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Title: Anti-Nutrients in Egg Yolks and are Eggs really healthy?
Post by: norawnofun on October 08, 2018, 07:21:54 am
I was doing some research about egg whites and this is what I found:

Egg whites contain an anti-nutrient known as avidin. It’s a glycoprotein, which means that it’s a combination of a sugar and a protein. It binds biotin and prevents its absorption, so it effectively acts as an anti-nutrient that antagonizes biotin.

In the experiment where Egg Beaters were compared to whole eggs, part of the problem was likely the fact that Egg Beaters contained avidin. The rats not only weren’t getting biotin from the yolk, but they were consuming egg white that was actively antagonizing their biotin status.

Cooking egg white neutralizes avidin, but not completely. Frying destroys two thirds of it, two minutes of boiling destroys 60 percent of it, and poaching only destroys 30 percent of it.

AV mentioned in his book "We want to live":

It is believed that large quantities of whole raw eggs should not be eaten because avidin (an amino acid) in egg white binds with biotin (part of the Vitamin B complex) in the body, causing side-effects. The avidin/biotin bond is beneficial because it helps to dissolve biocarbons and helps muscle retain carbohydrates. Whole raw eggs contain a wonderful natural balance of nutrients, including bioavailable lutein (an antioxidant) that is an important carotenoid for eye and skin health. Empirical experience proved to me that the body properly alters any chemically-identified enzyme-inhibotor in eggs, allowing raw eggs to be eaten in their entirety at once.

How many of you eat the whole raw egg, how many have issues with the raw egg whites, and how many think that cooking the egg includine the white causes them less problems? And is the lutein only found in egg yolks? I used to eat raw eggs with every meal. Then I stopped as it caused issues. Today I craved an egg and tried a whole cooked egg one, but I think there was still an issue, maybe because it still had avidin. I think when you have an auto immune issues or leaky gut, the whole egg can be a problem, even if eaten raw. So you I guess you are better off with the egg yolk only?

Here it says that choline in eggs can increase the risk of worsening existing prostate cancer Of course this could all be BS, things get faked all the time, but it would be good to get some opinions about long term egg eaters here.
Title: Re: Anti-Nutrients in Egg Yolks and are Eggs really healthy?
Post by: TylerDurden on October 08, 2018, 07:49:05 am
The avidin theory is a myth. I believe there was some claim re a bodybuilder eating  24 raw egg whites a day and nothing else, which caused him to die eventually. But no genuine RVAFer would do such a diet long-term. Quite frankly, there are far more serious concerns such as the crappy food given to chickens which makes their eggs taste foul even when raw.
Title: Re: Anti-Nutrients in Egg Yolks and are Eggs really healthy?
Post by: supajohnboy on October 11, 2018, 07:39:49 pm
You mean they taste 'fowl'! I eat whole raw eggs with no issues. I agree with Tyler on this, it is rare to find a chicken farmer that doesn't use soy and other unnatural products in the feed.
Title: Re: Anti-Nutrients in Egg Yolks and are Eggs really healthy?
Post by: norawnofun on October 11, 2018, 11:39:03 pm
that depends a lot where you live, if you go to a farmer that doesn´t sell on a large scale and only from his own place, his chickens are running around on pasture then the chances are higher for high quality eggs. If you buy organic eggs from the supermarket then don´t expect to have natural feed. The ones I got were from a farmer that doesn´t have the organic label, because it costs to get it and he doesn´t care. Were the best eggs I ever had. Raw and cooked with super orange yolk. I had tasted 7 different organic brands where I live and none of them could hold up to the non organic.
Title: Re: Anti-Nutrients in Egg Yolks and are Eggs really healthy?
Post by: van on October 12, 2018, 11:01:03 am
right, it's all about the amount of green and bugs they get to eat, and, still, many say that 70 percent of a chickens diet ( except truly wild ) will be corn and soy, which if not organic and in this country will most likely be grown using monsanto products.