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Title: Whipped egg whites are nasty
Post by: surfsteve on June 14, 2017, 06:11:17 am
I've been making Ingred's berry and whipped egg yolks every day since I discovered it. Sometimes twice a day Yum!

I been throwing away the egg whites. Yesterday I decided to try whipping them up. They looked so good when I made them but read on...

I began by whipping up 6 egg whites on low, then medium and then high speed for a couple of minutes.

Next I added a pinch of salt, a tablespoon of honey and the juice of 4 key limes, all slowly while whipping them on high.

Boy did they whip up. Filled a one quart sauce pan all the way to the top!

They looked so good but when I tasted them I didn't like them at all. Maybe they would have been ok if I had added a ton of sugar to them but that would have defeated the purpose of a raw healthy snack. They ruined my grapes that I had in whipped yolk. I added half of them and it was still way too much. It over powered them and filled me up to where I could only eat half. Had to throw the rest away this morning. Every other day I was able to easily finish off six yolks and some kind of fruit but this actually gave me a stomach ache.

Try it at your own risk. I suppose some people will actually like that kind of thing but not me! I guess when they make key lime pie they bake it in the oven. It's hard to believe something that looked so good tasted so terrible and was so hard on my stomach.

Raw egg yolks yum!

Raw egg whites yuk!
Title: Re: Whipped egg whites are nasty
Post by: Robinlove on June 18, 2017, 04:06:00 am
I had a similar experience. I just keep the eggs whole and use them In shakes, I never throw the egg whites out. Buuuuttttt if I'm in the mood for just yolks, I just add the whites to the next mornings shake! I tend to make a few in advance, but not shake, so the whites are a super simple.additoo. To my shakes.
Title: Re: Whipped egg whites are nasty
Post by: surfsteve on June 18, 2017, 06:23:17 am
I don't think it's just me. My dogs wouldn't eat them either. A whole egg is ok but how good can egg whites be if 3 out of 3 dogs wont even eat them?
Title: Re: Whipped egg whites are nasty
Post by: Robinlove on June 18, 2017, 07:43:55 am
Eggs are perfect foods. The whites are nasty when separated for sure.
Title: Re: Whipped egg whites are nasty
Post by: surfsteve on June 18, 2017, 08:26:19 am
When I was bodybuilding I had heard that eggs were the perfect food and that the very best supplement companies made all of their amino acid supplements to the exact proportions of the egg. The night I heard that, I went and cracked me a dozen raw eggs and never touched another amino acid supplement ever again!

Yeah. I might consider using the whole egg again. Especially when the price of eggs goes back up and I can't find any on sale. They pass the dog test but I think my dogs prefer the yolks over whole eggs. If I give them to many of them there will always be some egg white left in the bottom of their dish, but never any yolk!
Title: Re: Whipped egg whites are nasty
Post by: Xisca on November 08, 2017, 10:10:25 pm
You can have the white white without cooking them really! I do not know which is the temperature needed, but it is fairly under boiling point. I very often start to boil my whole eggs in shell, and stop with the 1st bubbles and leave the eggs a few minutes there. With some experience you know what point is necessary to have most of the egg white and the yolk perfectly raw.

Another solution is to open and separate white and yolk. Then mix the raw white with any liquid and heat up while turning with a spoon. I use tomato for this... I make a sort of juice as I do not eat peels nor seeds from tomatoes.

I stil considere this as raw, and the white quality is totally different, never rubber like, and DELICIOUS!
Title: Re: Whipped egg whites are nasty
Post by: surfsteve on November 08, 2017, 11:53:47 pm
You may consider that raw but really it's not. I too went back to eating lightly poached eggs once in a while. The way I do them is to add one cup of cold water to 4 cups of boiling and steep them in their shells in a covered pot for 15 minutes. You can do them a little longer and only add ¾ cup of cold water if you want them a little more done. You just crack them into a bowl and they slip out of the shells perfectly poached every time!

My diet is still 80% raw though most of the cooked food I eat is hardly cooked and most people would still consider it raw. Been eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Bananas have been on sale and been eating tons of them lately. I also been using some canned kale to mix into some of my raw organ meat smoothies. I feel better with it than I do raw kale. Perhaps leafy vegetables are better cooked. Not sure if I should be eating them at all but I seem do do better on cooked than raw leafy greens.

(By raw leafy greens I mean greens like kale, collard, turnip and mustard greens. I still eat lettuce raw. For some reason it is easier to digest than greens that are traditionally cooked. Foods like tomatoes and cucumbers are really fruit and not true vegetables and I have no problem digesting them raw at all as with all other fruits.)
Title: Re: Whipped egg whites are nasty
Post by: Xisca on November 10, 2017, 04:17:44 pm
I considere as cooked what has been boiled. And then is raw what has not been heated over what can stand enzymes, little more than fever stage in the body!

And there is a vague in between... not raw but not really cooked, and that can help for a few things like not having nasty egg white! Also useful for fish. Also kale or cabbage was "cooked" like this a very long time, as cabbage familly leaves are not very digestable if cooked with boiling bubbles.

For whipped egg whites, only in chocolate mousse they are yummy! The mousse is raw but... Well I have done it with bananas. I also do raw white, but mixed because this is not yummy.
Title: Re: Whipped egg whites are nasty
Post by: dair on February 26, 2018, 11:44:39 pm
found by chance some recipes with raw beaten egg whites, but... they involve booze. Maybe you could use juice/fresh fruit/home brewed mead/cider/kombucha/jun instead?... for instance: egg whites plus gin plus liqueur. Or: egg white plus whisky plus orange.
Or, non alcoholic cocktail: egg white, currants, pear, honey, ginger. Or: egg whites pineapple, apple juice, lemon.
Never tried any...but who knows, maybe some of this stuff is satisfying?
Title: Re: Whipped egg whites are nasty
Post by: dair on March 09, 2018, 11:48:20 pm
I used to separate the yolk, and so not knowing what to do with the white, but now I feel it's a more wholesome solution to have the whole egg.
If you feel like having whipped eggs, I would take them whole, and add some citrus, any kind works, its quite nice. Lime, orange, grapefruit... Adding some honey is a bonus.