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I have had similar experiences with fruit. When I began experimenting with raw food, I ate a lot of fruit and some vegetables. However I was always bloated and hungry which I take were signs that I wasn't digesting food appropriately. I also had that feeling that my stomach would just not empty out.  If your gut is damaged, unless you remove the troublesome foods, you won't be getting much nutrition. It also depends a lot on the type of fruit you eat and if you have blood sugar problems. Oranges tend to raise a lot my blood sugar, leaving me anxious and very hungry.

Eventually what helped me was going low carb/ ketosis. I'd recommend to go low carb first, since ketosis sometimes requires  more experimentation and research.

I feel like eating so much fruit for so many years (I've been raw 8 years now, some of which were mostly fruitarian, which is when I started experiencing problems) really messed me up. Like gave me blood sugar issues. I feel like eating fruit sends me off on a blood sugar roller coaster. I love it though and it feels like it balances something I can't get from meat/seafood/veg. But maybe its just the juiciness and sweetness I love. I find it stimulates a neverending appetite for everything. Have you found the same?

What do you eat on a daily basis on a raw ketogenic diet? In the past I haven't done very well on a high fat diet. I just end up never feeling satisfied and having messed up digestion. But maybe it would be different if I did it properly.  How about raw low carb? I'd love to hear what works for you!
Firefly, as I mentioned I. Another post, it seems you are underweight, even at 115 that is likely the lowest you should ever be at your height without compromising your healh.  I know those pounds do not feel the se when they are from rapid weight gain so bear with them as you stabilize your diet.

How is your menstral cycle/fertility/hormones?  I think women who have been very thin start binging due to lower sex hormone production.  Simply, the body uses fat to store vital hormones, when you are too low on fat for too long and he body starts to lower hormone production, which seems common in the 20's and 30's for women who have had health issues, the body will tend to retain or even add fat if necessary, to try and keep hormone production high.  If you don't honor this and are continually tryi g to lower weigt below the bodies needs it will tend to cause binging and restricting that lead to ill health.  The endocrine system is so important for proper health.

It is good you aren't pushing exercise on yourself, rest and relaxation and moderate exercise are great.  Swimming is a good hot humid recreation that you might consider though, stretching and relaxing in cold water has been the most fun for me when it gets over 100 degrees here!

I would suggest you switch up what meats/proteins/fats you are eating, try fish, try dairy and oysters.  Eat a leafy green and herb salad with vinegar and seaweed instead of fruit and see if it helps to curb your cravings.  Raw dairy is amazing for skin and hormonal health, i hink its especially good for women, do you have access to raw milk???

Remember that later summer is when fruit is ripe, find what's local, like berries or melons and go harvest them yourself, you will probably end up eating less, plus fresh, wild and local is generally better quality.  Wild berries also have higher pectin, which helps to flush out toxins from the intestines.

Do you eat any fermented/ aged foods?  Do you do well with spices foods?  Making and eating small portions of sauerkraut or kimchi has been known to help with digestion.

Thanks so much Jessica! I've always been super thin. I actually am about 119 lbs now (10 lbs gained in 9 days, and so much pain in my abdomen and exhaustion/fatigue that I don't have when I eat less). This is very high for me. Prior to starting to binge on and off, I naturally maintained about 95-100 lbs but then lost weight to about 72 lbs while traveling for unknown reasons. It was at 72 lbs that I felt unhealthy and my on and off foray with binge eating began back then. Of course at the time I was eating tons of fruit thinking I was healthy but it probably just really messed with my blood sugar. That was 3 years ago. At 95-100 lbs I had a healthy menstrual cycle and all my blood work etc was monitored often and very healthy. Once I started bingeing I developed very painful periods, acne, and a vast array of health problems. I stopped and after 4 months of eating far far less food, my health problems had begun to clear up and I'd been feeling SO much better and could think clearly and be social again. The past 10 days bingeing for me have not only increased my weight to something that feels uncomfortable and unhealthy for me, but have also left me feeling exhausted, depressed, anti-social, unable to communicate with others, and all the things I had begun to overcome while eating better. When I first started eating animal products on raw it was seafood only. About two weeks ago I tried red meat for the first time and I think thats part of why I've been kind of obsessed with it. One day I even ate 2.5 lbs of it which is utterly ridiculous and pitiful and awful I know. >.<

Anyway, for my frame even my doctor said my body is healthy at 103 lbs (Idk why she specified 103 lolol, but around there) so I think it would be fine for me to lose some weight and actually I feel far healthier, more vibrant, more energetic, more outgoing when I do. My menstrual cycle is healthy as is all my blood work. But in the hospital they did say I was almost anemic (may be why I started going for the red meat). But regardless I'm now very inflamed and up to 119 lbs. I am going to stop with the red meat for a while and focus on re-hydrating my system. I'm thinking lots of liquids---raw coconut water, green juice, lemon water, cold brewed herbal teas, kombucha, etc----plus fats and seafood. I have not been craving seafood at all which is why I've been going for red meat and avocado. I LOVE fruit and veg but Fiber irritates my colon a lot. I was just in the hospital due to an inflamed colon and small intestine and a bacterial infection in my digestive tract. I really don't know what to do. Not eating fruit limits my food intake a bit, I can eat vegetables but they hurt my digestion and bloat me, so does meat really. It really doesn't leave much for me to eat. When I eat fruit I do eat a lot of local seasonal fruit but I live in sort of a more tropical climate so there is mamey sapote, dragonfruit, melon, berries, bananas, and pretty much everything. The grass fed beef is from the next state over but the lamb is from Australia. Farm raised frozen ground venison is available (sustainably farmed and not grain fed, I've looked into it!) . Other than that there are no other meats available except seafood which is decent quality.

Seaweed is one of my favorites, especially dulse. I am all out and have to buy more next time I can. But I eat it pretty regularly. I also eat raw fermented vegetables (mostly sauerkraut), kombucha, and kevita. The fermented veg are much better on my system than fruit, that is for sure, and I used to eat it instead of fruit whenever I craved fruit and was avoiding it just before the bingeing. It was once I decided to start incorporating as much fruit as I wanted into my diet, plus started incorporating red meat, that the bingeing craziness. Unfortaunately I react really poorly to dairy.  I wish it weren't so. When I was a child I LOVED yogurt and cottage cheese, they were some of my fav foods. I've tried them raw. The only local raw dairy available is mostly grass fed with some local grain feed to supplement. There is also local goat dairy but they eat grain feed. At one point I did a 5 day raw milk fast but I was visiting family in Maine in the summer and the cows were entirely grass fed from this amazing biodynamic farm! The milk was incredible and I watered it down a lot when I drank it. by the end of the 5 days I felt ok! Anyway though dairy makes me very tired and swollen. I think I am finding beef does the same thing. As with fruit. Pretty soon I'll be living off red reishi tonics and water and that obviously can't last very long lololol. UGH

Though I guess if I stick to liquids and fermented vegetables and seaweed with seafood every other day then I'll be ok. Its just hard to stick to long term, though when I did it for a while I def felt way better than I do now
Journals / Re: Ramblings of a madman...
« Last post by djr_81 on Today at 09:46:33 am »
I'm not a negative person GS but there's no point offering anything for my sister-in-law. She's not one to be at all proactive in her recovery. She'd much rather put others out of their way and garner pity for her condition. :)

The kids are wonderful. They do bring very positive energy to the house. We're also doing all we can to give them positive reinforcement and help them learn the life skills they will never receive at home. They're thriving here with structure and love. :D
Off Topic / Re: Ron Paul's Straight Talk
« Last post by raw-al on Today at 04:03:33 am »

Its disgraceful how the power elite will eat and feed their own kind premium foods, while insisting to the poor that conventional foods are just as good. I bet the queen of England doesn't get her food from Walmart!

QE indeed does not eat the food for the rubble. She eats organic and her cows are grassfed as per Tyler's link on raw milk.

The good news is at least the the politicos are aware of the benefits. It may take awhile but it will filter down eventually. My understanding is that Wally World does have an organic section. FWIW
Off Topic / Re: Ron Paul's Straight Talk
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Not sure why but that link didn't work either so go to and search 'torture'
Off Topic / Re: Woman Giving Birth in a Bathtub
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my daughter was born in the tub,, a deep one, which probably is much more suitable than the shallow one shown.   I think it was important for her to be able to free float in any position she wanted, i.e., squatting.   My daughter shot out like a torpedo with the mid wife literally catching her two feet down in the water.   I can't advocate it enough. 
Hot Topics / Re: Meat vs Veg: An Energy Perspective
« Last post by TylerDurden on Yesterday at 02:15:31 pm »
Thanks, it#s good to see more  serious input re figures concerning healthy and unhealthy diets.
Hot Topics / Re: Meat vs Veg: An Energy Perspective
« Last post by PaleoPhil on Yesterday at 11:53:21 am »
I wonder what the energy input/output figures would be for some other energy-output-rich ancestral foods - honey, insect larvae, and tiger nuts. Tiger nuts can be mass-produced, so they would be the most relevant to your topic.

"Modern food systems turn industrial fuels into food."

Yup, the Green Revolution was basically the conversion of petroleum into food for humans.

On an even broader perspective, civilizations generally convert natural resources into trash and toxic wastes. "Progress" typically involves an acceleration of this process, though there are some green counter-trends (mostly in Europe, it seems).
Off Topic / Re: Ron Paul's Straight Talk
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Its disgraceful how the power elite will eat and feed their own kind premium foods, while insisting to the poor that conventional foods are just as good. I bet the queen of England doesn't get her food from Walmart!
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