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Title: Mucus, biofilm and yeast
Post by: thehadezb on July 03, 2019, 05:39:07 am
Well, I've been on a raw carnivore diet for almost 1.5 years and I haven't reversed my gut issues until now. After testing probiotics, enzymes, bitters, humaworm, LBB formula, etc., I haven't reversed the gut issues and fatigue. I'm constantly bloated, thirsty, and with gas accumulated in my gut. I don't know if humaworm failed and I haven't killed the parasites that I believed in first place I had in my gut.

All this time I've had expelled mucus, biofilms and some things that looks like yeast, which make me believe that my problem could be a fungal overgrowth.

Does anyone knows any way to get rid of fungus or yeast safely and effective? Biofilms? I don't which kind of yeast it it is. Probably Candida, who knows? What I know is that my gut is giving me issues and raw carnivore is not doing the trick.
Title: Re: Mucus, biofilm and yeast
Post by: surfsteve on July 03, 2019, 11:10:17 pm
Biofilm busters is a topic of great interest to me. It's more than just mucus. diseases hide in biofilm. Recently I was eating tons of natto and then stopped and only took the supplement nattokinase. I dropped that and went full carnivore for a few weeks but now am full raw adding in vegetables herbs and some supplements. This week I added watermelon and last I started consuming 4 or 5 lemons per day which seems to keep  me feeling pretty good.
Title: Re: Mucus, biofilm and yeast
Post by: norawnofun on July 04, 2019, 05:50:39 am
do you eat/drink dairy? And what kind of water do you drink
Title: Re: Mucus, biofilm and yeast
Post by: thehadezb on July 04, 2019, 09:27:56 am
@surfsteve, Do you know any biofilm buster which can I obtain in food? I'm actually not available to buy supplements

@norawnofun, I only ate raw grass-fed butter when I started the diet. In the last 5 months I have sustained myself from only raw animal fats, mainly raw grass-fed lamb back fat.

I also suffer a form of constipation and fat malabsorbtion, I think (my stool has oily films)
Title: Re: Mucus, biofilm and yeast
Post by: surfsteve on July 04, 2019, 10:29:50 pm

7 Natural Agents That Disrupt Biofilms

I would have thought that lemons would have been on there!

54 Natural Ways to Inhibit Biofilms

    Linoleic acid (omega-6) [8, 9, 8]
    Oleic Acid/Olive Oil [8, 8]
    Honey [10]
    Propolis (candida biofilm) [11]
    Apple Cider Vinegar [12] -physiologically tolerable concentrations of acetic acid can completely eradicate bacteria in mature biofilms vitro.
    Caprylic acid (G+,-, fungal) [13]
    Stevia [14]
    Xylitol [15]
    Garlic [16, 17]
    Manuka [18]
    Ginger [19] (G+,-)
    Cranberry [20]

Non-Herbal Biofilm Disruptors

    Ozone [21, 22]
    Chitosan [23, 24, 9]
    NAC [25]
    Lactoferrin [15, 26]
    EDTA [27] – EDTA likely exerts antimicrobial activity by chelating magnesium and calcium – minerals necessary for growth and membrane stability and may also display anti-biofilm activity by reducing biofilm material (EPS) production and/or enhancing the detachment of bacterial cells from the biofilm. Magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, and manganese appear to stabilize the biofilm matrix of a variety of organisms by enhancing structural integrity through electrostatic interactions that serve to cross-link the matrix [5].
    Zinc [28]
    Iron (29)
    Manganese [5]
    High alkalinity (magnesium?) [30]
    Monolaurin [31] (G+)
    Colloidal Silver [32]
    Zeolite (Acidithiobacillus thiooxidans) [33]
    L Reuteri [34]
    Citrate? [35] – Calcium Citrate, Magnesium Citrate
    Norspermidine (found in chlorella) [3]


    Trypsin [36]
    Serratiopeptidase [37]
    Nattokinase [38]

Herbal Biofilm Disruptors

    Andrographis [39]
    Curcumin [40, 9]
    Berberine [41, 9]
    Cinnamon/Cinnamaldehyde [42, 43] and Cinnamon essential oil [43]
    Black cumin oil/Thymoquinone [44]
    Boswellia [45]
    Oregano Oil (carvacrol+thymol) [46]
    Quercetin [47]
    Apigenin [48]
    Naringenin [48]
    St John’s Wort [49]
    Kaempferol [48]
    Rosmarinic acid (higher concentrations) [50]
    Baicalein [31, 31]
    Neem [11, 51]
    Gentian violet [52]
    Mangosteen (streptococcus) [53]
    Alfalfa [54]
    Eugenol [42, 9, 43] – found in Tulsi, clove essential oil and cinnamon essential oil


    Farnesol [15]
    D-Amino Acids [55]
    Reserpine [9]
    Rifampicin [56]

Lemons aren't on here either! Go figure!
Title: Re: Mucus, biofilm and yeast
Post by: surfsteve on July 04, 2019, 11:04:18 pm
I would also add papain, papaya, bromelain, and pineapple to the list.

Odd that there are no meats that I am aware of that break up biofilms. Maybe a reason not to go on a strict carnivore diet. What do you guys think?

In addition to serapeptase and nattokinase which work great for me, the last article mentions monolaurin, found in coconut oil. I didn't remember that it was also a biofilm disrupter in addition to being an awsome virus killer. Monolaurin is my go to whenever I am coming down with anything. At the first sign of any illness I  pop half a dozen monolaurin capsules and four more every four hours till it is gone. Many times whatever is wrong is gone after the first 6 capsules and most of the time by the second dose of 4 capsules. I've never had to take it beyond 2 days at that high of a dose. Been doing good lately and haven't had to take it in months!

Title: Re: Mucus, biofilm and yeast
Post by: norawnofun on July 05, 2019, 03:55:45 am
Well I was in the same boat as you kind of. Tried millions of things. If you still have constipation and malabsorption then you are not breaking down the foods that you eat. Do you get a hunger feeling before you eat, or do you eat for the sake of eating even though ur not hungry? I found that every time in the morning my stomach is too alkaline, therefore the hunger feeling is very low, that means that I tend to wait quite a long time in order to eat the first meal. If I don´t get that hunger feeling and my acid is low, then I will have a hard time digesting the food that I eat. That food then ends up not beeing properly digested by strong bile, HCI and digestive enzymes, goes into your intestines which have all the hard work to do, therefore bloating can occur and you see undigested food in your stool. Sometimes people focus too much on HCI, but your Gallbladder is as important, if not more important than your stomach acid. If you for ex. have gallstones, then the gallbladder cannot properly store and release bile, and without bile or too low bile you can have constipation. Bile acts as a lubricant, so you can eat all the fats you want, without proper bile you will still have constipation.

I recently did a liver and gallbladder flush according to Andreas Moritz since I wanted to know if I have gallstones, and I had. However after that flush (which involved an enema in case u don´t go to the toilet before the flush) I had a harder time digesting fats since you flush out all the bile as well, so it will take some days until the bile up again, which is important if ur on carnivore.

You could try that, many people sorted out their fatigue and other digestive issues by getting rid of the gallstones and kidney stones. But I think that after your raw carnivore diet you shouldn´t have any, so there is something else wrong. The only way to find out IMO is to do an MRI, like that you get a clear picture. You will get radiated but whatever.

If your stomach acid is low, then IMO your stomach environment is too alkaline to digest the foods. That happened to me due to my previous plant based days. Thanks to that I still have an issue digesting acidic foods. A cooked carnivore diet helped a lot to finally digest meats again, but back then I had dairy with it, and dairy has estrogen which makes the gallbladder malfunction (if you have issues with it), that and cortisol (stress) including carbs.

Another thing that you might have, as you mentioned, is fungus and yeast overgrowth and something like candida. I battled a lot with that and I believe that a zero carb carnivore approach is the best way to fight it. That including fasting. I recently read about a guy which had similar troubles, even worse, and he recommends a 36 hour dry fast so that your cells can press out the toxins/pathogens that they have stored in them. Your body cannot do this in a humid environment (when you drink water, especially the wrong type like alkaline hard mineral water that is full of inorganic materials) that these toxins thrive on.

Lastly I would look at your water intake. I was experimenting with different kinds of waters for many years, and I found that mineral waters, naturally sparkling, plastic or glass bottled, and even filtered water from a berkey filter cause big issues. Their alkalinity kills my stomach acid, to the point that when I wake up in the morning and drink water, I am no longer hungry and I get bloated. So I bought myself a water distiller to have clean slightly acidic water. That helps a bit but I am still not where I should be. I am thinking to manually carbonate the distilled water, I also read that drinking it ice cold can actually relieve these symptoms. My intake on this is that the parasites/fungus/bacteria or whatever like a warm environment. So whenever you drink something warm and you have low HCI, they come to life and diminish the acidity in your stomach, but if you drink something cold or very acidic (like sparkling water), they die or can´t do as much harm. I can vouch for the sparkling water, as every time I used to drink it, i could puke up worms easily.  There is one thing that always helped though. When I was bloated, my food wasn´t digested or I couldn´t sleep red wine always helps, the acidic grapes like syrah or carbernet sauvignon. Nothing helps better than that. It´s incredible. Red wine has digestive enzymes, can kill parasites, helps the liver (if drunken in moderation). I tried a shitload of things, and that always helps the most if all fails. A glass before going to bed in case you have indigestion, helps wonders and makes me sleep much deeper and better. Anyway, I would recommend a dry fast to kill as many parasites/pathogens/candida as possible, it also seems that there is a connection with mercury, somehow they hold on to it for survival.
Title: Re: Mucus, biofilm and yeast
Post by: thehadezb on July 06, 2019, 06:04:53 am
@surfsteve, Thanks for the information, I will look into adding some biofilm busters within the next 2 months. First with whole foods and then with some essential oils and enzymes.

@norawnofun, I am aware that I'm not digesting my food as effective as It could be, but until now I haven't found anything that fix my digestion problems. I have tried bitters, I have added honey to my raw meat, I have used digestive enzymes and HCl (which makes me incredible constipated, etc. What I believe at this point of my diet is that the biofilms, parasites and fungi that I have inside me are using all my food and make my digestion incredible bad.

Besides from that, I would like to know what you did in your journey to switch your digestion for good on the carnivore diet. What works and what doesn't? It will be very helpful.

Thanks for your responses, guys
Title: Re: Mucus, biofilm and yeast
Post by: norawnofun on July 06, 2019, 04:11:20 pm
I have the same point of view as you, and I also noticed that HCI, digestive enzymes and many other tables cause constipation. I also believe that parasites or however you want to call them eat your foods. Up until the carnivore diet I was focused on plant based. In the end of this way of eating I could only digest a handfull vegetables, chicken and white meat. I then switched to a cooked carnivore diet and ate in the beginning chicken, bit of beef and lamb and pork (which was still hard to digest due to low HCI) little fish (wild salmon was still a bit of an issue) eggs, with lard, goose fat and tons of dairy, raw and pasteurized. Mainly cow and goat. During and before (can´t remember now exactly). I had issues with butter for some time. I tried many remedies and anti-fungal parasite methods before carnivore, the detox was very hard, i thought I´d die. Then I said enough and did cooked carnivore for half a year and in the beginning I felt great, had huge amount of strengh and gained weight finally. I still had issues with digestion though. Looking back I think that I should have cut out the dairy, which was hard because it helped against constipation, but then it caused it. The way I see it now is that when you are constipated and eat dairy, it helps and makes you shit, but then afterwards it causes constipation again. I know it did me very well for some time, but I also think that I had a problem with my gallbladder and estrogen (dairy), as I have found out by now, should not be eaten when you have gallbladder issues. The biggest issue on cooked carnivore was my previously low HCI, so I really tried and cut out all plant foods, that includes herbs as well since many are alkaline, and they inhibit digestion of acidic animal products when you have a higher stomach PH then normal. I also read that alkaline water with all its inorganic mineral content can actually cause digestive issues, there are people which can´t even drink normal water and need to get an infusion, it can also irritate the gut.

So what could try is the following:

- to switch your water to an either acidic low mineral content mineral water, or try distilled water. I also found that sparkling water is not liked by parasites/worms, furthermore it enhances digestion as it is very acidic, which helps breaking down your foods. At the very beginning of drinking it on an empty stomach in the morning I had this sensation in my pineal gland area and I could always puke out some worms. I would not recommend drinking still water with foods. also no still water close to food time.

- I would also do a 36 hour dry fast, that should kill many of the parasites I think and continue with a zero carb carnivore approach, that should starve them even further

- EMF can have an effect too, I would try an minimize it and you can have a look at shungite, which seems to be the best stone against radiation

- I would chew the foods properly and cut it in smaller pieces beforehand, if you have low digestive abilities and eat bigger particles, your body will have a hard time breaking it down which can result in constipation. And also eat slowly, then wait until you burp internally (stomach acid is working), then take the next bite.

- I would look at your environment. I experienced that this can have a big impact. Whenever I am abroad my digestion is far better than at home, maybe because I live i a very humid environment and that can aggrevate my symptoms? i dont know.

- Doing 9 deep belly breaths before eating can relax you. It worked good for me and my digestion was better

- Stress is cortisol and thats not good for digestion, especially gallbladder as I mentioned earlier, cut the stress by doing excercises, yoga, meditation or whatever. Connect with nature, go into the forest

- your problem could also be related to your mental state, I would recommend hypnosis or a guided ayahuasca with an indigenous shaman (unless you have serious mental problems and never mix and take it urself)

- I would recommend an experienced chiropractic, sometimes organs don´t work well because of misalignments due to bad posture, traumas and what not. Chiro can fix that, especially blockages in breathing, massage is not effective enough I think.

- maybe carnivore isn´t for you, so you could try a keto approach

There is also a body electronics seminar for healing coming up in august. I consider it the most powerful healing method that exists you might be able to revert all your health issues. I can send you more details via PM (I´m not the organizer)

- have a look at your teeth, do you have amalgam? then get this shit out by somebody experienced. Sometimes bad dental work can have a huge impact on general health, silicone fillings, root canal, death teeth, amalgam, implants which mess ur your meridians...

- coffee can help against parasites, as well as spicy foods, but if you have a weak gallbladder be careful with spices, it doesn´t match. In terms of coffee I would take it easy, because it can also lower HCI. So if then cappucino with non dairy milk, or americano. sipping slowly some time after food can release constipation. Drinking it too fast causes issues. I also found that eating raw garlic (a clove) kills a lot of parasites at one go. whenever i was blocked in the evening, eating that worked instantly, but it´s tough and you will likely also kill some good gut bacteria

- I also found that drinking a small cup of homemade coconut kefir (full fat coconut milk kefir with tapioca: ratio is 1 liter full fat coconut milk to 3 teaspoons tapioca), with a teaspoon of raw honey released constipation immediately
Title: Re: Mucus, biofilm and yeast
Post by: norawnofun on July 07, 2019, 03:40:50 pm
I forgot to mention that on my carnivore experience I ate mainly ground. Basically ground beef and ground lamb, rarely pork, eggs and pasteurized joghurt is what i ate most of the day. Ground was easier to digest. I couldn´t handle a steak since my HCI was so low. And sometimes I had chicken legs (which are considered the fattiest cuts including thighs). I think joghurt is the easiest to digest and helps in constipation, instead of pasteurized raw one would be better ofc. Hard or semi hard cheeses and butter was the hardest to digest. I had lots of mucus from dairy though. Also, red light therapy might help as well, tyler is a fan of the redlightman, as far as I know.
Title: Re: Mucus, biofilm and yeast
Post by: a_real_man on July 08, 2019, 04:34:45 am
- Sun cooking
- Bugs
- Fermenting
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