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Title: 20 yo from debilitated with sciatic pain to stronger than ever on RawPaleo
Post by: Quasar on April 02, 2019, 06:56:33 pm
Hi, my name is Valerio im 20 and i am studying computer engineering.

I never had perfect health but i always thrived for it, when i was 19 i thought going vegan was the solution to perfect health, i was brainwashed by the media and so i got weaker and weaker, i am a gym rat, overtraining and starvation didn't like each other, for the first time in my life i suffered an injury, resulting in sciatic pain that no matter what... would not go away.

Switched to a standard Italian diet after 6 months of veganism, but the healing was still not enough to heal me from this injury, thanks to a youtube channel called sv3rige i got to know aajonus vonderplanitz, i got his books and i started reading (the books i have read in my life could be counted on the hands).

After consuming for 1 month raw milk, raw butter, raw eggs, raw meat and raw honey my sciatic pain is almost gone, i can start little by little to flesh blood in and it should also help.
There is no doubt in my mind that im going to be healed in max another month, this diet made me see the light with instantly boosting healing capacities (if not enabling them).
Other than that my libido is incredible, my mental clarity is incredible, and my mindset got to be the one of a fucking apex predator, this is living!

I had a question on bone broth this is why i choose to get part of the forum, have a nice day.
Title: Re: 20 yo from debilitated with sciatic pain to stronger than ever on RawPaleo
Post by: TylerDurden on April 02, 2019, 09:04:51 pm
Welcome to the forum!

If you're doing fine, that's great. I should add, though, that most of us are more in line with Instincto ideas than Aajonus' . Aajonus had a number of great original ideas, but he also had many flaws. I would recommend also searching the archives(it seems to only work from the main page) of rawpaleodietforum so as to see if your questions have already been answered in some way.