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Title: Algae may increase risk of dementia
Post by: TylerDurden on January 24, 2016, 08:15:10 pm (
Title: Re: Algae may increase risk of dementia
Post by: cherimoya_kid on January 25, 2016, 01:20:36 am
Title: Re: Algae may increase risk of dementia
Post by: Inger on January 25, 2016, 02:20:28 am
Both scientists stressed it is not yet understood what concentrations of BMAA might be harmful to humans, and said it was likely that only those with certain genes were susceptible to the substance. Professor Cox said: ‘We think there is a gene-environment interaction. Perhaps some people are exposed to this toxin and, instead of excreting it, they accumulate it.
‘If the genes are the gun, the toxin is the trigger.’

When we are healthy and can expel toxins well, I guess this is less of an issue......... as the article says, indirectly.

Remember sunlight helps detox in a big way.

England is really bad nnEMF cesspool today... and has very little sunlight...... not good. People are afraid of the sun, use sunscreens.. stay indoors.

nnEMF like being surrounded with WiFi 24/7, using lots of tech and fake light.... makes the blood brain barrier work less well.. and who knows what toxins is able to enter our brain, that normally should not. The blood brain barrier is very effective. nnEMF is a risky game
Title: Re: Algae may increase risk of dementia
Post by: sabertooth on January 25, 2016, 03:18:25 am
Its a "straw man on camels back"meets "frog in hot water" scenario.

I have tried the tap water in the UK and algae contamination was not the main problem....It tasted like chlorine and other chemicals nobodies taste buds could properly identify, but my gut instinct told me were not good!

This kind of pointing the finger at invisible microbes while putting blame for a man made environmental imbalance on a minor symptom and not the underlying cause, is a hallmark of the bad science which runs rampant in our day.

The totality of the situation is never considered by scientist looking at the world through the ass end of a microscope.... the facts not being mentioned in the article is that when biological organisms like algae are contaminated with pollution of runoff from industrial water sheds, and then treated with chemical poisons like chlorine, the combination produces toxins which would never occur in nature....This combination of natural bio-toxins and man made pollution is overwhelming the bodies ability to mitigate and metabolize waste, and is also suppressing the alimentary instinct which would command the organism to get off their fluoridated ass and find a better place to live with cleaner water( Im talking to you people of FLINT)

We were never designed to drink chlorinated water from corroded metal pipes, which is stored in stagnant man made lakes containing recycled chemically treated waste water and runoff. The alimentary instinct never evolved to cope under modern conditions.....our ancestors where personally responsible for discerning their own water quality by taste.......if a tribe didn't like the local water hole where the water tasted like swamp muck and slime, then they actively sought out fresher streams and springs or had to adapt their bodies like the swamp that humans have become domesticated, the majority of the population is dependent on what comes from the tap, or what they can buy in plastic bottles, and they are unable or unwilling to leave the cesspools of modernity.