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Post by: FRANCIS HOWARD BOND on December 29, 2015, 12:45:05 am
Hope you all are having a marvellous Christmas and wish you all a wonderful time!
How many enjoyed a lovely raw bird for Christmas?   My Christmas was fowl, but mainly because I have had a rotten cold starting Sunday before, continuing now, and not to be sneezed at!   Have tried raw turkey fillets previously and will try again soon as they have a distinctive flavour.   Trouble with a cold is you cannot taste anything, and end up breathing through your mouth while you eat.   Had some fresh raw cod, not so fresh raw halibut, and now raw hake which is superb after a fortnight in the refrigerator, and there is some heavily maggoted fish awaiting in the garage.   Of course you can all enjoy a conventional Christmas with friends and colleagues provided you get back to suitably raw ingredients for your own Christmas dinner!   Happy New RAW Year everyone!
Post by: djr_81 on December 29, 2015, 05:57:19 am
I strongly recommend some intermittent fasting if you're having trouble getting over the cold. Even fasting until dinner should help give your body time to rally. Lots of fluids too. :)
Post by: sabertooth on December 29, 2015, 08:48:32 am
Im getting over a cold too, last week I had a sore throat and cough.... as far as I remember I have always gotten some kind of upper respiratory cold bug this time of year regardless of what type of kids seem to bring in all sorts of bugs from all over, and there are times when it seems like half the town has some kind of viral detox going on... though my children typically only get mild symptoms of a 24 hour virus... The common cold seems to have as much to do with other environmental conditions like air quality and seasonal changes, as diet.... weather shifts trigger all all types of microbial spore and viral blooms, which work within the population to trigger herd detox reactions.

Its always runs its course in my experience without need for drastic interventions, and afterward I feel rejuvenated...

Some basic recommendations for the common cold I follow are close to djrs
Time to rest is important.... I usually dont do a complete fast for a cold, but I will eat much less, nothing for breakfast and maybee something like an egg or two through the day and small meal for dinner..depending on my instinctive feelings... lots of fluids are recommended, spring water is best... I dont like using lots of so called natural remedies, and have found most herbal cold supplements to be ineffective. I believe that what ever discomfort one experiences is part of the healing process and is important to go through... During this last cold I have used goldenseal tea which seems to have helped, though I think I started drinking it right at the time I began to feel better...coincodence maybe?....still I think it may be supportive in helping me clear out the rest of the mucusyness
Post by: FRANCIS HOWARD BOND on January 09, 2016, 08:14:10 pm
Cold better now, but still have 'Davy Jones' creaking chest.   Managed to pick up on diet of Raw Turkey, Raw Chicken and Raw Pork Loins which was much enjoyed, and is bringing me back to better health.   Hope everyone has recovered from any ailments over Christmas, and wish everyone on the Forum a Very HAPPY RAW YEAR!