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Title: Raw milk is bad
Post by: TheHealingForests on October 11, 2021, 07:46:09 pm
It contains way too much calcium for its magenesium content, I believe its a 1:4 ratio in favor of calcium. I got Hypercalcemia last night but resolved it with a magnesium supplement. I guess this is why people in the past made butter and cheese as it lowers the calcium content 5 times.
Title: Re: Raw milk is bad
Post by: sorginzorrotz on October 21, 2021, 11:53:16 pm
I had very fast heart beat, can you relate?
IMO that's the reason why it is drunk as chocolate, because cocoa is very high in magnesium
Title: Re: Raw milk is bad
Post by: TheHealingForests on October 25, 2021, 08:17:43 pm
Yes, heart starts skipping beats and beating faster. Swallowing becomes harder and constipation occurs as I believe calcium makes us constipated (maybe draws water into cells), as magnesium seems to make things flow along. I wonder if you can get away with high calcium if you have enough magnesium even if its not in the right ratio. Sources of magnesium could be celery for example, but it contains just as much calcium. Human breastmilk contains 4 times less calcium than cows milk. According to some people here hunter gathers had a 1:1 ratio of calcium and magnesium. It seems for cows its a 1:4 in favor of calcium, as for humans its 1:1 if we say human breastmilk contains the ratios we need. As much as I love milk limiting it is a good idea and sticking to raw butter more.
Title: Re: Raw milk is bad
Post by: norawnofun on October 26, 2021, 05:53:13 am
The calcium mag ratio of milk is crap, consuming too much dairy can lower mag, I can vouch for that. At one point I was craving chocolate every day. But Cacao is a double edged sword. It can be amazing for mental performance and digestion, but when I took it at the wrong time or too much of it, it made my stomach so sick I had to force vomit it all out. And I tried many different 100% brands with no sugar and sweeteners. That includes just the powder, with oil and oil removed, raw (below 40 degrees), processed (like cocoa mass plus butter), just the dark butter fat and the white butter fat. Also tried the ceremonial cacao, basically every type of chocolate produce you can think of. I also noticed something weird. When I took too much of it at one point I kind of received some bad energy from other people, almost got into fights without me doing anything. It was weird. The indigenous people say it has a spirit, who knows. I completely stopped for several months, now from time to time I eat a bit. Sometimes I crave a piece or 2 and the smell gets attractive, then sometimes when I smell it it smells off. When I then proceed eating it I instantly know it wasn´t a good idea.. and it´s not the caffeine content, with certain coffees and black teas I have no issue. I also don´t think its the oxalates, as other ox foods don´t cause that much problems. Anyhow, could write lots about Kakau, as the natives call it.

Another thing is that mag helps against EMF, so that was certainly another reason why I craved it. I also find that it´s the fat in 100 % dark chocolate that can help against constipation. But just the cacao powder itself can be useful. Half a teaspoon to a teaspoon can already relieve constipation. Calcium can interfere with HCI production too, hence too much calcium = constipation. I also find that mixing dairy and cooked meat results in ultimate constipation. Eating these things hours apart is no issue. Another reason why people on carnivore, at least in my opinion and the one of dr. berg, get issues with too low mag is that too much phosphorus (think meat), can lower mag. And Mg, Ca and P are in direct relationship with each other. If you have too much of one it can lower the other. I found that whenever I ate too much meat (especially red meats) I got lower leg cramps.  I can only explain it as indigesting too much phosphorus. I tried to compensate that with avocados, nuts and mollusks, but it didnt work. I had to lower meat consumption and increase fat. But I find meat far worse for lowering mag than dairy. And on a side note.. you want a good calcium phosphorus ratio then choose goat over cow or sheep dairy.
Title: Re: Raw milk is bad
Post by: TheHealingForests on October 26, 2021, 06:12:44 pm
Cocoa might as well be a drug if I am being honest. Although I have been extremely productive when consuming it, there are always side effects if I consume too much so I avoid it. I remember I consumed cocoa powder (processed stuff from the grocery store) and then had terrible digestive issues, and felt very bad that evening. Its not surprising you had some issues with it. I remember months ago eating some blueberries then I became very, very aggressive and angry. I have no idea how normal people eat fruit etc. and are not super angry all day. Perhaps their body adapts to it, much like people adapt to the SAD diet but if one is to go off it then go back on they suddenly get the negative symptoms of it back. Dark chocolate has benefits, minerals and can increase cognition a lot but it has drawbacks as you describe.

Last night I was stupid and took a magnesium supplement because it helped me before when I drunk too much raw milk, and I felt a lot of stomach pain, anxiety dehydration. It really goes to show that "supplements" don't work, minerals need to be balanced with eachother. That's the last time ill take a supplement if I am being honest. I really can't find a solution to this honestly. Maybe its because the soil is devoid of magnesium these days? But that seems far fetched.

Title: Re: Raw milk is bad
Post by: sorginzorrotz on October 27, 2021, 04:14:03 pm
I get problems with cocoa too and avoid it.
In India they prepare their milk with spices (cumin, turmeric,...)
All these are fixings to try to rebalance electrolytes, so are better avoided, because of the powerful compounds in spices. 
But it's interesting to realize that traditional recipes make the best to rebalance minerals. If used, I think it has to be mastered, and that's why cooking has a important role in society IMO.
Title: Re: Raw milk is bad
Post by: norawnofun on November 01, 2021, 06:17:30 am
I had stopped cocoa products for some months, but lately I eat again some 100% fatty chocolate. I guess there is a reason for that. I suggest listening to your body. Cocoa powder I would generally stay away from, you could try the fermented bean itself, which I did for some time, but it´s a bit too heavy in taste. I can also agree that cocoa products can make you very productive and give you great focus, energy, libido and amazing cognition. When looking back I think the combination of raw egg and cocoa was a bad idea. I remember puking a lot when combining cocoa and raw eggs, like doing raw mayo) and eating a bit of chocolate some time after. When I eat it now (stopped the raw egg) I don´t have that issue. But if I eat too much I have to be careful. I also had a time in the past when eating raw fruit made me almost instantly aggressive. But that could have also been a combination with other foods. Meat protein with fruit was the issue when I think about it. Not a good idea. I also measured blood glucose after that combo and it shot up like crazy, plus I felt dizzy and weird and when it was very bad I also had some nasty pain in the pancreatic area.

I also tried some mag supplements, but some time ago I came to the conclusion that I seem to have an issue with ALL supplements, regardless of its kind, and I tried a shitload of everything throughout the years. Once somebody shared a good reason why some people of the general population just don´t do well on supplements in general, unfortunately I didn´t save that info. But he went quite into detail. I am certainly one of these folks. I also said many times that this is the last time... ;D just to order another one recently, which of course ended up being a waste of time, money and disrupted digestion. At one point I thought it could be the outer shell of the cellulose of some pills that´s irritating the gut, but even when I took them without the coating it didn´t work.

When it comes to mag I would just stick to seafood tbh, and if you have a craving go for things such as nuts or avocados. And I would keep the other mag depleting minerals in mind. If you have it very bad use a magnesium spray, that does help I found and has no side effects (beside some occasional itching when you have dry skin). It also gets absorbed very fast (especially on your foot soles). It´s cheap and lasts long too. And has no side effects opposed to indigesting things such as mag malate or citrate and all the others.. Plus they taste like shit. Epsom salts are of course another option, but who has the time to do footbaths? And don´t try to indigest ES, I did that for some time and God it tastes disgusting, but it works almost like an enema. Go for the spray, it can also help to prevent seizures for people which have issues such as brain tumors.
Title: Re: Raw milk is bad
Post by: jessica on November 28, 2021, 12:27:50 pm
How much raw milk are you drinking when you say you have "drunk too much"  What is your source if raw milk?  What are the cows being fed?