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Title: Hello, everyone! From Brazil.
Post by: Servo de Cristo on November 23, 2018, 10:37:37 pm
Hello, everyone. I'm from Brazil. Nice to meet you all!

So, I would use the 'health' section to ask some questions but I think I will do it here since I'm introducing myself. Is that okay? Heh.

1. Okay. I've doing a keto diet + intermittent fasting for about a month now. I'm feeling great and I've lost a lot of weight in a short period of time (which was my objective), but in the last three days I've been experiencing some joint pains, especially in my knee. It's not from training or something like that, it's more like a constant pain in certain times of the day. Might it be a lack of minerals? Intermittent fasting is the problem? Or even the keto diet? I know that a lot of people don't experience these joint pains with keto diet, but I've read that both intermittent fasting and keto diet increases uric acid in the body, being related to arthritis. Is that true? If so, what should I do about it?

2. I've been studying about the raw diet for some months now. But I didn't try any raw meat yet, for example. I would like to try it, but I don't have acess to any grass fed meat and the grain meat here is full of hormones and antibiotics. We have a organic butchery with grass fed meat in my city (which is the only organic butchery in the whole Latin America if I'm not incorrect), but I can't afford to buy only grass fed meat. Even though I live in a big city I thought about raising a sheep in my backyard (I've raised some chickens in the past), but I don't if it would work or if I could at the moment. So, what would you do in my situation? Should I stick with cooking the grain fed meat I have? Or eat raw anyway?

3. This question is related to the second one: why shouldn't I be afraid of hepatitis and parasites in my meat? Why shouldn't I be afraid of salmonella in eggs? I've read a lot of topics in this forum about this subject so far, but I'm still afraid. I mean, I would be afraid of parasites if I raised my own cattle. But buying grain fed meat with antibiotics (that I also don't know how they were handled with transport until it arrives at the butchery) is even worse. Same goes with the eggs from chickens that receive hormones. I also eat a lot of dairy from cows that receive that kind of antiobiotic, should I stick with it?

4. Last question: I saw that Derek Nance promotes the idea of eating whole bones to get minerals. Could I eat the bones from animals that received antibiotics? I've heard that the antiobiotic might "penetrate" the bone and have a higher concentration in that part of the animal, thus, being wise to avoid the bones. Can I eat bones from any animal, like chickens? Also, cooking the bones would also get rid of its minerals? I don't have a slow cooker or something like that.

I'm really sorry for all the questions on a "introduce youself" kind of section hahah.

Thank you.
Title: Re: Hello, everyone! From Brazil.
Post by: TylerDurden on November 24, 2018, 01:41:33 am
1) Cooking is not a solution, it just creates extra toxins and destroys bacteria and enzymes. Unlesss you have access to a machine-shredder like SB has it's a waste of time to deal with bones.

2) Could be detox? Then again, detox of this sort is less common in cooked diets as there are always toxins around in the body to deal with. Given past experiences of mine, it might be due to a mineral deficiency. In pre-raw days, I sometimes overdid the alcohol and got muscles in my legs seizing up, which seems to have been due to not enough intake of the right minerals. it could also be due to being 100% keto. Perhaps when switching to a RVAF diet, it might be an idea to also include raw veg and raw fruit in your diet.

3)There are always other options when faced with difficulty of access to high quality, affordable raw foods. One idea would be to carry on with Intermittent Fasting every 2nd day and continuing alternating. One does not need anywhere near as much  raw animal food per day as with cooked animal food due to raw foods having much higher nutrient-content generally, anyway. Plus, as I have found, the higher the quality of the raw animal food, the less one has to eat per day, unsurprisingly. Another option is to grow/raise your own food but, for that, you need your own backyard with some greenery. My own solution was to just keep looking around. My 1st available options were really bad:- 40 uk pounds sterling a kilo for organic 100% grassfed beef, and some truly disgusting very  intensively-farmed  meats and eggs. Then I found the LFM markets in London online and found some raw 100% grassfed ox liver which I got at first for free for some months before they insisted I pay 2 pounds sterling a kilo for the stuff given their efforts to give it to me instead of just as usual throwing it away. I also found that a lot of cheap raw wild game in vacuum-packed form was available(mainly raw wild mallard duck and raw wild hare). The wild hare was amazing , allowing me to drink 2  pints of raw, high quality blood from the wild animal, which was far more invigorating than any other kind of raw blood. I also went to local fishmongers, and, ,me being near the coast, I was able to buy raw cheap wildcaught seafood such as raw mackerel, which  was very tasty and nutritious. Just keep looking on- and off-line.

4) Animals in most countries, other than some tropical countries, are routinely given deworming  etc. medicines by farmers, even the organic ones, so it's a non-issue unless you live in Vietnam , Zimbabwe and the like. After 10 years of being rawpalaeo, I got an infestation of tapeworms, which was largely harmless other than the 1st 3 or 4 days when the parasites somehow managed to hurt my bladder whenever I urinated. After monitoring the experience for a couple of months, and not succeeding with herbal anti-parasite medicines, I got  a doctor to get me some anti-parasite drugs(praziquantel) and the problem was swiftly solved within 2 days. Fear of parasites/food-poisoning are so rare in RVAF circles , it's a non-issue. Oh, yes, I once or twice have eaten some dodgy raw produce(due to chemicals being present), but my body always reacted quickly with vomiting the stuff out soon after.
Title: Re: Hello, everyone! From Brazil.
Post by: TylerDurden on November 24, 2018, 01:42:16 am
Eating high-meat made from raw, low quality meat should solve the antibiotics issues?