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Title: I have IBS at 19
Post by: Libman224 on July 05, 2022, 04:22:19 pm
Hello everyone, I'll try to keep this short. I simply want to know if anyone here has/had IBS and what they are doing to overcome it. This is absolute torture and I've seen many comments to avoid seeds, fruits, nuts, vegetables and stick to raw meats. Aajonus Vonderplanitz suggested to eat 1 cup pork intestine but I just have my doubts seeing how severe my case is.

I am unable to drink water, on top of course not being able to digest anything correctly. I spend hours on the throne simply ruining my life. I am desperate to try anything and people say raw meats makes them digest a lot better but in the case of IBS I'm not sure. Of course theres no better way than to try it for myself but, I have no clue where to buy any fresh raw meat let alone a proper butcher that will supply organs. Any and all help will be appreciated thank you! (I'm in US)
Title: Re: I have IBS at 19
Post by: kelpguy on July 05, 2022, 05:59:41 pm
hey libman...
people eating a carnivore diet are having good luck dealing with IBS, even cook fooders. definitely avoid avoid seeds, fruits, nuts, vegetables for starters, u can always add them in later...

check out Dr berry, Revero testimonials  and others on utube.

best wishes...

Title: Re: I have IBS at 19
Post by: sorginzorrotz on July 05, 2022, 11:16:05 pm
Hello Libman,
Okay, my journey has been very looong
For me the key was raw milk kefir, with the kefir grains. It will mend most of it. Take care not to drink too much. It will create mineral imbalances (too much calcium, too little magnesium)
AV followers will tell you that kefir grains are bad and to spit(saliva) into the milk. Don't do that. Impossible to expect repopulating bacteria strains missing in your gut when culturing with your own saliva, right?
High meat is equivalent to this, but there are no grains taking care of the process so I wouldn't use it. But I think it can be very beneficial and even better than kefir.
If you have IBS you'll have low stomach acid for sure. Don't eat meat/fish that can contain parasites or it doesn't smell good, avoid it or cook it. Yeah I know this is RPDforum, but you have to transition. A veteran raw fooder has strong stomach acid and a good microbiome that will be unsuitable for opportunistic microorganisms.
Ruminant raw muscle meat is safe almost always.
If you eat plenty of animal protein you won't be hungry. Then fast. When breaking the fast you might experience diarrhea, you'll expulse biofilms, that's good.
Your strategy has to be not feeding your dysbiosis, that's why protein and fats are good, because they don't ferment as opposed to fiber. Paradoxically, it's better for you to eat cooked meat rather than raw vegetables.
I am able to drink nut milk, I crush it with a mortar and pestle and then use a cloth strainer. The solids go to the trash.
Eggs for me were a major trigger. Think about it, they are not fresh at all, they might be 4 days old. Now if I drink an egg shake I add some kefir always. That somehow does the trick.
It' a long time I barely drink plain water. Broth, kefir, electrolyte powder etc.
Fructose is also problematic. Starch itself doesn't trigger strong reactions but it keeps feeding that dysbiosis.
So a low carb diet is optimal. Try to get fatty meats, the fat in the muscle it's much easier too digest than say, suet.
If you need carbs go for fermented starch or use vinegar to avoid weakening stomach acid.
Good luck.

Title: Re: I have IBS at 19
Post by: goodsamaritan on July 06, 2022, 12:27:31 am
Lots and lots of various probiotics in therapeutic quantities
Title: Re: I have IBS at 19
Post by: dariorpl on July 07, 2022, 01:29:55 am
How long have you had this for?

What do you eat?
Title: Re: I have IBS at 19
Post by: Libman224 on July 07, 2022, 03:58:02 am
I am new to this website so I'm not sure how to reply to individual people. But I've been following the FODMAP diet which is suggested a lot online. It hasn't been working this far, hence why I'm on this website lol. Ive had this for almost a year now. I checked out the link that was about people using the carnivore diet to recover and found a woman with the same issues as me say she was fully healed so that gives me hope, so thank you for that! I will take the kefir suggestions into consideration and will have to research that a lot more to fully understand it so thank you for the reply! Overall thank you guys for the replies as it is very much appreciated!
Title: Re: I have IBS at 19
Post by: sorginzorrotz on July 07, 2022, 05:29:51 am
Unfortunately Fodmap never works.
Carnivore will work %100. There's almost nothing to ferment and nothing to feed that microorganisms.
But if you restart your usual foods, they will return, that's why you have to expulse them and create strong microbiome.
Any question feel free to ask
Best wishes
Title: Re: I have IBS at 19
Post by: Libman224 on July 07, 2022, 12:18:07 pm
You say the Fodmap diet never works, do you have experience with it? As any insight would be very useful. Can you elaborate more by what you mean with microorganisms and microbiomes? I've seen similar terminology get thrown around and I've watched a few of sv3rige's videos, but I guess in relation to IBS symptoms, what role do they play and how does it affect it? Thank you for the reply! Any and all replies are much appreciated everyone!
Title: Re: I have IBS at 19
Post by: sorginzorrotz on August 22, 2022, 06:29:40 am
Our gut hosts lots of tiny organisms that are symbiotic for us. They eat some of our food and they make it digestible for us.
We have a stomach with a strong acid that breaks protein, but carbs rely on bacteria to be broken down.
IBS occurs when the organisms established in your body are not naturally ocurring in humans and create some toxic compounds in their fermentation and compete with other beneficial organisms by killing them, thus, making impossible to digest several foods.
I have experience with fodmap. The idea is to reduce fermentstion excluding the most fermenting foods, but it just reduces the problem, but however, the organisms can survive.