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Title: weakening eyesight
Post by: littleElefant on January 14, 2018, 09:12:01 pm
Hi all,

I have been on and of raw paleo the last years, experimented a lot with raw and cooked plant foods and recognised my eyesight becoming significantly weaker, before I was always proud of my clear and sharp eyes.
My vision is a little blurry and I can not read the small letters any more -[
I think it might be related to blood sugar problems and or diary consumption even if I dont eat a lot of dairy, just some raw butter occasionally.
I m 50 years now and not at all ready to wearing glasses.
What are your experiences with your eyesight related to diet and lifestyle, how can I make  my eyes fully healthy again?
Right now I eat  mostly beef fat, meat and organs, fish, some avocado, coconut, non starchy vegetables raw and cooked, ACV, some fermented vegetables sometimes, salt and herbs
Title: Re: weakening eyesight
Post by: Apani on January 15, 2018, 01:12:57 am
I too have poor eyesight, I know for a fact my eyes get worse when I spend lot of time at my computer whereas they get better spending time outside, althought this isn't really a shocking discovery.
Title: Re: weakening eyesight
Post by: TylerDurden on January 15, 2018, 03:32:20 am
Well, it did not work for me, except on a temporary basis, but you could try the Bates Method. You could also consider orthokeratology as that would mean you would only have to wear contact-lenses at night but be free of glasses/lenses during the day, maybe even only having to wear such contact-lenses every 2 or 3 nights. Women tend to be more dexterous than men so you are more likely to avoid my mistakes re frequently losing the contact-lenses on the floor and repeatedly failing to properly insert the lenses into my eyes.

Water-fasting is also said to improve eyesight.
Title: Re: weakening eyesight
Post by: littleElefant on January 15, 2018, 06:00:57 pm
Yes Apani, I already reduced my time on the computer and dont wear sunglasses outside any more :)
Tyler, I think you a right a wateriest would help but I can not do it right now because my weight is to low, I reduced my eating window recently and I already feel better
2 weeks ago I was just juicing for a day and quite low in fat, the next day I could read even the smallest letters and my eyes where clear and wight, I did not continued thought because of my low body weight and the constant high blood sugar with all the liquid vegetables -\
Do somebody of you recognised a correlation between high fat or animal protein and eyesight?
Title: Re: weakening eyesight
Post by: IronDog on February 04, 2018, 04:10:06 am
Try raw mince and egg yolk for breakfast.
Rib eye steak w/without a glass of raw cream or table spoon of raw butter for dinner.
Blue berries and blood or cream for desert.

Juices and fermented veg on a separate day for cleansing.

Try omitting coconut products and avos.

I have noticed a correlation between high protein and hazy vision as well as between veg juice and hazy vision.

Separate building foods and cleansing foods.

Title: Re: weakening eyesight
Post by: littleElefant on February 15, 2018, 05:18:27 am
Thats interesting, Irondog,
For 5 weeks now I m eating mostly meat, organ meats, fish and huge quantities of beef fat, sometimes eggs, sometimes coconut creme and avocados, some vegetables and vegetable juices
My eyes are already so much better, can read everything again, even the smallest letters, sometimes it is not 100 percent sharp jet but I m very happy and feel relieved, was not ready to live with glasses 8).I think going low with all the carbs was crucial for the healing. And then taking beef fat as my main energy source because this is the fat I digest best and it keeps inflamation down  in my body.I can eat so much of i without any problem, with other fats I get nauseous very easy. (I ate more than 400 g of pure beef fat today and feel very good with it.} I m still  a bit high with my protein, will reduce it as soon as I have gained enough weight.
Why do you think I should cut out coconut and Avocado,? with Avocado I feel that it is not good for me if I eat it often,
Yes, vegetable juices might be to high in sugar, I think green juices are better and then just a little bit because they have a lot of antinutritients
Title: Re: weakening eyesight
Post by: IronDog on February 20, 2018, 04:35:17 pm
LittleElefant,  because they are both high in salisylates. If you have a salisylate sensitivity then they can only be problematic. They can cause blurry vision along with an array of other symptoms.

In my case coconut cream makes me mildly nauseous, but the oil makes me feel positively ill. Avocados will effect me the next day with a general weakness and black streaks running from the corners of my eyes. Egg yolk is somewhat o.k. though the whites will cause severe stomach cramps, shortness of breath and sweats. I find fish doesn't have much to offer and leads to a slight weakness in the body. Pineapple seems to be good for the enzymes.

I am having problems with my vision too so will be experimenting a little. Pineapple with every meal and foods that will produce SCFA, such as small amounts of mushrooms, and homemade pickles. I may even try a table spoon of oats or barley - we will see.

Just a thought - have you tried gazing or looking at the horizon with unfocused vision ( or staring onto space) for say 10min a day. to take the pressure off the eyes from constant focusing on every distraction ( a type of visual multitasking) One can focus on fewer things during the day while still remaining aware peripherally.

Title: Re: weakening eyesight
Post by: Susadele on May 17, 2019, 10:11:51 pm
I recently had problems with worse eyesight as well..
Through some experimenting I figured out it was related to carbs, just as you little Elephant has guessed for your problems as well. When I experimented with increasing my carb intake through eating rice, my eyesight got worse, along with other prediabetic and b1 deficiency symptoms.
I had some of these symptoms already before increasing my carbs intake, not the bad eyesight though. Anyway, I figured out I was low in b1 since some time. I supplemented with some b1 to see if it helps and it indeed did, even though I am not a fan of supplementing. But sometimes on the short run at least it can be beneficial, because otherwise I didn't know how to restore my b1 levels fast to get my eyesight back. Was a little scary.
Pork has a lot of b1, so from now on I will eat more of it, which I nearly never did in the past.
Title: Re: weakening eyesight
Post by: norawnofun on May 19, 2019, 05:04:40 am
you could try and incorporate "black currants" to your diet. They contain a huge amount of Vitamin C, far more than oranges, they are relatively cheap if u buy them frozen, they do not seem to be a hybrid food and they seem to be quite moderate in carbs, allthough sources have different opinions here. Most importanly they seem to have plenty of properties that increase eye health, especially for ppl having eye sight issues during the night. There are plenty of accounts of ppl that follow just the carnivore diet and their eyesight improved drastically. However, why not give berries a try if you donĀ“t want to be stuck on carnivore only.
Title: Re: weakening eyesight
Post by: surfsteve on May 19, 2019, 07:09:39 pm
I tried the Bates method. I don't think it helped that much. Maybe it did. I never managed to throw away my glasses but I have kept the same prescription for over the past 40 years. Before that I needed stronger and stronger lenses every time I went to the eye doctor. I think diet did more for my vision than the Bates method ever did. Ten years ago my ex girlfriend had vision like a hawk and for the past few years I see better than she does with my correction of course... I think raw organ meat smoothies, especially liver, has helped my vision tremendously. I had to stop wearing contacts thirty years ago when I moved to a dry climate but have been able to wear them just fine for the past five years with no problems even though I live on one of the driest places on earth. The best part is it has helped virtually everything else just as good as my eyesight. I wish my parents had never made me wear glasses. I think your vision "hardens" at a young age and your eyes grow that way but I am always open for suggestions. The vet said my dog had only a few months to live and suggested I euthanize her. Instead I started feeding her raw liver about the same time I discovered smoothies. It's been five years and she's still alive, even though she's been on borrowed time for quite a while. My eyesight was pretty bad back then and has gotten a lot better though I suspect I will always need to use correction.