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Title: Lymphatic Baths
Post by: supajohnboy on September 14, 2018, 04:49:28 am

I've been reading Aajonus book on 'Home baths' to clean the lymphatic system and having trawled through this excellent forum I cannot find much personal experience on the topic. In the book he makes a point saying that everyone's lymphatics are congested with hardened vegetable oils to some degree and although the diet will help prevent any further damage and reverse it somewhat the baths are needed to increase the body temperature to a point (102-105) that will soften this crystalized oil. So I tried one of these baths last month keeping the temp around 103-104 and I managed to stay in for 1 hour-I was completely shattered afterwards!!

Has anyone here started a campaign of 2 or 3 baths every week for several months?
Title: Re: Lymphatic Baths
Post by: TylerDurden on September 14, 2018, 05:28:44 am
I avoid staying in hot baths for long periods. I do however have c. 2 or 3 ice-baths every week or so since the start of summer. That does not shatter me, it invigorates me.

This would likely work better than hot baths:-