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General Discussion / Re: Salt is even worse than thought!
« Last post by kalo on Today at 07:25:42 PM »
Good point, salt and raw meat is nasty. But sure tastes good with a rare steak
General Discussion / Re: Preparing wild game and eating raw
« Last post by kalo on Today at 07:23:12 PM »
Hmm, I thought there was a lot of good quality beef there. All the lambs in the stores come from AU. Honestly, after butchering the animal and having all the organs and stuff, I still love the meat. Plus the blood and things are sorta difficult for me to just indulge in. You could order a sheep from a farm and have the butcher keep the organs bagged up.
The link returned your forum profile page, GS. Does this theme-changing operation work for you only because you are logged in as the administrator?
Off Topic / Re: Give us a laugh !
« Last post by RogueFarmer on Today at 01:31:54 AM »
At least they get to keep their foreskin.
Off Topic / Re: Give us a laugh !
« Last post by raw-al on Yesterday at 11:58:27 PM »
Is that supposed to be funny. I shiver @ the thought.
Hot Topics / Re: Parasites really are severely underestimated.
« Last post by RogueFarmer on Yesterday at 11:02:52 PM »
... Don't eat pig shit that actually can be very bad for you.
MEANWHILE in circumcision crazy Philippines...

 ... Will You Let This Beautiful Girl Circumcise You?

A model and nurse by the name of Krestle Lailene Deomampo from Davao City has been making waves on Facebook after posting a smiling picture of herself about to “shoot 28 more birds”—a pun for her job of circumcising 28 more lucky boys at a free circumcision mission at San Pedro National High School.
General Discussion / Re: Deer carcass question
« Last post by TylerDurden on Yesterday at 03:08:45 PM »
Like I said, thats for a big buck, which could be half that size and a doe could be even smaller.
Even 6 euros a pound is not the end of the world.
General Discussion / Re: Preparing wild game and eating raw
« Last post by marcuspaleo on Yesterday at 01:52:12 PM »
Man, those laws are ridiculous. And there are people in this forum who are still in denial about how much of a threat States (Governments) are to our health, let alone everything else in our lives.

Absolutely. I called up the state department that manages health and food safety, and they told me I couldn't go to a farm and select a healthy, naturally raised organic animal to slaughter humanely on their farm and consume in its entirety, because its potentially dangerous to my health and society. Can you believe that? Its so ridiculous it borders on insane. Doing that should be the foundation of nutrition within a society.  And if outlawing that due to health risks is not ridiculous enough, the same department allows processed foods, sugar, alcohol, fast food, etc to be advertised and flood our markets when its undeniable and a proven fact that they damage health and negatively affect society.  Goverment has become a place where money is turned into power. The tools running them are so dumb and/or corrupt.

Also, Sabertooth, if you read this, it looks like ill get my first whole animal in the next few weeks. Perhaps you can be in touch and help me through the process of cutting it up and consuming it.
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