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Title: How to CURE VIRUSES / VIRAL INFECTIONS - Do It Yourself
Post by: goodsamaritan on January 25, 2021, 04:33:03 pm
In order to put a STOP to the current FEAR and HYSTERIA over VIRUSES in the 2020s.
I am here to SHARE CURES and De-MYSTIFY VIRUSES for the community.

My claim to this bluster is I CURE VIRUSES FOR FREE
and have been doing so for some 13+ years as of this writing.
Since I cure viruses for FREE, I will tell you what the SCIENCE is.
He who CURES has claims to REAL SCIENCE.

If you DO NOT CURE... your claim to "science" is MUD.

Now I did not invent these tools, I did not invent these techniques.

I just use them.

Meaning there are more people other than ME who CURE VIRUSES.

My 4 current methods are:


To be sure depending on the severity of the illness, I will want to use all 4.
But usually just either (1) Pyroenergen or (2) Quantumin Minerals Plus
will only need 30 minutes to cure the virus sick.

I will discuss in the next replies each method, how they are used, where to buy them.

Attached are some of these healing tools I have at home.
Post by: goodsamaritan on January 25, 2021, 06:11:54 pm
One of the BEST INVESTMENTS I ever made is buying this PYROENERGEN machine in 2007.
Directly from the inventor himself Junji Takano, a Japanese guy who invented this in 1968.
My brother was dying of medical treatments drugs for PSORIASIS  in 2007.
A friend, part financier then of this invention in 1968 referred me to this invention.
I was lucky!
My brother was lucky.

I have been using this machine for 13+ years to cure every virus infection.

If you have any "virus", this machine will get rid of it in 30 minutes.
All you need to do is sit on the metal plate or lie down on the metal plate.

"Viruses" in my observation are merely garbage / dirt in your blood, whether they are caused by stresses from new electromagnetic radiation, breakdown of bacteria, breakdown of parasites, or other infections known and unknown.

I will usually do a FULL ELECTROMAGNETIC SWEEP of the sick:

(1) Magnetic Pulser to pull out "germs" or "parasites" or infective bacteria from the organs
- 20 minutes

(2) Hulda Clark type ZAPPER (kill parasites, kill bacteria, devolving them into virus / garbage)
- 20 minutes straight or
- 7 on, 20 off, 7 on, 20 off, 7 on.

(3) PYROENERGEN (clean up the trash / garbage / virus)
- 30 minutes

But many times, especially if there is no time, just one 30 minute session of PYROENERGEN session will do.

Sometimes a patient will need repeated PYROENERGEN sessions in a day to make CANCER pain go away.

If further cleansing of a patient is needed, a follow on with coffee enema will help if the patient's colon and liver are constipated.

You can buy your own machine at

I have no affiliate links.  I do not make money when you buy such a machine.

In picture, actual patient, 5 yr old child, also her 2 yr old brother... having some loose bowel movement for some 5 days... their pedia thinks it's "viral".  So I hooked them up to the pyroenergen for 30 minutes each child while they watch some cartoons on TV.  Voila, CURED in 30 minutes.  Kids cannot fake their wellness, how they feel, how their bowels work properly afterwards. (see pyroenergen machine in the background)
Post by: goodsamaritan on January 25, 2021, 09:38:09 pm
Quantumin Minerals Plus

I met the inventor, Dr. Delia Patawaran.
I was there the launching of this product I think in 2009.
This is a modification improvement of a previous product EMC.
This one was formulated to be able to be taken in the eyes, nose and ears.
You may put it on your skin, forehead, gout areas.
You may also drink this product.

This is energized volcanic minerals they say.
It works, it works, it works.

For viruses, put drops on top of head, massage on scalp, then drops on nape and massage, then drops on entire spine and massage.

Works to relieve pain, cancer pain due to the virus component, like the pyroenergen above.

You may also drink in plain water, 5 drops in a small glass, let it seep in 1 minute before drinking.  Let this be your water for a day.

You can buy this from the main office

Be a member, or buy from any of the multiple sellers online or offline.


Post by: goodsamaritan on January 25, 2021, 09:45:11 pm

This is a POPULAR method to clean your liver IMMEDIATELY.

The formula is 1 sachet (2 tablespoons ground organic coffee / toast lightly on pan to get rid of mold if not from a known healer or if grinding your own coffee beans) in 1.5-2.0 liters of water.

A clean coffee solution with a pinch of turmeric boiled and let simmer for 10-15 minutes.

Allowed to cool to comfortable room temperature.

Then inserted in the anus from 200-300ml at a time, held for 10-15 minutes each time. (see the position)

Then defecate.

3 inserts is 1 coffee enema session.

In the colored picture is my current enema bucket, my current 2 different supplies of coffee enema sachets by 2 healer friends:

on the left made by Doc Susan - the late healer Vander Gaditano's wife.
on the right made by Doc Val - the late healer Vander Gaditano's younger brother.

Coffee Enemas are staple cancer pain relieving tools.
The cancer patient is in pain and all pain medicines don't work because the blood is dirty.
Cancer patients are surprised how this simple method works so well.
Because correct principles of healing!

Viruses are usually just garbage in your blood.
Some of that garbage is peed out by kidneys, some garbage collects in the liver.
Coffee enemas immediately clean the liver, it's like cleaning the oil filter of your car of gunk.

Since I'm good at this coffee enema thing, I can lie down on my bed.  Have a thick towel underneath your butt in case you leak.
I raise my legs a bit, I can lie flat on my back, on my right side, rub my tummy clockwise with my hand.
Watch a couple of videos to while the time away for 15 minutes each time.
Too easy.
Use any lubricant you prefer to easily insert the tube in your anus.
Post by: goodsamaritan on January 25, 2021, 09:47:41 pm

In the photo is an example of a colloidal silver generator.

Make your own colloidal silver.  Freshly made is best.

A great healer friend Sifu Jen Sam gifted this to me. He bought from:

Colloidal Silver is just particles of silver in water, this kills germs, bacteria, and some diseases that is attributed to "viruses" such as dengue fever. 

Where in the observation of dengue fever, the late healer Vander Gaditano once told me it looks more like too much eating of artificial flavor enhancers in food. 

I usually use colloidal silver for bacterial irritations in the eyes, tooth pain, tooth decay, probable parasitic ingestion, dog bites / rabies, other bacterial infections such as UTI which is really microsopic kidney stones injuring the kidneys and urinary tract, UTI is cured by dissolving the kidney stones with a lot of fresh lemon juice.

Colloidal silver 2 tablespoons gargle 1 minute then drink every 1 hour.  Stop when well.
Title: Re: How to CURE VIRUSES / VIRAL INFECTIONS - Do It Yourself
Post by: goodsamaritan on January 25, 2021, 11:45:35 pm
IF a patient is MAL-NOURISHED:
That is why we are in this Raw Paleo Diet forum.
To give optimum super nutrition, clean nutrition, healing nutrition!

I hope you now understand that curing viruses is EASY.
Curing viruses has ALWAYS been EASY.
As fast as 30 minutes.
It may also take a DAY or two if you are new to this.

So now you know why I cry:
to those "virus peddlers" about how "scary" some viruses are!
Title: Re: How to CURE VIRUSES / VIRAL INFECTIONS - Do It Yourself
Post by: political atheist on January 27, 2021, 02:10:12 am
The words 'virus' and 'infection(s)' are completely meaningless, invented to deceive, lead in error.

The real world should be use contaminated. With what? With EMF, radio waves, 80.000+ man made industrial chemicals/pharma drugs/injections/dentistry materials/off gassing indoor stuff etc.

The germ theory is one of the biggest hoaxes of human history, invented to sell fear and poisons to the sheeple.

Both the ''alternative'' and the ''conventional'' medical is benefiting from this retarded, complete inversion of realty THEORY of 'germs'. Naturopaths too LOVE to scare the sheeple with the words ''bacteria'', ''microbes'', ''germs'', ''viruses'' etc...