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Title: How much % Fat? How much Meat? How much Organ Meat?
Post by: jibrael on February 14, 2016, 12:07:47 am
How to get the Quick Help?
I tried to search these questions, but there are so many threads that I am unable to digest them. Is there any raw paleo book where things have been presented in systematic and simple way? Let us begin:
(1) Normally the minced meat that I get, it has 20% fat content. Is it enough or fat content should be near 30% or 40%? It is difficult for me to calculate the things in calories.
(2) And how much meat are you eating per day (including fat)?
(3) Lastly, what is minimum amount of organ meat that is necessary?
Title: Re: How much % Fat? How much Meat? How much Organ Meat?
Post by: sabertooth on February 14, 2016, 01:32:35 am
There really isn't any formula which could be followed to achieve an optimal nutrient ratio. The best one can do is try different approaches and see what works for you personally. Ideally after some time spent experimenting with different ratios experience and instinct will lead you to the optimal...and this may even change from day to day, meal to meal, depending upon your own individual requirements.

Personally I eat lots of fat, and lots of organs..I will also drink the blood, eat the marrow and consume all the glands of the animal. There is no guidelines which to go by when it comes to organ meat consumption..the instinct must be developed to let the individual know the amount and kind of organs needed.

Being on an extremely low carb version of the raw paleo diet....Over 60% of my calories come from animal fat...I would say that fat requirements will very greatly, and individuals who consume higher levels of carbs will not do well with such high levels of fat.

In my opinion 20 percent fat in minced meat will not provide the amount or the variety of quality fats, to enable optimal adaptation to a more raw meat based diet...Try supplementing other forms of raw fat like Marrow, trimmings, suet....then try a variety of organ meats...remain mindful as to the effects of each dietary change, and try to hone in on what makes you feel the best.
Title: Re: How much % Fat? How much Meat? How much Organ Meat?
Post by: jibrael on February 14, 2016, 03:14:32 am
Thanks Sabertooth.
It is really a lot of Fat. But I will try to find out what is good for me. I have tried only 3 organs up till now liver, heart and tongue. Is Brain and Marrow also organs or fat?
Title: Re: How much % Fat? How much Meat? How much Organ Meat?
Post by: eveheart on February 14, 2016, 03:43:44 am
I experimented with macronutrient ratios with the goal of controlling blood sugar and inflammation. For me, 5% net carbs and 60g - 100g net protein per day, with the balance of calories coming from good fats is what I tend to eat. I don't track or weigh what I eat on a consistent basis, but some friends at the gym were using MyFitnessPal to track their macros and I did that for a while, so that's where I get those figures. I got that ratio by eating instinctively, not by calculations.

What was interesting in MyFitnessPal was how consistent I was from meal to meal and from day to day. I generally follow Dr. Richard Bernstein's advice regarding blood sugar, and I've had lots of input from Dave Asprey's writings to get a handle on inflammation. Also, I source almost all my food locally from what is in season.

My workout buddy, who is 35 years younger than I am and was never sick like I was, goes crazy with carb cravings when he tries to eat the same macro ratio that I eat. He does this, nevertheless, a few weeks before he enters body-building competitions because he likes the initial water-weight and fat loss. When people ask him how he gets so cut, he tells them it's from carb-loading (LOL) so they don't know his secret.

If you do look for books to guide you, beware of the "cheesecake" paleo books, which are no more than modern cookbooks with lots of substitutions to create breads and desserts. Paleo can be as simple as buying and eating unprocessed foods from animals and plants. As long as they look like what they're supposed to be and not packaged, they are probably similar enough to an ancestral food. As soon as you encounter something that was bagged or boxed, you are going to encounter field-agricultural neolithic foods and processed foods.
Title: Re: How much % Fat? How much Meat? How much Organ Meat?
Post by: TylerDurden on February 14, 2016, 05:45:23 am
I think(?) a member here once wrote a rawpaleodiet e-book, no idea where it can now be found. In the meantime, here are some recommendations for newbies which might interest you(look at the sticky threads):- (