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Title: New raw eater.
Post by: Nucleus on February 10, 2021, 03:09:02 am

5 months ago I decided not to be obese, in my ignorance I purchased some running shoes for sprinting and a rebounder, over 3 months I lost 10kg on a standard diet. But I felt awful. Learned about cortisol overload and adrenal fatigue. Taking a break from exercise. Started eating zero carb/cooked meat and water 2 months ago, have lost another 6kg, need to lose another 20. Of course I have been influenced to focus on health not weight loss...

I came across some video footage of AV, he was talking about how water dehydrates humans, and it made me aware of how thirsty I am, how I pee every half an hour and how getting up one or more times a night to pee is disrupting my sleep. So I have been eating raw for 4 days. Milk, eggs and meat. It takes allot longer to eat raw meat. Not really enjoying the flavors. That beef kidney was rough, I always have enjoyed raw shellfish though. Raw meat is tender.

In New Zealand milk is the only raw dairy I can buy, plan to turn it all into yogurt before eating it soon. Might make my own cheese.