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Title: Coronavirus Fear Tactics
Post by: smokeyquartz on January 30, 2020, 09:28:15 pm
Is anyone else so fed up with the government fear tactics regarding flu viruses?  They are definitely using it to push the government control agenda/totalitarian state. 

Every two years its a brand new boogeyman - SARS, Swine flu, West Nile virus, Zika.  Now the chinese coronavirus boogeyman. 

Another case of crying wolf.
Title: Re: Coronavirus Fear Tactics
Post by: Bradley David Good on January 31, 2020, 12:28:26 am
It's the common cold.  Look it up.  Coronovirus is the common cold it says.

Just a new name that sounds mexican to promote fear in order to enslave people to needles which some day could have anything they want in it and they will all line up for the shot.  So many stories out there about the elite planning on culling the population with that method.  They will say that the shot only worked for some, but it will be the shot that kills.  The shots are already killing people and they just accept it.

Like they renamed rope material marijuana.

I will never allow anyone to put anything under my skin or even on my skin if I can help it, unless I break something that needs to be repaired and absolutely need pain killer and stitches.  Even so, in certain situations, I wouldn't accept surgery even in the face of death.

It is wonderful to live with no fear and to accept that I will die some day, and know that I will no longer suffer at the hand of these devils like I did for 40 some years.

My health is in the hands of God and I surrender to the Spirit every morning and ask for direction and guidance.  So liberating.

Title: Re: Coronavirus Fear Tactics
Post by: dariorpl on January 31, 2020, 08:04:06 pm
200 people died out of 1,400,000,000. That's 1 in 7 million people.

And of course, how many of those would have died anyway without this disease? Nobody knows. Probably about the same. Possibly even more.

By far the greatest threat is the State's response to the disease, rather than the disease itself.
Title: Re: Coronavirus Fear Tactics
Post by: sabertooth on February 01, 2020, 02:35:13 pm
Its a total psyop, conducted for nefarious motives, as were a number of past viral fear mongering.

The fools propagating this mythology have no clue about the true nature of viral phenomenon and yet we are being inundated with menacing messages of impending doom.

Naturally occurring viral phenomenon are absolutely essential in modulating the genetic viability of all living organisms. Viruses are just as essential to life as are the countless other microbes that are the foundation of biological existence. Outbreaks of periodic and transitional viral induced mutation have and will always occur, and as long as the organism is a viable and adaptable life force, then there will be a positive symbiosis effect.... where after the cytokine storm catabolisis, there is a epigenetic androgenic re-calibration. Evolution is as much a proto-genic virally divine phenomenon as it is a result of natural selection. There is a creative intelligence and genetically divine intention involved in these seemingly unnecessary outbreaks of ever mutating strains of viral DNA.

As we humans stray further away from homeostatic balance with the rest of earths lifeforms, more and more radical viral mutations will be necessary to correct the situation. The great Pig flu that culled half the swine in china did not happen in a vacuum, these industrial farmed animals were fed a GMO based diet, forced to live in their own filth and injected with ungodly varieties of ungodly GMO vaccines. The flu epidemic that emerged and lead to the A-PORK-OLYPSE was natures warning. As humans continue to fowl their own nest and play GOD with the Genetic Forces of life, there will inevitably be various outbreaks of mutagen virus, in order to cull the weak and provoke the evolution of the strong.

I have hope that human life if left to its own devices will somehow find a way through the toxic melee..unfortunately many humans, some well intentioned and others hell intentioned, will misread these signs, and attempt to artificially suppress and the thwart the viral mercenaries of Gaia, while doing absolutely nothing to uncover the root of the imbalance. Vaccines, drugs, quarantines, sterilization are not going to save the human soul from a wicked Karma.

The saving grace will be the overwhelming resilience of Life to overcome and mitigate the best layed plans of mice and men. All one needs to do is eliminate the GMO, pollution, vaccines...along with transcending mental indoctrination and the realignment will occur without the need of force. This innate drive to find balance is within all living beings, this is one reason why the viral weapons and Genetic warfare being perpetrated, be it mindlessly unleashed or sinisterly deployed, can be overcome(though not without causalities). When man made Viruses are released upon populations they always fizzle out after a few generations. As the collective genetic mass within an environment is confronted with alien non beneficial viral DNA, it inevitably divines ways of epigenetic immunization.

This is why there will be no naturally occurring global viral/microbial pandemic, even the so called pandemics of the past were self limited, winnowing out only the weakest links, while allowing for new growth and adaption to flourish. If ever something were to arise that could spread to all races and all corners of the earth, then it would most likely be part of a deliberate biological Attack.

The current situation is far less dire, very nasty strains of virus are always out breaking, and for the most part the governments of the world either ignore it totally or even actively cover it up. So for them to be hyping such a non event, makes me believe this is a false flag.It is a little coincidental that after the reporting of the outbreak in China that we no longer hear so much about the Hong Kong uprising, the trade war, or a movement for revolution in mainland China. The government is using this non event as a scapegoat, and also a ploy to consolidate and maintain control over its vast population.


Title: Re: Coronavirus Fear Tactics
Post by: smokeyquartz on February 03, 2020, 11:20:57 am
From reading your post, I feel like you have almost a divine connection to nature.  How did you cultivate this?  I feel so often that I am not connected to anything, and yet it is what I want most of all. 
Title: Re: Coronavirus Fear Tactics
Post by: norawnofun on February 03, 2020, 04:25:58 pm
I think it´s because he lives a very natural life, in a more rural area, gardening and butchering himself the animals he buys. I also wonder if he was always that intelligent and well spoken, or if it´s something that increased exponentionally with his long term raw food diet, am I correct @Sabertooth? He has a truly outstanding intellectual mind. Extremely calm when you look at his videos, and a genius when it comes to expressing important topics. I noticed that when have no digestive issues my mind is much more focused and clear and I do not get emotional. Happy gut happy brain. I´m certain that a diet that is designed for you, be it ZC, Keto... will increase intelligence.
Title: Re: Coronavirus Fear Tactics
Post by: Inger on February 09, 2020, 06:06:18 pm
I have met Sabertooth in real life, and he is exactly as calm and kind in reality. :)
We had a couple of great days together by a friend of mine(also on this forum) in south France a few years ago... :)
Title: Re: Coronavirus Fear Tactics
Post by: Sol^Sa on February 09, 2020, 08:32:47 pm
Title: Re: Coronavirus Fear Tactics
Post by: sabertooth on March 03, 2020, 12:45:08 pm
Title: Re: Coronavirus Fear Tactics
Post by: Susadele on March 03, 2020, 06:21:26 pm
From reading your post, I feel like you have almost a divine connection to nature.  How did you cultivate this?  I feel so often that I am not connected to anything, and yet it is what I want most of all.

Though I don't know him, I have the same impression about him as you have, and really like it.

I can speak for myself at least that it comes with the diet or at least with increasing animal foods. I had feelings of "nature connection" prior to the diet, sometimes kind if a blessed feeling, spent a lot of time in nature, hiking etc, but it reached another level through the diet. I felt like I finally truly loved animals. I liked them before as well, but it felt different then. I found myself stopping riding the bike when I passed some cows grazing outside (not close to me) and I'd smile and feel sth like love / connection. Might sound odd or like vegan spiritual stuff or whatever, haha, but I can't explain differently. Maybe some deeply rooted appreciation for their role in the cycle of life. Maybe the plain fact, that half or so of the protein build in my body once belonged to a cow.
I think I here and there read from other people that their appreciation and love for animals (and therefore nature) has changed with such a diet.
Furthermore I have the impression it can provide a more calm, rational, less emotional driven mindset regarding nature, cycle of life, diseases etc.
Title: Re: Coronavirus Fear Tactics
Post by: Susadele on March 03, 2020, 06:59:10 pm
I am not scared of the virus itself, I'd rather be "scared of" being kept in quarantine in a toxic hospital environment, with no access to healing foods, instead being filled up with weakening medicine.