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Title: Anybody into making their own mayonnaise?
Post by: surfsteve on June 14, 2019, 12:45:25 am
I just made the thickest, most killer batch of mayonnaise ever!

Managed to crowd 5 egg yolks and a huge lemon into a 16 oz jar half full of oil and get it to come out super thick. Lately my mayo has been coming out soupy but still emulsifying to some degree.

This time instead of warming up the egg yolks to room temperature I started out chilling everything in the refrigerator. I only added a little lemon to the chilled mixture and slowly dribbled in the rest after the mayo had already formed a few drops at a time and it didn't seem to thin out at all. As the weather has been getting hot here it's been causing my mayonnaise to fail. Hopefully it's not a fluke and refrigerating everything has taken care of the situation. I know that a little water, lemon or vinegar and having all the ingredients the same temperature seems to be key when it comes to making mayo. I never knew though that you could chill everything instead of bringing everything to room temperature to work. Apparently it works even better than trying to make it at room temperature.

My mayo is 100% raw though not 100% carnivore. I've made carnivore mayo in the past from bacon grease and other animal fats but then the fat is cooked so it's no longer raw. Mayo tastes great on raw fish and on raw hamburger and is a great substitute when I get tired of adding butter or coconut oil to get my fat content up. 5 egg yolks in 8 oz of oil is more than ten times the amount of eggs you are supposed to use. I think next time I'm going to try even more!
Title: Re: Anybody into making their own mayonnaise?
Post by: norawnofun on June 18, 2019, 06:28:47 am
I do/did my own mayonnaise. I usually use 2 egg yolks, whisk them up for a minute or so, add salt and pepper, then pour around half a cup of EVOO slowly (drop by drop for around 8 minutes) to make it thicker, at the same time I add ACV, lemon and sometimes crushed fresh garlic. U can add whatever u want but it tastes great and keeps for a couple of days in the fridge. And u can´t compare that fresh taste with store bought mayo.
Title: Re: Anybody into making their own mayonnaise?
Post by: surfsteve on June 18, 2019, 10:31:13 pm
Way to go! I agree. There is no comparison between home made and store bought mayo. You use a hand whisk? I use a stick mixer and the tallest, thinnest jar I can find that the mixer will fit into. I throw all of the eggs, oil and a little of the lemon juice in at the same time. I begin by slowly pulsing the mixer for a fraction of a second and gradually pulse it faster and longer till mayo starts to form on the bottom. Once it does I hold the mixer down at full speed for a little and then slowly begin pulling it up and down more each time, till I got mayo all the way to the top. Then I begin slowly adding the rest of the lemon juice a little at a time, making sure it doesn't thin the mayo. Once it's all used up I start adding my spices. I noticed last night that the spices thinned the mayo a little. Seems like they should have thickened it. Which brings me to the most important tip. All the ingredients must be the same temperature, but not too hot, so now that it's summer in death valley I been putting all the ingredients in the fridge. Except for the spices... I think that's why they thinned the mayo a little. Maybe if I had added them slower it would have been OK...  I used a hell of a lot of spices. An entire tablespoon of mustard. Salt, pepper, garlic and dill in nearly the same quantity. 5 yolks and a little over a cup of olive oil. One huge lemon. I miss using honey but I'm minimizing carbs.
Title: Re: Anybody into making their own mayonnaise?
Post by: surfsteve on June 18, 2019, 10:56:12 pm
I wonder if you can make raw carnivore mayo using beef fat. I  told myself next time I was at the store I would ask the butcher to grind me up some to add to my grass fed meat. I can't bear the thought of getting feed lot beef fat to mix in with good grass fed beef but grass fed fat has been impossible to find around death valley. So I am going to see how I feel using it over fats like butter, coconut oil and olive oil. I'm sure using it in place of butter would be an improvement but I'm not sure about the rest of the fats. Getting back to mayo it just might work and allow me to mix in much more lemon juice or water without it thinning. Guess I wont know till I try it and keep experimenting till it comes out right or I give up trying...
Title: Re: Anybody into making their own mayonnaise?
Post by: norawnofun on June 20, 2019, 06:46:27 am
Allthough a hand whisk would use less friction and produce less heat, possibly keeping all enzymes alive (if the electrical friction is even an issue), I don´t have the time to hand whisk tbh. Therefore I use an electric hand mixer. I never did it with tallow, but if, then I would try it with lard since its much softer. I do eat leaf lard on a regular basis, its softer than butter and where I get it from it´s delicious. Last time I could taste the apples that the pigs ate. I can eat it by the spoon. When doing lard or tallow it´s important to keep the temp low in order to avoid oxidation, if you render it urself, I´d recommend below 45 degrees C with a temp meter, that would keep it almost raw. so far i only used EVOO, but lard might be even better, will give that a go next time I make it. I forgot that sometimes I also use mustard for my mayo, i used to do AV´s mustard recipe for that, now I don´t care, but mustard is not a necessity. If u add some acidic medium like lemon juice or ACV u´ll be fine. Whenever I do something I always tend to invent my own recipe. I don´t care too much about other people´s recipes. Sometimes I also add ground ginger or ground onion. But that won´t make it truly raw. But I do think that freshly crushed garlic adds a very nice taste to it, including some fresh herbs like mint or rosemary, i mean u could go crazy on homemade mayo anyway :)
Title: Re: Anybody into making their own mayonnaise?
Post by: surfsteve on June 20, 2019, 09:59:23 pm
Actually, I was wondering what would happen if you tried to make mayo out of raw beef fat, without rendering it into tallow. Since you can do it with olive oil it seems like you ought to be able to.
Title: Re: Anybody into making their own mayonnaise?
Post by: surfsteve on August 21, 2019, 10:35:41 pm
Salmon oil mayonnaise?

The idea just popped into my head. I've got tons of salmon oil laying around in my refrigerator!
Title: Re: Anybody into making their own mayonnaise?
Post by: surfsteve on August 31, 2019, 01:39:33 am
I made a batch of salmon oil mayo yesterday. At first taste it was nasty but I'm kind of getting used to it.