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Title: Mineral water causing tooth decay/tartar
Post by: norawnofun on September 20, 2018, 03:35:27 am
I always thought that mineral water is better than filtered water, or "man made" water, however it seems that it can have adverse effects if you drink too much of it. Some time ago I used to drink a lot of sparkling water, but after some time I noticed that I got more and more tartar. I first blamed the dairy that I eat daily, but when I cut the sparkling (mostly naturally sparkling and sometimes carbonated) the tartar reversed. Now I noticed something similar happening with still mineral water. When I sometimes look into my glass kettle I see regularly calcification at the heating part. So these "minerals" must cause that on my teeth as well.

Then everytime I drink that still mineral water it first helps but then bloats. So I am thinking that too much of it can have harmful effects on your digestion, your teeth and possibly organs. Has anybody else noticed something similar? I am thinking to switch to either filtered jug water or man made water from bottles. Or what are the alternatives? I know both aren´t the best but better that than rotting teeth and internal "calcification". A proper filter system I can´t afford atm.
Title: Re: Mineral water causing tooth decay/tartar
Post by: surfsteve on September 21, 2018, 12:00:10 am
The minerals in mineral water are said to be in an inorganic state that can not be used by the body. They are also said to attract available minerals that your body needs and transport them out of the body. If the minerals in the water are in their ionic state the body can use them. I often add ionic minerals to reverse osmosis water. I think doing this to steam distilled water would be even better.

Honestly I'm not sure if this is relevant to tooth decay 100 percent. I think that by taking ionic minerals that it would attract the minerals in plaque from your teeth and help carry them away but then I could also seen the plaque attracting the ionic minerals and use them to build more plaque. Either way there is a lot of literature saying how bad mineral water is for you. I would think it's a good idea to bath in it but not so much for drinking...
Title: Re: Mineral water causing tooth decay/tartar
Post by: norawnofun on September 21, 2018, 06:28:58 pm
I´m not sure if it caused solely by the water, but it for sure contributes to it. The white residue I see in my kettle seems to be caused by the hardness of the water. So it makes sense that the teeth get white plaque/tartar due to that hardness as well, which are high amounts of minerals. There are accounts from the past and present times where people went to these thermal baths to regenerate their health. They might have drunk that water as well, but I assume they did it just for short periods, therefore one can assume that drinking it on a daily basis has a negative effect on the health, especially teeth. Or maybe as you said, a bath would be fine, drinking not so much. Maybe the water converts the minerals differently on a bath rather than orally. Who knows.

I remember Aajonus mentioned in "We want to live" that he gave his son during the coma/hospital period naturally sparkling water for his curative treatment. And in the book it says:

Drinking 1-2 cups of naturally sparkling mineral water daily helps restore the electrolyte balance and oxygen level in the blood and reduces adrenaline production

Well, I drank naturally sparkling daily as well then just naturally minteral water and that seems to cause issues. But then again, I don´t trust everything he said. Some things yes, some no. Or maybe he was right and the brand I drank wasn´t ideal. I also noticed that I am no longer bloated after stopping the natural mineral water. Big relief. Imagine you get "allergic" to water. Ur fkd  ;D
Title: Re: Mineral water causing tooth decay/tartar
Post by: surfsteve on September 21, 2018, 11:13:30 pm
Don't know about tea. Never touch the stuff  but a little vinegar will clean all the calcium from a coffee pot right out. I also made a post about betaine HCl which is way more acid than vinegar. If you got tartar on your teeth it is a good sign that it is in your arteries and joints as well. One of the first things I notice after drinking betaine HCl was a piece or two of tartar falling off my teeth. I love vinegar and put it on everything. More than that I use lemon juice. Not sure why the betaine made some tartar fall off; because I figured all the lemon juice and vinegar had totally gotten rid of it all. I think Adjenous was a rambling drunken idiot but he did have some good points. Seems like I recall reading that he ripped a lot of his material off from others and claimed it as his own.  If he'd spent the time he used doing drugs and drinking on fixing up his house he'd probably have gotten around to replacing that rotten railing that caused him to fall off his balcony and still be alive today.
Title: Re: Mineral water causing tooth decay/tartar
Post by: PaganGoy on September 22, 2018, 09:31:00 am
I heard from ebrahim rafatjah that Ajanous preferred mineral water was garolsteiner which is incredibly high in minerals.
There are a lot of nuances to everything AJanous talked about and reading his revised books it is obvious he tried to be quite careful with most of what he talked about. 
If you are already getting lots of minerals drinking milk I would probably get a naturally carbonated water without many minerals.

Title: Re: Mineral water causing tooth decay/tartar
Post by: norawnofun on September 22, 2018, 09:26:16 pm
I used to drink a lot of ACV and had lemon daily in juices. But at one point it got too much and it impaired my HCI. Coconut oil pulling works wonders though. I used to get rid of all plaque by daily pulling for 10-15 minutes. Started that again and will see how it goes. As far as I can remember Perrier was one of the naturally sparkling waters that he liked as well. But sadly it isn´t naturally sparkling anymore. I know Gerolsteiner but not possible to get it here. Either way I cut it all mineral waters out and will see the results, but yeah I do think I get plenty already with the raw milk. So I might have done an overkill.
Title: Re: Mineral water causing tooth decay/tartar
Post by: Grey-Cup on December 16, 2018, 10:20:17 am
Curious if you tried mineral water again or if you are sticking with other RO or distilled sources?
Title: Re: Mineral water causing tooth decay/tartar
Post by: norawnofun on December 18, 2018, 05:12:10 am
I tried it again and some brands seem to do me really unwell. I think the issue might be the composition of the water or the source itself. Last time I tried a nestle bottled mineral water and I felt really shitty and bloated. At home I got a berkey water filter now, but being currently abroad I drink the tap water and it seems to be ok.
Title: Re: Mineral water causing tooth decay/tartar
Post by: Mr_Sirloin on December 20, 2018, 07:59:20 pm
Mineral water is relatively high in calcium and phosphorus. Carbonic acid in sparkling water may also demineralise teeth. When calcium and phosphate mix with saliva you get tartar/calculus deposits if they are not removed/dislodged early on.