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Title: Traveling USA on search for Raw meat and raw milk eaters
Post by: Scottahalljr on September 06, 2020, 05:12:41 am
Hello my name is Scott Hall. As of september 5 i am in northwest arkansas. With the failure of my business i lost my house and decided to live in my car and travel the usa looking for opportunity. I would love to meet primaldieters or raw meat raw milk eaters. I am 20, and strive to be the best man i can be. I am still trying to find who i am but if you want
A quick chat call me. Im willing to drive almost anywhere in the usa. If i can camp in your backyard or stay in a room for a day or so thatd be great but if not i could find a local campground. Would love to meet like minded people. My dream is to own a farm, right now i want to work on one and live on one. 636-633-1493. Just text or call me. A few minute chat wouldnt hurt