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Title: Biofilm: The key to survival for stubborn pathogens!
Post by: surfsteve on August 19, 2018, 12:22:44 pm
I started a biofilm thread on another forum and it got zero interest. I've read a lot about it and I've become convinced that it is the cause of virtually all stubborn illnesses. Diseases that are easy to kill become nearly impossible once they are able to establish a biofilm to live in. If you guys are interested I will post my findings here. Otherwise I will just continue researching and experimenting on my own!
Title: Re: Biofilm: The key to survival for stubborn pathogens!
Post by: TylerDurden on August 19, 2018, 01:43:07 pm
Feel free to post some basic links for the beginner/intermediate/advanced. I will post a sticky in the relevant forum with the various links.
Title: Re: Biofilm: The key to survival for stubborn pathogens!
Post by: sabertooth on August 20, 2018, 12:24:37 pm
Undetectable antibiotic resistant Bio-films are the next step in the evolutionary biological warfare arms race, and the mainstream medical science is oblivious.

Though its not so simple as just finding a new blockbuster method to break up and clear these bio-films from the system. There is still a fundamental misunderstanding about the nature of so called pathogenic organisms. They are not some aberrant manifestation of doom, they are an integral part of the a creative intelligence built into the fabric of life. Our accumulated prejudice limits our ability to see that in reality there are no boundaries or boarders between separate organisms in nature. Life is part of a single process, the creator is not separate from the creation. Within this symphony there are anabolic agents and there are  catabolic agents, one builds up, the other breaks down, each are equally important in maintaining the balance of life.

As multi-cellular organisms we have millions of cells constantly die, while millions more are suffering from imbalances and toxicity. The pathogen is only called into being as a reaction to circumstances which require cataboic detoxification. The process does not have human feelings or fears, and will preform its function with out any grace or compassion. What it cant purify through an concerted immunological mitigation reaction, it will putrefy into the compost heap of death.

If these organism are prevented through artificial means from preforming their duty as mercenary archangels of Gaia, there may be the illusion of a period of temporary relief, but the underlying problem if never fully addressed will eventual begin to manifest in other ways...the disease will find a way to shift form, the rebound effects can be insidious and may not even be noticed until the following generation. If the battle between the bereft immune system and the mercenary microbe isnt properly fought on the level, free of interference from biochemical sorcery , then the sacrificial price owed to life will never fully payed and the rewards of antigenic induced proactive positive adaptation will never be passed forward to the next generation.

The immune system isnt just a protector from invaders, its true function is the embodiment of the creative power of Life manifested on the micro level. The antigens formed by immune cells in response to alien agents, trigger a storm of reactions that also include epi-genetic changes that engender a more homeostasis seeking larmarkian evolution out of which the next generation inherits the beneficial and essential for survival mutations, from these countless epic encounters with microscopic alien invaders.

Nature will not let the tinkering of human ingenuity get in the way of its own master plan, and just as soon as antibiotics, antifungals began being their widespread use, certain organisms began evolving resistance genes, and those defiant genes were then shared freely with other microbes that formed communities of protective bio-films made up of symbiotic catabolic agents...bacterial, fungal, and plasmids working together to finish the task of cleaning out toxic and unbalanced tissues in the suborn humans who refuse to bend willingly with the mutagen whims of mother Gaia.

Attempts to destroy the next generation of drug resistant bio-films, either with even more powerful Drugs or with natural cleansing protocol, will not address the underlying issue of chronic environmental imbalances and toxic non-viable modes of living. The damage accrued in the last few generations has to be paid for one way or another, there is no easy way to cop out of the contract. Some people may chose to continue to keep running, afraid to reap the whirlwind, hoping to run out the clock in this lifetime, using artificial mitigation techniques to avoid suffering by any means, without care for the karmic debt they are blindly passing on to subsequent generations.

I advocate a stand your ground and fight for your life approach....attone for the past sins of your self as well as the acumulative negative effects of the entire neolithic era.......dont attempt to purge, flush or poison out the demons when the already overburdened systems are struggling to hold ground....instead try to purify inside and out with cleaner modes of living, fortify with optimal nourishment, empower your immune-system with its own microbial legions of allied bacteria to provide balance. When Bio-films of pathogenic agency become permently ensconced into the bodys tissues the damage may run so deep that it cannot be entirely remedied in a single lifetime, but even in hard cases, unless death is knocking, there is usually always the hope of improving these conditions, or at least making sure not to make things worse.....because until you die, it can allways get worse
Title: Re: Biofilm: The key to survival for stubborn pathogens!
Post by: TylerDurden on August 20, 2018, 12:59:43 pm
Title: Re: Biofilm: The key to survival for stubborn pathogens!
Post by: sabertooth on August 20, 2018, 02:07:43 pm
This seems like a good time for a good metaphysical diatribe ...

Mythos of imaginative mental constructions is valuable in expression of ideas that are often to large and incomprehensible to be fully expressed in more subdued matter of fact prose.

To me Medea represents the Catabolic destructive nature of life, and Gaia the Anabolic creative power. (As is above so is below)( the crest and trough are one) (Be it Of Mice and Men, or of God and Microbe) such juxtapose makes for some nonsensical linguistic fun.

Perhaps its a stretch to project the idea of an intelligent creative force into the whole of nature, but so is it equally far fetched to assume creation
 is a random act of universal ignorance. This is the metaphysical rendezvous where unity of opposites work in tandom to manifest the act of creation.

I stated earlier that (the Creator is not separate from the creation). Each seeming to lack the awareness of the other, both emerged simultaneously from the void when still light split itself into fractal infinity. As is above so is below and beyond infinity...the relationship between the creator and creation remains thus...if the creation was entirely aware that it is constructed out of the nature of the creator(or made in the image of god) then it would give the show away and in losing the mystery the universe would also loose its magic.

So there is an arrangement within the order of things, in order to keep the two parts of bi-polar creation from truly uniting, for to do so would undue the whole of creation and return everything back to the stillness of void. This deliberate unawareness of the creative intelligence of itself, is at the root of all natural phenomenon. Take the bumble bee for example, it is totally unaware of its own roll in the creation of the flower, and yet through its own selfish and self serving actions over generations, following its base level libido sensations, chasing after the sweet nectar, in this blind pursuit for survival, this seemingly unaware creation, has cross pollinated countless emergent co-evolving plants, and directly lead to the creation of countless hybridized species of flowering lifeforms which have in turn lead to a further evolutionary quickening that changed the shape of life on this world in a way that would eventually lead to natures creation of us..These interconnections are so vast and wondrous its difficult not to ascribe some form of intelligent design to the creative processes.

The creation incarnation manifest on all levels from the micro, to the macro, to the universal and beyond. Our sun may not consciously be aware that the rays of light it gives out are the source of the power for a living planet, yet the image of the creator is reflected in its radioactive brilliance.....and by Jove just as all the lower elemental creations seem to lack the awareness needed to understand the limitless creative power abounding in every fractal of existence, perhaps not even the allmeaty Godhead knows what kind of unconscious creative power the human kind will unknowingly unleash up the Gaian enterprise of this galactic backwater of a planet....Then after a few billion years of glorious happenings, once our race has been run out into extinction or else run out of the world into the great beyond, after eons of evolution and expansion, as lifes force becomes totally exhausted and our star dies....the heart of Gaia will begin to weaken, the crest of the light wave falls back toward the fulcrum void of it originating darkness, and at that time Medea is summoned to take it all away.