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Title: Destroyed / deformed shoulder blades? Horrible back pain nothing helps
Post by: Druidbonez on February 19, 2021, 07:10:00 pm
Hey guys I’m a 24 year old male 5’ 9” 145ish pounds I’ve been on the primal diet for about 4 years now. I’ve been extremely skinny my whole life before primal diet literally zero muscle most of my life poor masculine feature developement that seemed to have not progressed properly. Every male in my family is much taller over 6 foot where I look much smaller with super tiny joints especially wrists. Not to go too far into detail but I had a very abusive childhood which resulted in hardcore drug abuse starting at 12 until a heroin overdose at 20 that left me basically a brain dead vegetable. Primal diet was the only thing that helped me recover I started immediately after the overdose. It’s been years now n I’m glad to be some what normal again but I am wondering if I have permanent damage to my brain obviously but also if it is possible my wrists / back shoulder blades / joints never developed properly. I work a hard physical life now construction worker / farmer n I’m a shell of my former intelligence when I was a young child before drugs. I seemed to have been able to put on muscle but I have constant pain in my wrists and especially my shoulder blades which basically feel like broken glass it is getting to the point where it is almost unbearably painful and now prevents me from ever properly sleeping however I have no other option to fall back on in life as farmer / construction seems that there is all that is left as my potential in life now. My diet consists of mostly high quality Amish farm liver milk eggs honey and chicken as those are what I mostly crave. I am wondering if anyone has any advice that could help just make the pain a little more bearable as rest and recovery is not an option and nothing seems to be helping at all. I was thinking maybe bone marrow / brain and less honey / milk maybe? Any help would be so greatly appreciated thank you for reading this.
Title: Re: Destroyed / deformed shoulder blades? Horrible back pain nothing helps
Post by: goodsamaritan on February 19, 2021, 10:24:44 pm
Probiotics, 5x the recommended dose, various brands.
Or make your own.
Magnesium Oil Spray daily so you can sleep better.
Eat raw tuna, raw blue marlin, raw wild salmon for raw omega 3, pain killer.
Milk may be good if you are blood type B, type Os don't usually do well with milk.
Get Bone Flesh and Cartilage
Contact Barefoot MH for instructions how to use BF&C
You might need some greens, convenient green barley in sachets or juice fresh... not much, just a little.

Find a "hilot", chiropractor, acupuncturist... all 3 and more to help you with your circulation issues.
Title: Re: Destroyed / deformed shoulder blades? Horrible back pain nothing helps
Post by: norawnofun on February 20, 2021, 06:18:13 am
For your brain recovery from past abuse I would recommend Hericium Erinaceum, also called Lions Mane, which is a medicinal mushroom. It´s a non hallucinogen fungi and the only fungi that is able to regrow brain nerves. It also has no real known side effects (as opposed to others such as reishi, chaga, shiitake..) and has many other properties, including reduced inflammation (can be a cause for pain), restful sleep, repair of the intestinal cell linings, killing pathogens, depression. name it. I took the powder extract for a few weeks and noticed the calmness and increased mental clarity. I don´t think there are many things that work as well for the brain as this fungi. If you look at some pictures of it, you will notice that it resembles somewhat a brain, like a vast city of neverending neurons. I don´t think nature created this look by mistake.

You can get it either in powder form, as a powder extract or as a tincture. If you take the powder and the powder extract there will be chitin in it (especially in normal powder), which are the cell walls of the fungi, similar to fibre, not being absorbable by the body and that can cause problems with digestion. Therefore getting the liquid tincture and putting some few drops under your tongue will give you the maximum absorption and most probably least digestive (if any) problems. There are several extraction methods, single double or triple. Depending on the mushroom for some its better to stay with single, and for some others several extractions are recommended. As far as I know double or more is good for this type.

Furthermore there are usually 3 types. Wild harvested, cultivated or a mix of both. Then there are conventional (most of them from china and organic grown, which can also be from china). Fungi are incredible organisms, they control and communicate much of our environment and most importantly they ADAPT to the current environment (pollution, bacteria/viruses, I believe energy too and so forth). So if you take a cultured mushroom which could never adapt to its natural environment in nature, it will likely not be able to product certain compounds to protect itself from the malicious elements that surround it in nature. Therefore it would be less effective in some ways, although you can control cultivated mushrooms to increase certain compounds within the fungi. But I believe that natural adaption would always be preferable - hence wild harvested.

In regards to your dairy consumption you might need to be a bit cautious, if you overdo it on estrogen present in dairy, it might not give you the desirable male features you might be looking for. I think eggs, although a hormonal food, is known to produce more testosterone and would be a better option. I would also second cartilage, but also collagen, pork is extremely rich in this gelatinous mass, which should help with your joint regeneration.

I remember one guy on the carnivore fb forum which used to be vegan/frutarian, and he developed female face features and hips. He went into carnivore and his body composition and face changed. I can´t remember what he ate exaclty (if he left out dairy), I could check if need be.
Title: Re: Destroyed / deformed shoulder blades? Horrible back pain nothing helps
Post by: dair on February 20, 2021, 07:41:52 pm
sorry to hear... You should be careful with your joints, even though you are young, your body has obviously been through a lot.
Maybe you should not overdo the physical work, sorry to say.
A friend of mine, in his mid 30s got extreme pain in his joints, he's building with wood among other... He has stopped now, goes to physio, feels bit better, but it's a LONG process. The X-rays showed wrists of an "old" man, of very bad quality. He has very damaged cartilage and some other stuff with his bones/joints. Overwork, too much or too hard hard or the wrong kind of movement/lifting etc, can be very damaging. Please take care. Actually, the same friend I just mentioned earlier, got his first problems with his wrists in his early 20's, when doing "jumping/bicycle" sports and landing hard with the bike and the wrists taking the shock, and then the wrists get very damaged.
Take care of you joints, bones and cartilage, I've seen the pain my friend has been through...
Title: Re: Destroyed / deformed shoulder blades? Horrible back pain nothing helps
Post by: dair on February 25, 2021, 05:34:54 pm
A study has shown that the first generation to grow up among mobile phones, those born in the 80's, have extreme bad health, compared to earlier generations, and get cancer, joint and back problems earlier in life than previous generations. Even insurance companies are aware of that. I dont think that the situation is getting better for even later generations.
I would avoid dairy completely, and of course grains. Personally, I can sometimes eat quite a lot of fruits, but the moment I eat grains I get pain/problems in my joints. But remember, dairy and bones/joint problems do not go well together.