!--by biologists, mathematicians, lawyers, Christians, prehistorians, science writers, and even paleontologists. But a real meaty alternative remains to be offered. If anything, Darwinism has succeeded by default. An alternative comes to life in these chapters, which present our two common ancestors, Asu and Ihin. These races mingled to produce a third, the Druks (erectus).

We have a lot of ground to cover and missteps to unravel: To begin with, it took many decades for scholars to finally admit that supposed “ancestors” were actually contemporaries. Then more decades elapsed before it was conceded that those contemporaries (living side by side) actually interbred, producing the entire pantheon of hybrids known to us as “the fossil record.”

Read any scientific book about the races in today’s world, hardly a page goes by without mention of admixtures, crossings, half-breeds, etc. It was the same in the ages of the past. Hiding in plain sight is the all-too-human factor of these mergers, what archeologist Christopher Hardaker whimsically calls “the nookie factor.” The nookie factor actually stands Darwinism on its head. While evolution has species lines branching out and separating (splitting) at some time in the distant past, the cross-breeding factor entails quite the opposite--the different stocks coming together, cohabitating to form new races. We are all hybrids. Here’s the nub of this book: fossils interpreted as representing “stages” of evolution or “changes” by mutations are herein shown to represent nothing more than the unstoppable intermixing of the Paleolithic races. Man the Mixer is our constant theme. The peopling of the world, as drawn in these chapters, is about the mingling and merging of disparate types. No evolution there, just the continual confection of halfbreeds, quarter-breeds, etc.--an exchange of genes since day one.

Susan B. Martinez, Ph.D., is a writer, linguist, teacher, paranormal researcher, and recognized authority on the Oahspe Bible with a doctorate in anthropology from Columbia University. The author of The Psychic Life of Abraham Lincoln and The Hidden Prophet, she is the book review editor for the Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies. She lives in Clayton, Georgia.

Availability: Usually ships within 1-2 business days

Price: $24.00

To purchase this book visit B&,,, or your local bookstore.

The Mysterious Origins of Hybrid Man by Susan B. Martinez, Ph.D. © 2013 Bear & Co. Reprinted with permission from the publisher Inner Traditions International.

Fresh Mammoth Carcass from Siberia Holds Many Secrets

Scientists will examine the mammoth to learn whether it will yield enough undamaged DNA to make cloning the extinct creature a reality

November 17, 2014 |By Tia Ghose and LiveScience

A woolly mammoth carcass recently unearthed in Siberia could be the best hope yet for scientists aiming to clone the massive, long-extinct beast.

The mammoth specimen, which was discovered in 2013 in a remote part of Siberia, oozed a deep red liquid when it was first discovered. Scientists have now analyzed the mammoth to understand how it lived and died — and whether it will yield enough undamaged DNA to make cloning the extinct creature a reality.

Details from the mammoth autopsy will air in the Smithsonian Channel special called "How to Clone a Woolly Mammoth," on Nov. 29 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. (Warning: This story contains some spoilers about the Smithsonian Channel special.) [See Images from the Woolly Mammoth Autopsy]


Off Topic / Nigel Farage's Straight Talk
« on: November 18, 2014, 06:12:21 AM »
I am dedicating this thread to UK's Nigel Farage

Farage: Throw political correctness agenda in the bin & apply rule of law evenly

Published on Sep 14, 2014

UKIP Forum:

He sounds like the most sensible politician in the UK today.

In this interview he talks about:

- Political correctness
- Islamic stuff
- Immigration
- The English Powers That Be
- Prince Charles
- The USA and Obama
- The European Union
- Gay Marriage
- Climate change

And much more...

He sounds like what I would if I were turned politician... logical...

Off Topic / Men and Women Sexual Relations around the world
« on: November 11, 2014, 01:32:02 AM »
*** Split from


On a related topic, I have a Canadian friend and an Australian friend who live in Manila because they say finding good sex or any woman to have sex with in their respective countries is like "looking for a needle in a hay stack". (their exact words)

Especially when they get to around 50+

Anyone would like to share their experiences in your countries?

Lack of sex seems to sound more alarming and immediate than nuclear war!

Putin the Truth Teller. Putin the Truth Seeker. The highest ranking current reigning government official "Conspiracy Theorist" in the world. You need to listen, you need to understand. This speech marks the official start of the reorganization of this world for a better order than this current mess we are in. If you want truth speech. This is it.

Putin at Valdai - World Order: New Rules or a Game without Rules (FULL VIDEO)

It is long, it is loaded with truth speech.

A fresh speech with zero diplomatic bull shit. Direct to the point.

World leaders should speak like this.

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