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Title: Constipation from saturated fats
Post by: tesseract on March 01, 2021, 08:40:55 pm
Like the title says, does anyone else experience hard stools/constipation from eating saturated fats? If so, how have you found relief? I don't know if something is haywire with my thyroid gland because i've always had a slow metabolic rate, unless i exercise like a mad man. I've tried the high meats, AV's formula, and even magnesium citrate, (which i doubt is healthy).

Please leave your testimony if you have had similar issues and found relief with a remedy like eating guts or inoculating yourself in various ways. Any general or specific tips would be helpful. thanks
Title: Re: Constipation from saturated fats
Post by: PrimitiveWays on March 02, 2021, 03:52:55 am
I've struggled with constipation and I noticed that dairy, or at least cheese, does make me constipated. I don't think saturated fats from meat is a problem for me. I think that there's a problem with the casein (milk protein) rather in dairy, maybe since it can leak through the intestinal wall on those with a leaky gut or intestinal permeability.
As far as I know, I haven't seen any studies about constipation and saturated fats, although I do remember seeing something about casein and constipation. Maybe you can find it if you search for it.
One thing I must say though, is that I've seen some profound improvements on constipation from simply eating homemade kefir and a paleo style diet as well as from doing a close to 100% only meat diet.
Hope this helps;
Title: Re: Constipation from saturated fats
Post by: dair on March 03, 2021, 03:07:19 am
Skip the fridge lol. Half-joking, but still, there is something in "aged" food. We have evolved without refrigeration and without a super "sterilised" environment. I would let the raw meat age a bit, not necessarily become high, just a few days maybe.
Licorice is good for bowel movements (you can chew the stick).
I would add some berries, maybe. Beware of certain veg, or too much of them. I get constipated if eating big amounts of raw veg. Fruits and berries are really good for me. Papaya is great for digestion.