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Title: Should i be scared of hiv?
Post by: Fenrir on September 13, 2018, 06:42:07 am
I had unprotected sex 2 weeks ago with a girl ive only briefly known, she told me that she got tested for stds 2 weeks prior and was clean and but that she had had sex with a guy shes been having sex with for quite a while a week after that but before we had sex. Shes involved in a lot of very high risk behaviors i now believe, she regularly goes out to parties and does extremely toxic hard drugs and i think often has sex with people then to her own admission has extremely little recollection after the fact. I didnt know all of this until after we had sex she said she was on birth control so thats why i didnt use a condom.

I woke up yesterday and had a terrible pounding headache for almost the entire day, it receded some at night and it hasnt been bad today, but something definitely has been going on with me i was very sore and im sick with something, i havent been sick in two years since before i started rawpaleo and im really freaking out worrying about what if i contracted hiv from her, i know that life would go on, i know i wouldnt take the pills they would offer me, but would i still have to fear my immune system collapsing if im on raw paleo? Is there anyone here who knows someone who has hiv and eats this way? I know goodsamaratin has made posts on the subject but i dont know how much personal experience he has, if your here and wanted to give me advice that would be great.

Again i dont even know that thats whats going on, if i believe the girl got tested im probably fine, i havent been tested myself, but its just very strange that all of a sudden ive gotten sick for the first time in so long in the supposed time frame someone who contracted hiv would experience acute symptoms. I know i should just calm down, i know a simple headache could be a million things, but im struggling to stay grounded.
Title: Re: Should i be scared of hiv?
Post by: goodsamaritan on September 13, 2018, 06:59:06 am
Fear will make you sick.

I've been living as a normal man for almost 50 years and I've had my share of women.

Being an accomplished healer makes you feel invincible.

Viruses can be eliminated via

Get yourself a colloidal silver generator and make your own colloidal silver.

Buy yourself a good zapper, modern 2018 zappers have multiple modes, kill all bacteria asap.

We are on raw paleo, but at the same time, we keep up with new healing tech.
Title: Re: Should i be scared of hiv?
Post by: Fenrir on September 13, 2018, 07:34:22 am
Your right i know not all technology is bad there is such a thing as technology being able to do positive wonderful things. Im reading about the pyroenergen machine right now, when you say zapper is this the same thing or no? It says it doesnt kill bacteria only viruses and cancers so im guessing a zapper is different, if i only had money for one treatment in the immediate future would you reccomend the pyroenergen the most, it is something you use yourself or have used before?
Title: Re: Should i be scared of hiv?
Post by: sabertooth on September 13, 2018, 10:06:35 am
HIV is a myth!

That said there are a myriad of other biological agents that do pass back and forth between sexual partners...this is likely an attempt by Gaia to induce genetic viability between mated pairs. A partner who is toxic and promiscuous with other toxic people will accrue the necessary cleansing agents and pass them on to any partner. This is part of the bordello hive immunity theory...

Good news is that if you are not already toxic and immunological deranged you should be able to handle most of the run of the mill dirty girl inoculations...that said, there are some really wicked mutagenic biological agents evolving within the cesspool of the drug scene, so i wouldn't bet my manhood on it or anything.

After years of going back and forth between the libertine and the prudish mentality, I am more convinced that people should choose their mates with more care than they typically do. Even if you do not breed, its still a good idea to chose people to simulate the reproductive act with who harbor comparably wholesome viral antigens, and who are not shedding mutagenic biological agents due to drug or environmentally induced biological derangement!
Title: Re: Should i be scared of hiv?
Post by: fwadmin on September 13, 2018, 10:53:28 am
HIV is a myth!

I agree!

House Of Numbers - 720p HD

Excellent documentary telling the truth about HIV and AIDS
A film by Brent W. Leung with Knowledge Matters Productions
Title: Re: Should i be scared of hiv?
Post by: Fenrir on September 13, 2018, 01:02:56 pm
I watched that whole movie i thought it was beautiful its made me feel a lot better, im confident everything will be okay i feel like a lot of stress has been lifted.

I know i do need to choose my partners better if i had known everything i know now i wouldnt have done it regardless of hiv existing or not, im sure i did probably catch something from her but it will be fine i know im strong i can fight it off and whether i live 20 years or 80 more i will live free until that day.

Thank you both i really appreciate it, and you too goodsamaratin you guys are the best!
Title: Re: Should i be scared of hiv?
Post by: van on September 13, 2018, 01:40:23 pm
smell is a very powerful litmus gauge.  Dogs demonstrate it all the time. But simply put, if 'it' doesn't smell good, it probably isn't. And for me if it doesn't smell good, my drive is shut down like a faucet.
Title: Re: Should i be scared of hiv?
Post by: goodsamaritan on September 13, 2018, 02:22:37 pm
Listen to Van, bad smelling girl, bad smelling pussy... go home.

As for your feeling sick, there are lots of communicable germs out there in the wild.

Thus the anti germ tools.

To get "better" hopefully cleaner girls... this book helped me a lot:

He has a YouTube channel.

If you want prettier girls
Matt Cross The33Secrets

All part of being red pilled.

I have my share of pretty women and the resulting children... the stuff works.