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Title: Jordan Peterson has gone carnivore
Post by: sabertooth on July 03, 2018, 08:43:06 am

This testament is good publicity for a meat based diet, though they eat cooked meats....... perhaps if anyone could reach out and suggest the benefits of raw paleo to Jordan and his daughter it may help raw paleo get some positive attention.

Rogan would also be someone to reach out to regarding raw paleo, he has already interviewed a number of cooked paleo, and heavily carnivorous people but the topic of going raw has yet to be broached. His audience is huge and if anyone in the raw community could contact him, he might be open to give us a fare hearing.
Title: Re: Jordan Peterson has gone carnivore
Post by: sabertooth on July 05, 2018, 02:19:50 am
I am believed to have made contact with one of the Petersons.... at least I got a thumbs up response to a message that outlined the basic concept of a Raw Paleo diet, how it has healed me, and that I would like to offer some suggestions on how to make low carb carnivore work in the long term . Im trying to play it cool and not too blatantly badger the celebs who are discovering benefits of cooked keto with the Raw Message. So I just sent a link to the forum and planted the embryo of thought, in hopes that this movement will continue to grow.

There is always this hope that one day the Petersons will invite me out to dinner, we can wax philosophic while dining on raw meat, and I could have the opertunity to present, in open discussion, some of my more off the wall insights that has been gained by the raw paleo experience; to influential people who are receptive to new ways of understanding the nuranced connections between life, spirit, health, intellect and nutrition, from a most Excellent and Raw Perspective.

Title: Re: Jordan Peterson has gone carnivore
Post by: sabertooth on July 06, 2018, 11:57:00 am
Title: Re: Jordan Peterson has gone carnivore
Post by: Eric on July 06, 2018, 08:17:32 pm
I have been thinking about reaching out to Jordan to come on my podcast.
Title: Re: Jordan Peterson has gone carnivore
Post by: sabertooth on July 13, 2018, 10:31:49 am
It would be a huge plus for raw foodies everywhere for anyone of his renowned to have open discussion on the benefits of going raw.

Lebron James is another prominent celebrity that if introduced to the power of Raw could jump-start the movement overnight.

There was always in my mind this slow game approach when it came to introducing this way of living to the modern world(my previous post here over the years will back up the bravado) Back around 2011 I began to truly believe that it would only be a matter of time before low carb meat based diets would come to the forefront of the mainstream nutritional debate.

The avant-gard cause celeb of Low Carb Cooked paleo is now being more accepted by the mainstream ethos. If we continue to work with diligence and tact from the periphery to prime the evolving consciousness and guide new initiates toward the Raw side of life, then it may not be very long before the movement reaches critical mass requirements for a dietary counter revolution....that is needed to transcend the limitations to our further evolution, placed on us by the social and nutritional confines that now exist at the end point of the neolithic agrarian revolution.

Much was learned through suffering and try-umph over the last 10,000 round the sun. The once wild world matured, it mutilated, mutated, sacrificed and then transferred its natural incarnate creative powers into the human world, from which billions of interconnected nodes of unfathomable neurological power, spread like mind fire. The entire race of the free and bound, every brother, sister, father, mother grown from the substrate of Neolithic thought, rot, and toil...brought to and beyond the ever present point of no return.... many have already reached the end of this bread line, after many lifetimes of great depression, many more will soon follow, no longer to tolerate a gluten fueled gluttonous existence. The signaling for alternative sources of fuel to energize the next stage of life experience with a new purpose has begun, the beacons are being ignited. Though the fog be thick and night darkness dims many minds, faint light hits the distant shores where bright eyes looking forever forward, see beyond the lost worlds shrouds with a head high, feet on the ground and oppossable thumbs up . Hold on no longer to the past and mobilize for nigh is the time of great transformation. The time is ripe to take the next leap, ye of Raw faith and fortune get ready to lead the charge!
Title: Re: Jordan Peterson has gone carnivore
Post by: sabertooth on August 31, 2018, 09:49:59 am
Title: Re: Jordan Peterson has gone carnivore
Post by: surfsteve on October 10, 2018, 11:59:08 pm

Jordan Peterson’s Carnivore Diet – SHOULD YOU TRY IT?
Title: Re: Jordan Peterson has gone carnivore
Post by: surfsteve on October 15, 2018, 07:30:16 am
I never put much stock in anything Jordan Peterson ever said but damn he sure looks a lot better since he started his carnivore diet.

I went back and tried to reconstruct my diet based on posts I've made on this and other forums and when I was at my best in mid April able to do 26 pullups I was eating darn near carnivore with the exception of lots of lemons and a tablespoon or 2 of wheatgrass juice powder. Been on that diet for the past few days and I can really feel the difference.

Also when I was eating all those sprouts recently, I felt a little hopeless and depressed and now I feel back to my old self; but still only up to 15 from twelve pull ups a few days ago. Been watching a lot of carnivore videos about other people and am really starting to suspect that a lot of plants contain poisons designed to keep animals from eating them. I've also gone back to eating a little extremely rare meat as a treat, instead of 100 percent raw: meat, fruit and vegetables.

Thinking about how eating all those sprouts and vegetables lately has affected my mood and I can sort of relate to all the hostility that seems to come from so many vegans.

Not sure why I changed my diet when I was at my peak in April. I remember thinking "I'm not eating enough vegetables" and things seem to have progressed down hill from there. These past few months I've been experimenting all over the place. Felt better eating a few legumes but not 100% right. 

I also been using lots of essential oils recently and noticing some kidney pain when I wake up in the mornings. I cut way down on those too as I think even wearing them on my skin is putting unnecessary stress on my kidneys. To be honest I'm worried that I may develop some body odor from all the meat I been eating. Maybe the wheatgrass will also help with that and I wont feel the need to use the oils that much.

Enough rambling. Anybody still with me?
Title: Re: Jordan Peterson has gone carnivore
Post by: norawnofun on October 16, 2018, 05:54:13 am
I am with you and I´d like to share my experience after being on the carnivore since July.

I eat cooked lamb shanks, beef ribs in water and lately chicken drum sticks and chicken legs. Lamb and beef I soak in salt water for a couple of hours to get the minerals out of the bones (dunno if that works but I don´t want to use any plant substances such as vinegar or lemon juice) and boil them for 3-4 hours in water. Then I eat the whole meat broth with no added spices whatsoever, only the already added salt. Chicken I put in the oven for 1-2 hours on 180 degrees celcius to make them soft. I eat that with salt and sometimes commercial mustard. I found these 3 meats to be the best for me. Turkey would be better in terms of fat content but the feed is worse so I stay with chicken. Pork, even though soaked in vinegar or salt to remove the lectins causes issues. Fish my body doesn´t crave. I sometimes do eat beef tartare with beef, egg yolk and salt. With every meal I eat I have a lot of raw goat cheese and raw milk, either goat or sheep.

In the 4 months I eat carnivore I had around 5 cheat meals which consisted of button mushrooms, veggies in sauces such as garlic, onion, potatoes and some herbs and once I had ice cream. I do drink green tea daily and sometimes have raw greek honey, but I´m still uncertain regarding that. My blood pressure is very good. Blood test pending.

There is something else that I would suggest doing if you want to know the conditions of your organs. Follow the instructions of this video: when you will do the excercises at the end (circling the area), lying on your belly, you will feel a sensation at the organs that are in trouble. Sensation meaning when you touch them you get very sensitive and you might need to stop. That can be around the kindeys, bowels, liver, gallbladder or solar plexus. I find this excercise to be very precise and very effective. First time I did it I had an enormous emotional reaction. So the less you feel there the better off your organs are, at least in my experience and opinion.

I don´t eat plant foods after carnivore, I do experiment with alcohols such as red wine, sherry, fernet branca, swedish bitters and other alcohols to increase my HCI, but so far I don´t think any of those really works except red wine. As far as I know alcohol increases HCI and it always works for me. I tried for the 3rd time to have HCI tablets but it makes me fell ill in the stomach and blocks digestion so I stopped. I remember AV saying that HCI supplements arent´t good. He might have been right here. In one of his interviews he noted:

"HCI supplement is bad as its not complete, and it can inhibit certain bacteria to digest food and not assimilate it properly. So u may have poorly digested proteins."

I tried HCI supplements with different intervals. Before food, with food, 15 min after food, 30 min after food and 45 min after food. All failed. Therefore I still believe that the best way to heal the body is by NOT taking any helpers whatsoever. The body is supposed to learn to digest the foods you eat, especially if you have eaten plant based before. Even if HCI is supposed to help. I used to eat a LOT of plant based foods which brought me into this low HCI mess, now I don´t eat any and I think that´s the best way to go to naturally increase it, which after carnivore it did. I do however think that herbs and mushrooms are in a differnt category, and by now I strongly believe that these can heal rather than harm. I still need to do more research about that, especially about mushrooms which are fascinating, since they are in the same category as humans and meats.

But when summarizing these 4 months of carnivore I can say that this is the best way of eating I ever did. Out of my personal experience I would recommend not to eat any plant based foods, and I think you would heal much faster. Doing zero carb might be even better, but that would mean no dairy and no eggs, for sure not honey or bee pollen. Only meat, water and salt. But that is too hardcore for me and I think that some people might need these carbs. So if I were you surfsteve, I´d try going full carnivore, with no plant based foods whatsoever, and see how it goes. And when it comes to body odor I wouldn´t worry. Since eating carnivore I have zero smell, zero farts and by now I sweat less (you will sweat more in the beginning). One thing you might realize though, you will need to drink a lot more water, unless you eat plenty of raw meats and drink a lot of raw dairy.
Title: Re: Jordan Peterson has gone carnivore
Post by: surfsteve on October 17, 2018, 12:16:26 am
I've been supplement free for a week or so but I've got HCL and monolaurin standing by. By comparison I'm probably a lot more carnivore than you when I eat only meat with a few lemons and a couple tablespoons of wheatgrass juice powder.

Yesterday I was intending on trying a full carnivore day but for some reason I cooked a rare hamburger and at the last second put some ketchup on it which is a huge step backwards for me. This morning my back hurts and I wish I had just done my raw organ meat smoothies like I intended last night. I've also felt like I am about to come down with a cold for the past few days. Normally I take monolaurin and HCL at the first sign of a cold but the symptoms are a little different this time and have only lasted from a few seconds to under an hour. Even my backache.

Yesterday morning instead of taking the monolaurin I told myself that I would keep it close by and even intended on mixing up some HCL in a water bottle to take with me to the gym in case my cold symptoms came back. I also intended on hardly working out and “coasting” but when I got to the gym I felt the urge to go full animal on the weights and started pedaling aggressively in my cycling class till around half way through when I hit a wall. I took it easy for about 15 minutes and the symptoms subsided and pedaled moderately through the rest of the class “exercising” caution.

I am thinking that my diet is vastly superior to Jordan Peterson's diet because it is 50% raw organ meats and 50% raw or hardly cooked muscle meats.  It's been less than a week on that diet and I can already see a huge increase in muscle size and definition. I know if I continue that everyone in the gym is going to accuse me of taking steroids, 'cause the same thing happened before on this diet, but the joke is on them!  When I did it before, I added lots of spices, wheatgrass juice powder and lemons to the meat, making me nearly 99% carnivore but I can't help wondering what would happen if I cut them out and went 100%. My gut instinct tells me to cut out the spices and lemons and just go with meat and wheatgrass juice powder so I'm torn between experimenting with that or going 100% carnivore.

I'm surprised my cold symptoms have been held at bay and that I haven't had to take any HCL and monolaurin for them but with this back ache I realize that I am right on the verge and the symptoms could manifest and overwhelm me at any second. Perhaps I should try 100% carnivore till the symptoms “make up their mind” and if I am successful in beating the cold try adding the wheatgrass juice powder into the mix in a few days. I am really torn between trying that and going straight to the wheatgrass. I think if I had done the wheatgreas yesterday that I wouldn't have had the urge to use ketchup on my evening meal. Funny. I can still taste that ketchup as if I had just eaten it a minute ago. Must be all in my mind. I just went over to the kitchen and took a whiff of wheatgrass and when I smelled it my instinct told me “I need this” so I should probably go with that...
Title: Re: Jordan Peterson has gone carnivore
Post by: van on October 17, 2018, 03:37:02 am
you might consider, if you go with your sense of smell to determine whether or not your wheat grass powder is what your body needs, then suggest smelling fresh raw wheat grass, or fresh wheat grass juice.  And in the case of fresh juice, don't forget to use your sense of taste too.
Title: Re: Jordan Peterson has gone carnivore
Post by: surfsteve on October 17, 2018, 04:38:47 am
I went with my gut instinct and sense of smell and consumed a large amount of reconstituted wheatgrass juice powder this morning. Your advise to use fresh doesn't make sense to me since I am consuming the powder though I agree fresh would probably be better to consume. Fresh grown wheatgrass grown outside with deep roots for 180 days or more is nearly impossible to come by and is nothing like tray grown for 10 to 14 days . I actually believe that the powder is better than freshly grown tray wheatgrass. My sense of smell and instinct tells me that too!

In thinking about Jordan Peterson's diet, though I'm not following it exactly Wasn't he also going with his instincts like I am and throwing out all of the experts advise and blood tests? I think I'm also going to continue consuming lemons. I've always liked them, even as a child. Only difference I'm going to cut down and only consume them when I'm really craving them instead of consuming as many as I can because of the belief that they are so good for me.

Since I'm doing so well, so far, without spices. I'm only going to use salt. At least for a while and see how it goes.

Also the cold I got flash symptoms indicating I may be coming down with has not given me any symptoms and never (so far) has manifested it's self. I'm thinking I probably dodged a cold. I can't think of a time that's ever happened before without taking monolaurin. I don't want to get my hopes up too much but it would be great if I could get back to where I was in April and maybe even push a little beyond.
Title: Re: Jordan Peterson has gone carnivore
Post by: van on October 17, 2018, 01:31:47 pm
I only mention fresh and taste as a guide.  Dry or powder any food, and the taste will change to the point where your senses can be misled.    Next spring, see if you can find a field of wheat growing when it's in the grass stage.  See how much you can chew on before you want to spit it out. Might inform you as to what i'm saying.
Title: Re: Jordan Peterson has gone carnivore
Post by: surfsteve on October 17, 2018, 11:56:31 pm
Ok. I get your point now. I wouldn't want to chew more than a mouth full or perhaps a sprig like you see so many people doing in the movies. Dried wheatgrass has a mineral smell and taste that I am attracted to. Unlike most of the people on this forum I am not married to the idea that the diet our ancestors ate was perfect or that it couldn't be improved upon. I suspect the truth is somewhere in the middle.

I never got the cold I suspected I was coming down with so I must be on the right track. I also keep going to the gym, planning to work out lightly but work out like an animal when I get there. Anyone that claims it is impossible to get the same benefits from organ meats as steroids hasn't eaten pounds and pounds of them every day. They say you absorb less than one or two percent of the testosterone from meat when you take it orally. My answer to that is to just take 50 or 100 times the dose. A few pills aren't going to cut it...

Only thing that concerns me is I wake up in the mornings with a mild back ache that goes away soon after I pee, leading me to suspect kidneys.

I am actually considering trying Jordan's diet of beef salt and water, except raw with at least 50% organ meat.

I am cheating with coffee. A few months ago I was doing 3 or 4 cups a day. It was bad. I forced myself to only a cup a day and last week I cut down to half a cup and am hoping to go back to none fairly soon. I'm pretty sure I wasn't drinking any at all in April when I was at my peak.

I'm not craving any wheatgrass at all this morning (or any food at all yet) so I think I'll skip or delay it till I get an urge to take some.  I ate over 6 pounds of meat yesterday. I was ravenous. All but a few bites were beef, mostly organ meat smoothies. I had some salmon and some shrimp, pickled in lemon juice and only ate a few bites of each of them. I was craving beef!

My weight is definitely going up and I have gained between 1.5 and 4.5 pounds in just a few days. Will know more when I can determine if the 4.5 pounds is water weight or not. It's definitely not fat. I'm going to continue to play it by ear and do whatever my body tells me while hoping my natural instincts haven't been corrupted too bad.

I am hoping the morning back aches will go away as soon as my body has gotten rid of all the toxins stored in the fat I am loosing. Though no doubt I will be also be disposing of the toxins in the factory farmed meat I am eating, so it will be an on going thing. To the best of my memory I didn't have those morning back aches when I was at my peak in April.
Title: Re: Jordan Peterson has gone carnivore
Post by: norawnofun on October 18, 2018, 03:05:45 am
Coffee can hinder HCI. I found that green tea after like 30 min to 1 hour works far better and is less irritant. It enhances my digestion, but it can harm if you drink it on an empty stomach. I find it also very calming, but that depends on the brand.
Title: Re: Jordan Peterson has gone carnivore
Post by: surfsteve on October 21, 2018, 04:51:16 am
Been really noticing a difference since I been going primarily raw carnivore. I tried 100% pure carnivore for a day but found I was craving the wheatgrass juice so I been taking that. I also had one day where my skin was 100% clear over my entire body but have since developed one small pimple that's nearly healed.

Still have been eliminating my use of essential oils or drastically cutting back. Been using borax and water as a deodorant. I've noticed a definite ammonia smell that is sometimes there but only lasts a few minutes which is quite interesting after spraying it on. I wonder; what causes that?

My total meat consumption is off the charts and I've been averaging 5 or more pounds of meat a day. My raw organ meat consumption has also gone off the charts and has been as low as 2 pounds but more often 3 or more pounds a day.

I also have been loosing the back aches I feel in the mornings. Some days they are completely gone, others they are greatly diminished.

My consumption of lemons has gone down drastically too. I feel like keeping this diet a while and if I get an urge to gradually add some foods back in. One thing I'm not going to do is freak because I'm hardly eating any vegetables like I did before. I'm actually taking quite a lot of reconstituted, powdered, wheatgrass juice. Often two heaping tablespoons. I feel right taking it and also think it helps with body odor.

Any ideas why borax plus body odor equals ammonia smell? Perhaps it's because it gets rid of other smells I thought and that is all that is left but I actually get the feeling that it may be producing ammonia because it's rather strong. Good thing is that it only lasts for a couple minutes and then evaporates or something. I find it more strange than bothersome.