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Title: What to bring while traveling
Post by: jeanneji on March 14, 2009, 10:48:54 pm
Tomorrow I will be going to a trade show in Las Vegas. Although I have heard there is a Whole Foods store somewhere there, in the past years I haven't been able to to get to a store. I have generally brought food.
At this point I am thinking of lots of avacados, eggs, honey, maybe some milk and pumpkin and sun flower seeds, lemon and limes and some sparkling spring water and apple cider vinegar. I am thinking along the lines that there will be no meat available. In the past we have gone to buffets that offer sushi bars and so I am hoping that the same will happen this year. It's hard to find out ahead of time if one is being offered at a particular buffet. I am wondering if anyone has any other ideas.
Title: Re: What to bring while traveling
Post by: JaX on March 15, 2009, 05:31:30 am
have you tried searching the web for health food stores in vegas?

and why can't you get to the whole foods store? If you're having trouble finding it, then I suggest you buy a GPS navigation system, note down the address of the store, and go there to get fresh grassfed meat when you are in vegas. Most whole foods also have excellent sushi service where you can order whatever combination you like.

I think it takes a lot of avocado/eggs/honey/nuts/seeds to be satisfied... and these things you mention are also tough to digest IMO.

Maybe the raw butter/honey combo that AV suggests for traveling is better.

How many days are you staying there?
Title: Re: What to bring while traveling
Post by: jeanneji on March 15, 2009, 06:53:29 am
I will be there for 3 night and 3 days.

There is no time to find stores. Everything happens on the strip where there are no stores. So that's why I want to bring as much as possible. If possible I will try to get to the Whole Foods.

Since I won't have raw butter for another week, maybe taking coconut oil in it's place will help. I decided to bring another suitcase/duffle bag with supplies including a personal blender.

These are long days. They don't even want people to bring in food or water. They want to sell from their own concession stands. So my big bag with jars full of things is what I'll be bringing during the day. Won't be the first time, but it will be the first time eating this way.
Title: Re: What to bring while traveling
Post by: Raw Kyle on March 15, 2009, 08:49:19 am
There has been a big to-do about pemmican here recently. If I were to go somewhere in the future I would bring pemmican and jerky.
Title: Re: What to bring while traveling
Post by: jeanneji on March 15, 2009, 11:19:42 am
I just read about the pemmican. This sounds like it would have been perfect...I could leave a suitcase at home! I might try and see if there is jerky available at the local health food store tomorrow morning. I don't have raw butter, but I have coconut oil. Thanks for mentioning it.
Title: Re: What to bring while traveling
Post by: Guittarman03 on March 16, 2009, 02:25:27 am
I live in Las Vegas.  There is a rather large Whole Foods on Las Vegas Blvd (LVB).  Take the strip south past Mandalay Bay almost to the 215 (about 2 miles).  There is a large shopping center on the right, WF faces LVB.  The only thing you can't find there is raw milk and butter. 

Also, there are plenty of steakhouses that will serve you a very rare steak.  You just have to tell the waiter just how rare you are talking about.  I usually explain to them that I normally just eat raw steak out of the package and they get the idea. 

Worst comes to worst, you can always substitute some cooked paleo.  I hate to do it, but like right now I'm in FL until Thursday.  I have found as long as I keep it paleo, and make sure to mix in raw food when I have the opportunity, I do alright.  In fact, there's no health stores here that serve all natural or organic meat, so I just have to make do.

Title: Re: What to bring while traveling
Post by: jeanneji on March 16, 2009, 05:56:01 am
What a surprise!  I was just starting to shut everything down when I decided to check once more. We were going to go to have (raw) fish at Mandalay Bay so the directions are on the same route. Thanks for the info and on how to approach eating out in L.V.