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Journals / Re: DaBoss88's healing schizophrenia journal
« Last post by Inger on Today at 09:53:03 pm »
Love it ^^^  :)

I just bought the book "Orthomolecular Treatment for Schizophrenia" and going to send it to my brother, because of you :)
Health / Re: The Hidden Disease: Testosterone Deficiency
« Last post by Inger on Today at 09:48:39 pm »
It really is important to do it scientifically = try something out, then go to a lab and test. test and test again. That is the only way to know the truth IMHO.
It might cost a bit, but it is a great thing to invest in. To be your own doctor is actually very fun and very interesting! You learn a ton... we should all do biohacks and then report to the community, would add a lot of value IMO

Real knowledge ends speculations and fear :)
Health / Re: The Hidden Disease: Testosterone Deficiency
« Last post by Inger on Today at 09:42:31 pm »
Well, I might not understand the theory too well, but i for sure know fat does NOT increase your estrogen, if you eat good quality food stuff.
I have been eating unreal amounts of fat last years and my estrogen is at very good/normal levels, not high. I have tested. Could actually be a little higer, i have about mid levels and i would like to be in the upper 25 % range.
I know many male persons that eat a ketogenic diet and are just very muscular and not one bit looking like they have too much
i think it is also the balance of the hormones that matters a lot.

If you eat lots of dairy, IDK if that could do something like that, but i do not count regular use of dairy to a healthy diet anyways.

You need to go and test your hormones in a lab, and then go from there, eat lots of fat, test again in some months and see where it takes you.
We very much need cholesterol because that is what our body makes hormones of. It is a big lie that it should need to be low. I have a high cholesterol level, mine was last time i tested (more than a year ago.. i need to test again soon)

Total 8,2 mmol/l (317,1)  range 0-5.0
HDL 2,8 mmol/l (108,3)    range 1,0-99999.0
LDL 4,7 mmol/l (181,7)     range 0,0-3,0
Triglycerides 0,8 mmol/l (70) range 0,0-2,0

well, i would like it even higher, that is the truth, my doc thinks the

If you want to raise your testosteron, do nude tanning as much as you can, on the ground.
And limit your non native EMF exposure (fake light, computer... wifi..etc) as it destroys hormones very effectively, sad but true.
Journals / Re: DaBoss88's healing schizophrenia journal
« Last post by DaBoss88 on Today at 09:35:57 pm »
Today marks 5 months of being med free  :D
Off Topic / Weston-Price Myth
« Last post by TylerDurden on Today at 07:52:14 pm »

This shows that tuberculosis occurred in the Americas long before any European colonists came.  In other words, despite WP's claims, Native Americans died in large numbers from diseases long before they switched from traditional diets or met Europeans.
Health / Re: The Hidden Disease: Testosterone Deficiency
« Last post by goodsamaritan on Today at 07:02:54 pm »
This article says saturated fats contain cholesterol, a precursor to testosterone.

Maybe there is a balance somewhere.   Must ask personal experiences.
Health / Re: The Hidden Disease: Testosterone Deficiency
« Last post by rawswede on Today at 04:32:41 pm »

As far as my understanding we all (especially men) like to minimise the hormone estrogen in the body... The enzyme aromatase acts as an transformer of testosterone into estrogen. Aromatase is primarily found in the fat cells of the body, and therefore.. in the fat of humans and animals. Wouldnt it then be unwise to consume lots of animal fats in the context of minimizing estrogen in the body?

From wikipedia: Adipose tissue is the greatest peripheral source of aromatase in both males and females, contributing to the production of estradiol.

So my thought or maybe fear was just that you may increase the aromatase activity by consuming tissues containing large amounts of aromatase? maybe i have just got it wrong?

greetings from sweden .
General Discussion / Re: Cleaning House... Homemade products?
« Last post by nummi on Today at 02:34:22 pm »
I've read borax is used for cleaning, and very many other purposes as well (has been for thousands of years). I've also been using about 1/3 tsp a day, for about 2 weeks, in my salt water solution and drinking it, as a source of boron (an essential trace mineral, supposed to be effective for taking fluoride, and heavy metals, out of the body). It is actually about 50% less toxic than common sea salt, but authorities have for very long been describing it as extremely toxic and the kind you should under no circumstances consume or even get onto your hands (Australia actually has selling it banned in the country because someone decades ago made a mistake of trying to spread it as a treatment for many illnesses in mass and thus contacted medical companies - the result was it was banned because it actually helped against and cured many illnesses).
It's also used as plant fertilizer but the amounts used have to be very small as too much can harm or kill the plant, but if there's too little in the soil then plants can't grow right either.
The substance itself is naturally occurring, it is not artificial, not synthesized. It's dug from the ground. One major deposit was in USA I think, and another is in Turkey. Supposed to be some ancient lake or sea sediment, a salt really.
General Discussion / Re: Estrogen and fat consumption?
« Last post by goodsamaritan on Today at 11:07:44 am »
We have a testosterone increasing thread around here...
General Discussion / Re: Estrogen and fat consumption?
« Last post by cherimoya_kid on Today at 10:08:39 am »
There are better ways to boost testosterone than by potentially harming yourself by eating low fat. Your brain needs fat.
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