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Title: Have you seen this gir?
Post by: HelpMeToHelpEwe on January 15, 2017, 08:24:51 am
Bored of the asinitnity of new Babylon? Yah, me too!

Looking for my twin flame who wants to leave this world behind for however long and go live down south and experience how good free and wild living, in the forest can be.

Gots to eat the raw meats.
Must be absolutely weary of pop and fringe culture. Would prefer you know how to bushcraft but if not I will teach you if there's chemistry.
Looking to live as a first peoples nation, not anything more conventional than that. No iron age, no Renaissance, and no modernity. Awareness, knives and bows, and spears that about does it!
You must be healthy already. Hopefully you got there on your own studying and trial and error as I did (all thanks to all recorded resources such as Aaj who carried me along... Rest in peace if you're really dead my Brother, I would have shown you my gratitude if you were still here)

You must be love filled and motivated. If you don't live and breathe love, this would never work.

Must love dogs....i have 8 that come from 2 previous generations raw and are about as badass as it comes. They are loyal, obedient and gorgeous. They're jet black but their hair shines blue under the cleaf sky...but I mean love them, not tolerate them..

Must be emotionally stable and perceptive. I've been around crash test dummies my whole life, I'm so past that. Be friendly and blanced, kind but firm, and have your head out of your rear plz.

After that don't care. I'm 5'11, slim athletic build, blond, blue eyes and probably a little native as i turn in to a brownie under sunlight. Most people find me attractive even if they can't abide my candor. I don't want anything from you but your company. I have every last thing I need out of this beautiful drop in the bucket, save for you...

I love all pieces of this reality, Im just bored of synthetics, and artifice, so please, join me in an equatorial paradise where it's always 🎵🎶summmmmertimmme and the livin's easy🎵🎷🎼

Because life in the subtropics for an RPDer is like a lifelong retreat at a resort with  no rules, we will run, climb, lounge, hunt, fish, create, destroy, meditate, and get high occasionally as the earth provides.

Bonus, I am very very very into your pleasure, so lots of romance ;)
Title: Or her:
Post by: HelpMeToHelpEwe on January 20, 2017, 05:03:12 am