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General Discussion / Re: Sources of Fat
« Last post by eveheart on Today at 06:09:24 am »
Beef dripping is the hard white fat in the tubs .. I believe you guys do call it suet

Will try some of those but really need to be careful about the histamine levels in some of those items

Beef drippings in a tub is called tallow or rendered fat. It is cooked in the rendering process.

When you refer to histamine levels in items, do you mean that the food itself contains histamines, or that your body is producing the histamines as an inflammatory response? If you mean that you are producing histamines, have you tried food rotation? The idea would be to find a food that you do not react to once, then refrain from eating that food again for 3 or 4 days, then eat it once again. Even rotating the type of animal that you are eating may help you prevent a response. Unfortunately, the learning curve may bring on some food reaction, but the information you obtain will help you in the future.
General Discussion / Re: Sources of Fat
« Last post by TylerDurden on Today at 05:18:39 am »
Ghee is heated to WAY above 100 degrees Fahrenheit so it still contains some traces of heat-created toxins.
I seem to have gone through a similar experience, becoming ill out of the blue. There can be multiple factors that involved , so it may be impossible for you to ever get a proper diagnosis.

Often times the combined effects of deficiency, environmental toxicity and food intolerance's can build up until the body hits a breaking point.

Its important when attempting to heal and rejuvenate from an unknown condition, to do so holistically.

What is your current diet? Is there any foods that may be causing you issues?
I was personally intolerant to dairy, and gluten, and was sensitive to all starches.
Vegetable oils would clog up my liver and gall bladder.

You must first element any foods which may be causing you problems. Then you can work on rebuilding with nutritional healing, and other lifestlye changes which would be beneficial.

Agreed, I don't expect to ever get an official medical diagnosis at this point. I feel like it's mainly up to me to figure this out.

I don't really have a current diet. I've tried many different food combinations and dabbled a little with different online diets like Ray Peat (only extremely briefly - I don't think it can work for me. The biggest thing I took from him is the potential dangers of PUFAs), Perfect Health Diet, Free the Animal dietary guidelines, Norm Robillard's Fast Tract Digestion, primal blueprint, general paleo, plan/recipes from, general bodybuilding recommendations, etc.

Totally agree with the importance of holistic healing when dealing with unknown conditions.

I've been totally gluten free for a really long time and ironically when I first went gluten free is right around when my health started going downhill. Go figure. I've heard/read from so many different sources about the damaging effects of gluten that I figured I'd just remove it from my diet completely to eliminate one major potential source of issues. Never consumed much dairy in general my whole life.

It's often very hard to tell if a certain food is causing me problems because my symptoms are totally out of control and so random/complicated. Luckily some things are obvious though like when I tried orange juice and milk under the Ray Peat dietary guidelines - joints really flared up, I got very bloated, intense itching all over, etc. I also may have some level of sensitivity to starches, especially sweet potato. I probably really need to buckle down and do things more gradually. I tend to change things pretty quickly if I'm not noticing any significant difference. It's hard not to and takes massive amounts of discipline to go slowly when you've been suffering constantly for so long.
If your healthcare practitioner won't prescribe a GI microbiome test or other microbiome test, to see how well your Old Friends are doing, there are some Internet options:

Jeff C says:
April 17, 2014 at 9:49 pm
You can order many Metametrix tests through They have physicians on staff that will approve the test and the result is sent to them. They’ll do a quick review of the results then notify you that it’s available for download. We’ve ordered several Metametrix tests using them and the turnaround time is very good. No insurance allowed, the costs are out of pocket.

You can also order tests through with a similar system though I’ve never used them.
Hi Ninja, I have been dealing with a 17th yrs old boy who is suffering from severe depression and anxiety. Past 7th months on and off on orthomolecular irregular treatment with controlled diet, which  did not help him. But past month, he actually visited his orthomolecular doctor and within a month his doctor detected 3 causes. 1)severe D3 deficiency, 2)pyroluria 3)hypoglycemia.

the reason i m writing this to u, it looks similar ur sufferings to that boy


My D3 levels are normal and actually well above average. Never heard of pyroluria - I'll take a look at that. Blood sugar levels are normal.
1) Some people like cooking the meats and then gradually reducing the cooking temperature by 1 degree every so often, using and then gradually reducing any extra processed sauces, until they can eat it raw at room-temperature on its own. Others like to go cold turkey. I don't think it matters but some people may find it easier on a psychological level to transition slowly.

2) There are some very paranoid theories about parasites being everywhere - Hulda Clarke is a big guru on those fears. They are, however, groundless. Take me, for example, I only ever once got some parasites in my system(harmless tapeworms) and quickly got rid of them via a prescription from a local doctor. The point is that, despite my eating many tons of raw wild game over the years, I only ever got infected once and, even then, that was not from raw wild game but from  raw, grassfed meats. The point is that very few RPDers ever report incurring parasites, and on the very rare occasions they do, the symptoms are generally harmless and easily gotten rid of.
3) Freezing damages the cell-membranes which means nutrient-loss occurs much more quickly after thawing. So, once you thaw a food you should eat it immediately rather than refreezing it.
Aajonus claims that freezing is c.25% as bad as cooking. Not sure that is correct. Freezing does reduce the taste of the raw meats, once thawed, of course. Enzymes get slightly denatured by cooking. One long-term RPDer claims that enzymes are gradually destroyed by freezing until, after 10 weeks, they are fully destroyed - not sure if that is true as no evidence was shown to support this.

4) Yes, they are all fine. Do NOT bother to smother such foods in coconut oil or whatever nonsense. You should try eating them all on their own.

5) Aajonus was half-charlatan/half-genius. Some of his claims were so obviously out-of-this-world that they just had to be lies(the coyote story, for example, which included Biblical references re 40 days in the wilderness etc.) Yet so many other ideas(eg:- "high-meat") he put forward turned out to be right even though I had scoffed at them in the beginning.

Thanks for your post!
Your colon has been worn out due to your drastic diet and your taking of prunes and other fiber aids and low fat diet.  Enormous stools.

You can get relief for yourself with oral castor oil 30ml.
Relief with warm water enemas.
Relief with olive oil enemas.

Pick your tools.

You need to rebuild your colon muscles. Raw paleo diet is good at that.  Fruit and raw meat and raw fat, little vegetables or juiced veggies, raw starches.

Tried and tested colon rebuilding herbs for me, my son, my daughter... in just 60 days, LBB capsules... read below.

Buy here

Support forum of the herbalist who makes that here:

Find your activation dose (number of capsules to take just before getting diarrhea), take that dose every day for 60 days.  Your colon will become a CHAMPION.

And learn to squat when you poop.

I haven't taken prunes or other fiber aids in a long time and I still have issues with constipation - my stools aren't usually massive like they used to be.

I tried the recommended dose of castor oil - it didn't do anything for me. No bowel movement. Haven't used it since.

I'm hesitant to do enemas anymore - the last time I did one was a coffee enema a few months ago and I felt really weak and dizzy afterwards. I had done them before in the past and never had a bad reaction, but after that bad reaction I decided to discontinue them. Warm water enemas are okay, but my stomach/intestines/whatever feel heavy or just weird/off for a few days afterwards.

Never tried an olive oil enema before.

I tried LBB capsules for a few days, but they didn't seem to do anything at all for me and stopped taking them. Maybe I should've given it longer?
Sounds like lyme disease with possible coinfections and parasites from a bug bite.

Have you had any tick/spider/mosquito/horsefly bites before your symptoms began?
Do some of your symptoms seem to cycle every few weeks getting better then worse again?
Do you live or ever go in the woods or on grassland near the forest?
Do you have pets that go out in the yard and then back in the house?

If you answered yes to any of these you should get tested. Most doctors will be reluctant to test for lyme depending on where you live and whether you present a bullseye rash or not and the standard test misses most cases anyway. You should find a lyme specialist who will test you thoroughly and accurately. If you show positive I would try to avoid taking doxycycline, this drug made me get skin rashes when I'm around wireless devices and computers.

Whatever your issue may be, the raw paleo diet will only make you stronger and make your body better able to fight and heal. I always suggest a vey high fat and very low carb or ketogenic version of raw paleo to achieve the most healing, but that is for advanced dieters and can be harmful if done incorrectly. One step at a time. Don't be afraid of raw saturated fat, this is the best fuel for your body. And don't live in fear of bacteria and parasites in meat, they are unavoidable in life and trying to constantly disinfect yourself, your food, and your surroundings will do more harm than good. I wouldn't worry at all about any 100% grass fed meat, go ahead and have it fresh never frozen. The grain fed stuff is more likely to have a poor balance of bacteria and contain bad parasites so if you want to include that in your diet you should freeze it to kill the parasites and weaken the bacteria.

Having lots of raw organ meats is very wise for healing. Especially the specific organs you are trying to heal. Its good to have a wide variety but you should focus on raw tripe, heart, and brains.

I would recommend cutting out the dairy, but definitely don't replace it with smart balance. If you must have dairy, try to minimize the milk proteins by having butter or double cream if you can find it. Heavy whipping is too milky.

You mentioned that you took antibiotics. If you didn't take a probiotic after that you may have worsened your gut problems. Look into a probiotic with sbo (soil based organisms). This is supposed to be very good at fighting anything pathogenic in the gut. For an advanced probiotic you might look into making "high meat" out of the cleanest 100% grass-fed and never frozen meats.

Aajanous was a great man for bringing attention to the safety and health benefits of raw food, especially raw meat. Why he chose to surround his wisdom with so many tall tales, I'll never know. I wouldn't trust his specific recommendations and recipes or his theories about disease. Instead just see the underlying theme that helped people was raw food including large amounts of raw animal fat.

That's interesting. What do you mean by "the standard test"? Do you mean the presence of a bulls-eye rash or the blood test that doctors usually use? My doctor already tested me for lime and it came back negative - are you suggesting that lime patients usually show a false negative and it requires a lime specialist to pinpoint?

As for your questions:

1) Not sure about the bug bites.

2) My symptoms are very complicated and seem to rotate from one set of symptoms for a period of time to a new set of symptoms or things stay the same and some new symptom gradually creeps in. I wouldn't really say they get better and then worse - more like it stays constantly about the same and then changes to something new that's equally annoying/debilitating. For example maybe one month the main symptoms are throbbing headache, sharp shooting pains in my armpits, constipation (although this symptom is always there), insomnia, drilling pain in my joints, etc. and then the next month the main symptoms are tingling pain in my feet, dull migrating pain in my ears, sharp chest pains, radiating jaw pains, itching all over, constipation, etc.

3) No, but I used to sun tan in my backyard a lot and different kinds of bugs constantly landed on me.

4) Yes I have a dog that comes in and out from the backyard constantly every day

Lol I haven't eaten smart balance in a very long time - that's back when I was still brainwashed that eating anything animal related is harmful and thought smart balance was much healthier than butter.

Where do you guys get such a variety of organ meats? The only ones I have been able to find at farmers markets/stores are liver and heart so far.

Thanks for your help.
Hot Topics / Re: Another reason to avoid junk food!
« Last post by raw-al on Today at 02:57:14 am »
mcdonalds puts synthetic polymers in their deep fry oil to "stop it from foaming" but the chemical is actually the active ingredient in an over the counter medication called gas-x to control flatulence and gas pains. At least they are looking out for the comfort of their patrons, but you are basically eating plastics and drugs when you go there.

When I was a broke college student I went on the McAtkins diet. They were having a 2 for $3 special on double cheese burgers so I knocked off the buns and ate nothing but these for a month and lost 30 pounds. Looking back, I was probably just wasting away from malnutrition because I could've lost as much had I eaten nothing at all. But I must say it was fun to eat junk food every day and lose weight for a change.
I love it McAtkins.

When I was going through post-secondary training I went on a partial straight Micky Dees diet. CB. The body is quite resilient when young, but it adds up quickly
The first time I took it I felt the effects of hyperthyroid for the first time, I wouldn't call it suffering. Actually it got me high. It was like having a lot of strong coffee, but without any anxiety. I quickly built up some sort of tolerance or resistance to the hormones and now its a very mild effect.

I remember the first couple of times I had eaten the entire raw thyroid at one sitting, something similar happening. There was some kind of hormonal effect thats difficult to describe. I dont notice such effects anymore, though now days I will eat all the glands and organs of a slaughtered animal over the course of a couple of weeks.

This rationing of the bodies organs and glands is a way for me to get a better balance of nutrition throughout the month, instead of just eating all the organs and glands during the first few days after a kill, and then having to go three weeks on just muscle meat and fat. 

I believe my approach of eating the entire animal and rationing the organs and glands is a good way to rejuvenate the glands and organs of the body, without having to worry about becoming overloaded in certain hormonal substances, which may occur with the use supplements.

By eating the entire variety of tissues in an animal you can insure that you will get all the complelmetary nutrition one needs to build a well balanced being.

I believe it is of the utmost importance that if you chose to eat the all organs and glands of the whole animal that you make sure that animal is a pure and as healthy as you want to become. Its health and vitality will be transfered onto you. If its tissues are pure, vibrant and healthy, then consuming it will help to build vibrant and healthy glands and organs in your own body..

However,On the flip side, if the animal is not optimally healthy then the organs and glands could have concentrations of substances which would have an adverse effect on health. I am particularly concerned about so called grass-fed operations that use chemical wormers, vaccines, sub quality hay, poor water and GMO alfalfa.

These practices are the norm for grass-fed operation in my area, and the organs from these animals taste so bad that I will not eat it, no matter how hungry or broke I am.   

Chemical wormers, water pollution, moldy hay, vaccines and GMO alfalfa, can all have adverse effects, which lead to the accumulation of toxic substances in the organs and glands.
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