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Title: Halal Grass-fed meat source in/near New Jersey?
Post by: Wolf on November 11, 2021, 08:19:17 am
It is a possibility I may soon be converting, marrying into a Muslim family, and moving to New Jersey (from California) and I am a little concerned in how difficult it will be to find grass-fed meats which are also Halal.  I'm not sure if anyone here happens to be Muslim that knows of a way I would be able to get ahold of some Halal grass-fed meat, or to otherwise verify if the Halal meat is grass-fed, especially around the area of New Jersey.  It's already pretty difficult just to find and verify if a meat is Halal or grass-fed individually even here in California, let alone to find meat of that combined, plus I will be in an entirely different state that I know nothing about..
Title: Re: Halal Grass-fed meat source in/near New Jersey?
Post by: jibrael on January 18, 2022, 11:11:11 pm
I am in Germany, and the quality of Halal Beef in Germany is very bad. Same is about the chicken. The quality of mutton is little better.

The best bet is to buy a goat/sheep yourself from the farmer and slaughter it yourself. There are good videos about it (even from the members of this forum too) which helped me in this regard. It is not difficult.

But you are  a female and it would be difficult for you to do it. May be your future husband could help you.

Otherwise, go to the big stores and try to find out the frozen lamb from New Zealand. They are often labelled as Halal too.

A small Advice: Please be careful that it would be difficult to eat any raw meat in a Muslim family, while Quran declared the blood Haram.

I am an ex-Muslim and I started eating raw meat after leaving Islam. But still the best bet is to slaughter a lamb at my own, or to buy the wild hunted animal from the hunters.