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Title: Vegans and some of their weird ideas
Post by: dair on December 06, 2017, 02:02:49 am
I remember as vegan and than a fruitarian, there where a lot of strange ideas out there. For instance:
- some vegans avoided organic food as it was probably grown with animal dung, (from enslaved animals etc...), and preferred food grown with chemicals. (Typical for the vegan fear of nature)
- avoiding mushrooms as they are beings from space
- not eating fermented foods, as yeast and bacteria are live beings (but, this is a joke, as there is bacteria naturally on veg/herbs/fruits)
- sexual fluids are not vegan
- feeding cats and dogs vegan food

What's actually interesting is that in many herbs, veg and s c vegan processed foods, there are insects remain, actually more that one might think, like in chocolate and peanut butter (plus some rodent hairs...).