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Title: Health problem, epstein barr
Post by: Buddha on November 29, 2021, 04:58:37 pm
Hi guys!
Last year I was on a raw vegan diet. There were big changes in my life because I stopped using chemicals in cosmetics and soaps, I started meditation, grounding, started taking supplements and going out in the sun. I repaired all my teeth and removed 6 mercury fillings (I could poison my body with it). Currently, I have 2 canal teeth left. I only stayed on a vegan diet for a month. This diet got me into bulimia. After a few months, I switched to optimal nutrition (this is very similar to ketosis, you eat a little more carbohydrates, about 50g a day). The change was very big. I became much more aware, at ease, and felt a lifetime of energy. However, after six months (January 2021) I caught "covid". I did not go through it hard, but it weakened my body, and by doing hard work, I got my body weaker. It was also a time when I switched from optimal nutrition to ketosis. In addition, in a state of weakness, I ate the red fly agaric (amanita muscaria), it ended with diarrhea and vomiting. I ate the fly agaric before when I was healthy and nothing happened. I also ate raw pork liver 3x. After all this, I started to have tinnitus, spots in front of my eyes, brain fog, weakness that was there all the time, and a terrible aversion to everything. I was hospitalized with diarrhea but they didn't find anything so they gave me anti-parasitic drugs blindly. I took medications but I also went to bioresonance where they found dog roundworm (toxocara). I killed her with electric currents and I also took these drugs. The diarrhea stopped, but the symptoms were there all the time. I had eosinophils at level 45 and now I'm at level 25 all the time (the norm is probably up to 6). I went to the doctors but they couldn't find anything. I had changes to my lungs and they got bigger and that's all they focused on (I had a 3x tomograph). In the hospital, they found me antibodies to mononucleosis (epstein-barr) but they didn't say anything about it, so I ignored it. In July, I burned my head in the sun and was given an antibiotic. Some time after that, the diarrhea started again. I went to bioresonance and I found lambles - I killed with electric currents. Then again, after 2 months, they found a human roundworm and lambles in me. I also killed with electric currents. My condition is getting worse all the time. I started having bladder discomfort. I can hardly eat anything. Allergies (for example to fructose) have developed. I have a digestive and intestinal problem. I went to a bioresonance clinic with the newest equipment and they said epstein-barr was driving me. During keto I mostly fed on pork and eggs, and apparently this virus feeds on it as well. So I started using antiviral herbs and currents selective for the virus. I started giving up meat on the pretext that the virus feeds on it. Not her eggs. I don't eat pork or beef. I read that this virus feeds on arginine and carnitine. I start eating cooked chicken because I feel terrible about the plants. Yesterday I gave up all supplements and herbs and stopped eating plants (except potatoes to coconut oil). I have a blocked detox and lymphatic system. I can't get hydrated because I'm about to pee. In bioresonance, they correct the work of my organs (they unblock the meridians and upload antigens to ebv). They also found heavy metals, mercury, beryllium, barium and others and strong geopathy. They are trying to correct it for me, I have also changed my sleeping place. However, this does not bring much results. I'm so weak now that I decided to put everything into one basket and think about switching quickly to raw meat and dairy. However, I have concerns about this, especially since the body is very dysregulated and I have in my mind that when it all started I was eating raw liver. I am afraid that I will not get a "parasite" if I have poor immunity and that it does not develop even more dysbiosis. But I don't see any other option anymore. Please could you give me some clue? Kick my ass. Do you have any experiences with epstein barr? Isn't it really good to eat pork, beef and eggs, even raw?

Title: Re: Health problem, epstein barr
Post by: sabertooth on November 29, 2021, 11:20:18 pm
Your experience reminds me of my own healing journey and there are a number of parallels to my own hellish past experiences.

I also had chronic Epstein Barr syndrome, with elevated eosinophils, and tested for high levels of heavy metals in a hair analysis, as well as blood parasites.

Viral phenomenon are not fully understood, but I believe Mononucleosis is the bodies attempt to correct severe imbalance, and to desperately try to repair system wide genetic damage.

This issues resolved for me only after switching over to a raw meat based diet. I will warn you that most pork and chicken is toxic and will aggravate vial and parasitic conditions.

Raw fatty meat from clean pasture raised ruminant animals is the staple food I have used to cleanse and purify my body and regenerate from a cellular level. A pure source of extra high quality fat is essential to cleanse the tissues an initiate the full healing capacity of the body.

Also consider any factors that may contribute to your condition. Drink spring water from glass containers, Stop consuming synthetic vitamin supplements, or using harsh cleansing protocols. Try nude sunbathing for vitamin D, breathing exercises, walking meditation. 
Title: Re: Health problem, epstein barr
Post by: Buddha on November 30, 2021, 12:42:04 am
Thank you! I feel sorry because I know what you went through and I am very glad that you dealt with the disease!

I have access to good beef, I also have my own geese, chickens and eggs. What about the eggs? Can I eat them without worrying about the virus?

I also have access to bioresonance and I wanted to ask if I should weaken this virus with currents or not?
Title: Re: Health problem, epstein barr
Post by: sabertooth on December 01, 2021, 03:56:09 am
Eggs should be fine in moderation, as long as the birds have access to clean pastures and are not fed GMO or conventionally grown grain.

Viruses are not the cause of health issues. Viruses are down stream reactions to toxic environmental conditions, and should be allowed to fulfill their function without interference. Once you begin to nourish your body with the pure animal foods, and eliminate sources of toxicity the bodies own immune system will regulate the viral load as is needed.

Not sure about bioresonance, but I don't think such devices would be necessary to heal.
Title: Re: Health problem, epstein barr
Post by: Buddha on December 02, 2021, 11:35:21 pm
now after 4 days of raw meat i started diarrhea and my face is red all over. I have a problem with hydration and electrolytes (fast heart rate and contractions). What I blurted out was nasty. How can I slow down my detox without becoming dehydrated? Is this diarrhea normal symptom or is something wrong? Yesterday I drank rabbit blood for the first time, ate rabbit meat. In addition, I drank the juice of the white part of the watermelon and the curdled goat's milk, and that's when the symptoms started.

I would like to add that a strong geopathy was also detected on bioresonance.
Title: Re: Health problem, epstein barr
Post by: MarkR on December 03, 2021, 05:58:49 pm
Sounds like a detox reaction. I sometimes get diarrhoea or very foul stuff when i change nothing about my diet. My idea is, that that is just some cleaning going on. Could also be from contaminated food of course, that is why when i get strange reactions, i do not immediately change what im eating. That gives me a hint of whether it is the food, or some toxins that were stored in the body. For me, my body and bowel movements go back to normal after a few days, so until now i just assume it is some stored toxins that are being cleaned.

Just consume more liquids, milk, fruits, raw meat etc. Notice whether you feel thirsty or get a dry mouth and drink more if needed. I wouldn't recommend water for hydration. Eat as much fat as possible to help your body remove toxins.

Stopping or slowing down detox should be possible by consuming more and more cooked foods, but you will become more toxic again. So maybe better to just try to stick it out if it is possible.
Title: Re: Health problem, epstein barr
Post by: sabertooth on December 04, 2021, 04:45:21 am
I never had good results with Raw Dairy, and definatly would have issues with watermelon rind juice.

Id advise to be cautious about these troublesome food combinations.

Do an extreme elimination diet, I always recommend whenever there are issues like this, to do a three day water fast, followed by a couple of days of just fatty ruminant meats...then reintroduce other foods one at a time...try to be aware of the instinctive feedback and gut reactions...and develop your own intuition to guide you moving forward.
Title: Re: Health problem, epstein barr
Post by: Buddha on December 04, 2021, 05:23:00 pm
yesterday, after eating, I felt very weak.  there were such white spots in front of my eyes and I couldn't see anything in their place.  it lasted about 30 minutes and from then on I can barely walk.  I am lying all the time.  I had it 2x when I ate a lot of pork and eggs from the pan.  yesterday I ate one egg yolk with milk for the first time grom 1,5month but is it from one yolk something like that?  in addition, I ate rabbit and beef - tallow and kidneys, those that had been lying for over a week.  and every day I try to eat a little dairy - cheese, milk, butter, cream.  I also drinks carrot, beetroot, cucumber and sometimes orange juices combine it with fat because i want to increase weight.  I weighed 77 and now 71.5.  sometimes i drink coconut milk and from yesterday natural mineral water from glass bottles.  Heartbeat backs to normal when i drink more mineral water. Sometimes spleen hurts me. I also ate a fermented piece of meat for the evening.  do you think too much of it all?

My face turns red every 3 days or so.  now that's what happened after eating the rabbit
Title: Re: Health problem, epstein barr
Post by: MarkR on December 06, 2021, 05:34:31 pm
Looking at what you eat i would agree with Sabertooth on doing an elimination diet to start of fresh. You are eating many many different kind of foods all together. It will be impossible to pin-point what might be causing any issues if you keep eating so many different things.

Are you 100% sure that the quality of your meats is good? That would also help to provide some confidence that if/when you do an elimination diet at least the food should not be a problem.

Feeling weak and tired could also be that your body is cleaning up. I have been feeling more weak and tired also for the last couple of weeks. I do not worry to much and just rest more when needed. I'm also increasing my food intake during this time to make sure my body has all it needs with whatever it is doing. But, your case of weakness seems more severe. I still work etc, i just have been sleeping ~10hrs per day and doing less physical activity.

Are you loosing muscle or fat? If your body is cleaning i would eat enormous amounts of fat (untill it comes out undigested), because that is what your body is probably using up now.
Title: Re: Health problem, epstein barr
Post by: Buddha on December 07, 2021, 12:30:05 am
Okay, overall I have a very big problem with my digestive system, especially my intestines.  I wonder if hepatitis does not block the enzyme to digest fats as aajonus wrote.  my problems started six months after switching to ketosis
Title: Re: Health problem, epstein barr
Post by: Buddha on December 21, 2021, 05:38:51 pm
now, after eating raw meat, the allergic reaction is very strong and causes a lot of stress and an increased heart rate.  Until I go to do the poop, the heart rate is raised...

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