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Title: Aco's journal
Post by: aco on June 16, 2021, 02:16:17 am
1. Report: So my first post was on 1. of May but I started eating meat again around March. Fist of all, let me tell you what I eat.

When I realized that meat is the right nutrition I began eating mostly cooked meats(pork) and boiled eggs. Transition form vegan to only meat was a bit hard because I got some ultra strong headaches from eating just meat. So I ate 1 Berliner(very sweet bun with jam inside) after each meal and that fixed it, after some time I didn't need it anymore.

After that I experimented with raw meats, suprisingly some meats were very sweet and tasty without any additives and I still remember this one peace of meat with a lot of fat which had milky taste. I now don't like pork so much, now if I eat meat it's probably a cow. Usually cooked supermarket pork muscle sucks but pork fat is ok. I learned that same some shops can have different suppliers so if you get some good stuff today it doesn't mean that you will get it tomorrow. So most meats are actually ultra disappointing, meats without fat are depressing never buy meats without fat. Also I began eating some raw eggs. One day I bought some good quality eggs and I tried to eat them raw but I had to puke. I found out it was not because me but the eggs just sucked very badly(excuse me). Now I buy my eggs form local market and I have no problem eating them raw - they are super great. I now eat about 10-30 eggs a week. I also added some salmon(smoked though) for some reason I love it now and it's strange because I used to dislike all fish. Also I found that cooking with coconut oil is much better than with vegetable oils(very obvious actually).

At the moment I don't eat raw muscle meat(because many meats suck, but I'll get back to it), but I eat medium rare ribeye stakes twice a day, a bit of fish eggs, free range raw chicken eggs and raw liver. Sometimes I still have to eat some carbs because I still get some brain fog and headaches but eating carbs is rather rare. Carbs that I eat are usually just potatoes, buckwheat, apple and raw honey. I don't eat diary, I can't put my finger on it, it doesn't seem to cause any acne or a lot of other issues but for some reason I decided not to buy it anymore. Maybe I'll try some raw milk at some point.

I can't say that I have seen huge improvements, but I feel that my teeth are much stronger(but it could be my bias) and I think I look better. My runny nose is not so runny anymore. I Regained my weight but if I eat ZC my weight drops about 1-2 kg (2.2 - 4.4 pounds). I don't like that, maybe I should eat more but it is expensive. My libido could be better. I experience headaches and sometimes shortness of breath, usually when I have to wear the mask. Occasionally I have some muscle cramps.

Alright, that's it for now.

Title: Re: Aco's journal
Post by: aco on November 19, 2021, 07:08:29 am
2. Report: A lot of time has passed since my last update. Still pureblood.

So in the middle of the summer I found a business that sells raw milk. I gave it a shot, although I know, most of u don't recommend it. I have been drinking raw milk daily for 3-4 months now.
Compared to normal milk, I don't get acne from it. Also, it is ultra tasty. Drawback is that I get some diarrhea from it. Also I saw the milk cows and I'm not sure if selective breeding did more good than harm. Whatever, I'm going to see how I'm doing without it for few weeks. If I see a business that has healthy cows, def. going to try their milk.

Also for the first time in my life I tried to eat oysters. I would eat more, but oysters are expensive.

My energy levels are a lot more stable now. I don't experience panic attacks or blood sugar highs or lows anymore.

Most of the time now, I have been eating medium rare stakes, a bit of carbs, raw milk, a bit of raw meat, raw liver, fish eggs, cooked eggs, smoked fish, butter and other foods here and there. A lot of meats are not so tasty so I cook them. Sorry for not being orthodox raw paleo. I try to eat nutrient dense foods. I would like to eat raw eggs but I get diarrhea, not sure I raw eggs can detox ppl.

In the middle of August, I got my blood checked. They didn't check everything, but all markers were in normal range(of course normal range is in relation to sick society but still). My cholesterol was in range too but rather on the lower side. I think I depleted my cholesterol when I was vegan/raw vegan. In October I tested my testosterone level and it was a bit higher than expected range! :D. Thanks to cholesterol. Also,  I can build my muscles much faster now and I feel more manly and confident. Women are now more interested in me. That's great.

Still don't feel like 100% though. A lot of stress linked to c restrictions now. Thankfully, I got infected few days ago. I'm doing ok, hope it will pass soon.

Alright, that's it for now.
Title: Re: Aco's journal
Post by: MarkR on November 19, 2021, 04:29:24 pm
Hi Aco,

Good to hear you are doing better! Regarding being 'orthodox raw': when i started transitioning to raw meat I also did not like the taste of raw meat to much and switched between cooking and raw. But eventually it turned around and now i do not like the taste of cooked meat anymore. You need some time to get used to things i guess. Most important thing is to get in the nutrients :-)