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Title: Still searching for a raw tripe recipe
Post by: surfsteve on June 10, 2017, 02:04:47 am
Raw tripe seems so good for me. It's like gelatin on steroids for my joints; but I haven't found a way to consume it that I actually enjoy. Mixing it in water into a smoothie is gross. No matter how long I try to grind it there always seems to be a string or two of the stuff that gets stuck half way down my throat.

Today I tried slicing it frozen in my food processor, defrosting it and smothering it in garlic, onions and hot sauce with a little pepper and cilantro. I think it would have been better without the garlic and more onions. The garlic over powered the taste which is kind of bland with a hint of fishiness. I think I'll leave it out next time. It might be better too with lemon juice instead of hot sauce.

It's not the taste that I mind. It's the texture. Even sliced really thin in the food processor it was still next to impossible to chew and had the taste and texture of eating paper.

I have my doubts if early paleo's ate it because it is so tough. It would be impossible to tear off a chunk of tripe from a cow with human teeth and chew it; and would require a very sharp knife to cut it up.

The best way to describe eating raw tripe without actually eating it is to buy a box of raw fish. Throw the fish away and eat the box and that's exactly what it tastes like!
Title: I FOUNT IT!
Post by: surfsteve on June 11, 2017, 03:10:59 am
I am eating raw tripe again today and it turned out much, much better. Here is my recipe.

1/2 minced onion run through grate plate on food processor (finely minced)
6 oz of 1" frozen tripe squares run through slicer on food processor (coarsely minced)
3 small lemons juiced (about 1 large one)
little over half teaspoon Celtic sea salt
little over half teaspoon pepper
little over half teaspoon dried cilantro

mix all ingredients in bowl with fork, wait 20 minutes till tripe defrosts and eat while still cold.

The lemon was much better than the hot sauce and did a good job of disguising the fishiness of the tripe. It also helped with the texture. It didn't seem like eating paper this time. It was more like eating tiny shreds of leather or more like tough minced clams. Adding the extra onion sort of took the focus off how tough the tripe was to chew. And using the three small lemons made it almost like a soup rather than a sauce. Overall much better than my first recipe! Good enough that I can honestly recommend it. Maybe it was because I was expecting the worse but I actually enjoyed raw tripe for the first time ever!
Title: Re: Still searching for a raw tripe recipe
Post by: surfsteve on August 30, 2019, 09:04:52 pm
Just came across this video of a guy that sells tripe smoothies in his booth. The guy he made one for said it wasn't bad but only took one sip and didn't finish it. I think they are gross but I feel incredible when I take them. I settled in on making mine with Worcestershire sauce and find it's the best way to tolerate them.

I also noticed he only blended it for a couple of seconds. I think he used the honeycomb tripe which is much easier to blend, the kind I use requires a full minute and a half and it's still stringy.

I notice my skin is much clearer when I do the tripe smoothies and just don't feel right when I don't take them.