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General Discussion / Re: The Addictive Origins of Agriculture
« Last post by cobalamin on Yesterday at 12:44:19 pm »
I agree, and believe though hunger may have driven people to eat grains in times of want, it wasn't the primary factor in the development of the widespread grain addiction that spawned the agricultural revolution. From my point of view there isnt a linear progression of cause and effect that easily explains the rise of the grain headed hominids. There is an element of quantum co-arising, that poses a "chicken or the egg" dichotomy which cannot be addressed with "either or"linear thinking. 

As Gabor Mates work has shown, addiction is a holistic phenomenon, and the presence of addictive substance in the environment are often not nearly important as the patterns of behavior established by the society at large. Sociological factors must of played a huge role, at the time of the divergence between "hunter gatherer' and agrarian. The fact is that though in some areas humans had diminished the big game staples of hunting cultures, there continued to be nomadic people who continued to follow the herds to new frontiers...and in many cases succeeded in becoming herders of large open range livestock, which provided them everything they needed....... while in other cases the early agrarians began to set up long term structures and institutional establishments. Even in time of famine and want the agrarians stayed put and would no longer venture out in search of food, and when the locust and pest ate up their grain crops many starved, rather than resort to gathering the insects, and digging for grubs. The same spirit which made them raise the temples to the gods, and become attached to a central location, is the same spirit of addiction which lent itself to the rise of a grain brain culture.

This did not happen overnight....the  establishment of religious temples, and stone permanent structures of early civilization occurred during transitional phases, usually near water ways where even when there was no hunting, fish was plentiful as primary staple, and enabled many early agricultural communities to prosper and populations to explode. Over the course of generations deeply ingrained behavior pasterns developed, the people became totally domesticated and acculturated, indoctrinated with ideology, they forgot entirely the ways of their nomadic ancestors. Divisions of labor and hierarchy emerged and created an underclass who no longer had the freedom, time, or know how to forage and fish for supplemental food. This underclass became entirely addicted to the daily bread rations, and became reliant on the nectar of the tards( known as wine and beer) for their diversions....without even realizing it humanity became simultaneously addicted to Grain, as well as to civilization itself.

These are general observations which span the gamut of the many conflicting sides humanity and not a moral judgment...... perhaps Aldous Huxley was right in, how prescribing an opiate to the masses is in some way necessary in order to make people of civilization enjoy a life of servitude. Growing and using various forms of dope has brought more humans together than was possible in hunter gatherer groups, where without narcotics there seems to be a natural limit to the number of people the tribal alpha hierarchy can tolerate.

I was at a job sight once and there as a black man, a bi racial, a Cuban, a Guatemalan, a Mexican, and myself smoking a joint, and the black man says with a huge smile as he takes a hit "this is the one thing that can bring everyone together" and everybody there laughs . Be it sharing tea, smoking tobacco, coffee, or even "Breaking bread" there seems to be something about these euphoric substances which can break down primal barriers and unite large numbers of people...and even if nations of people are only united out of some hopeless codependency, which is overall detrimental to the health of the individual, perhaps some how by creating unity and cooperation, the communal living dope growing agrarian humanity isnt without some merit??

The stimulants are preventing neurodegeneration somewhat because the majority of humans aren't producing their own.... ******* abundance. What's missing?
Welcoming Committee / hello friends
« Last post by MichaelSes on Yesterday at 12:13:08 pm »
how are you?
Important Info for Newbies / Re: Initial side effect-is this normal?
« Last post by cobalamin on Yesterday at 12:08:19 pm »
Painful legs is an indication that you're low in sugar and the mitochondria in your cells haven't switched to burning fat as fuel yet. It takes a while. I would recommend physical activity to become adapted to burning fat as fuel or sleep more often like bears.
Hot Topics / Re: Calcium fluoride discussion
« Last post by surfsteve on Yesterday at 01:18:40 am »
Most likely. Fluorine is the 13 most common element found in the earth's cruse. But it would depend on the spring that the water comes from. 

I was just recalling reading about some places in India that had excessive natural fluoride in their water and it was causing all kinds of health problems. Just because something is natural doesn't mean it's good for you.
Health / Re: Geophagy
« Last post by surfsteve on Yesterday at 12:56:42 am »
Here is another link about people eating Azomite and feeding it to their livestock.

Since my azomite is contaminated with regular soil I ordered a couple of pounds of clean azomite to try and see how it goes. I live in an apartment now so there's no point in ordering a huge sack of it even though it's more than 4 times cheaper unless I plan on taking it for the rest of my life or starting a huge container garden. Unlike clay and diatomaceous earth which absorb minerals and toxins, azomite is supposed to supply minerals and judging on peoples comments of how good it makes them feel and how healthy it makes their animals it's worth a try taking internally.

I can attest myself on how well it makes plants grow and how good it makes vegetables taste but I can only go on other people's words when they talk about taking it internally. I still feel constipated from the clay so I think I'll lay off that for a while and see how it goes with the azomite and hopefully report my findings on this thread to you guys. Perhaps I need it more than someone eating grass fed and organic vegetables and that eating it instead of eating vegetables and animals fed azomite is the next best thing.
Hot Topics / Re: Calcium fluoride discussion
« Last post by AnopsStudier on Yesterday at 12:53:25 am »
can anyone confirm that Fluorite or Calcium Fluoride is in all natural spring water?
Off Topic / Re: Finance and security
« Last post by TylerDurden on June 26, 2017, 11:59:10 pm »
Why don't you live with your brother, Tyler?
He(half-brother) has an evil  mother  present  in the Norman mansion, my  own "wicked stepmother",  and who he has never been able to get to leave. Also, my family seem to share a common characteristic with most of the nouveau-riches, in that, the more money they get in life, the more miserly and unhelpful  they become, and vice-versa. Well, I have at least managed to spend a few holidays  in the isolated cottage in Donegal.
Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: What are the exact issues with cooking greens?
« Last post by Iguana on June 26, 2017, 11:31:22 pm »
Friend collecting green peas.
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