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Title: Alpha's best
Post by: Iguana on July 14, 2010, 03:50:13 pm
This new topic is intended especially for Alphagruis best posts. They will be grouped here.

First those extracted from Explain instincto diet fully ( thread:

Not yet, Burger. I guess my diet being not instincto is still too poor for my brain to work properly.
Please, would you be so kind and explain everything again in more detail?  :D

Yeah, Iguana alias "Burger told me"

you lived in the tropics during paleo times and know everything about year round availability of fruits or other foods there.  There were of course no seasons there and highly sweet modern fruit breeds as mangoes were on plenty of trees everywhere, the whole year round, as in wild modern rain forests or savannahs.


Usual instincto babble.

Once more, as Burger himself, just a lot of wishful thinking , completely unsupported or utterly false statements at odds with what we are really told by good science or even worse definitely unfalsifiable statements.

You know, those of the kind Pauli termed as "Not Even Wrong".

 And just one final word: don't be so angry, keep cool, maybe other more naive people are going to believe you and the already huge number of instinctos worldwide will even further increase in future  ;D 


 keep cool... ;D

I already told you before:

And may I add

I leave to those forumers ever interested to find out and compare what you "teached" and what I say and whether there is or not a difference...


You're wellcome,  Burger !

Even more compliments below  ;D

Your case is already settled since long...

Title: Re: Alpha's best
Post by: Iguana on July 14, 2010, 05:05:03 pm
Next those extracted from the Explain instincto diet fully-2 ( thread:

Sure Burger, sure.

All of us obviously agree Everything is OK with instincto and you already said everything that seems interesting and has been or will be said in future  

I look forward to celebrate (not with you unfortunately) the disappearance of the last instincto follower  ;D 

Ces observations avaient évidemment quelque chose de rassurant : le milieu originel, dont l'instinctothérapie postule l'existence puisqu'il faut bien que notre génétique se soit adaptée à quelque chose de réel, existait heureusement quelque part.
in English
These observations had of course something that was reassuring : the original milieu or environment, whose existence is a basic premise of instinctotherapy since our genetics had necessarily to adapt to something in real world existed indeed somewhere.
Who wrote this about our supposed original environment or tropical paradise ?

Burger himself in 1991 here:

 BTW our original biotope was in this same article indeed described by Burger as something like the chimps one with plenty of fruit as the basic food.

And oups.....

- today the guru readily labels even the inuit diet as instincto

- we are now told that this nice tale was nothing more but a "joke" and "instinctotherapy" is in fact just an "empirical" method that according to the Burger's "experience" just nicely works.

Hanna, carnivore, folks,

You have to believe Burger on say so, it works. Amen.

Yet, couldn't it be that the whole guru's babble about "instincts" is itself nothing more but a joke  ;D

Yes carnivore.
And there are all those boring grumps, Burger's victims.
Why, the hell, don't the guru's jokes trigger screaming laughters in them?

Burger, we do not insinuate that you are two-faced.

You are obviously two-faced of course as well as a perverse double-dealer and manipulator.

Moreover you're a plain lier

My mycosis has been cured since long as I reported on the French forum and you know that perfectly well as well as you know perfectly well that instinctotherapy in general just doesn't and cannot work

I know you didn't like the way I've cured my mycosis.

But don't be irritated. You'll finally manage to fool one more naive people, perhaps, some day  :D

No tatoos, but amalgam dental fillings (and other causes of heavy metal) contamination since I was 7 years old and removed only 40 years later. This mycosis appeared later on and then persisted more or less during 7 years. I finally cured it by means of a mercury and lead chelation.

Without suffering, just one more lie of the guru, still in his jail by then.

I (fortunately for him ;D) never met Burger and what he knows about me is just through Iguana's usual bullshit babble but he nevertheless laughingly promises and claims to cure me or anybody else of whatever ailment there might be. Typical guru behaviour.

 Burger and his very last remaining servant and follower Iguana are of course not only plain liers in general and in particular whenever the facts don't fit with their nonsense about "instincts" but they are also utterly ridiculous in the present instance as in so many others.

Once more they just don't know what they talk about.

Yes Burger, yes.
You'll finally scare me away ;D

As you know I fail to understand essentially everything because I never seriously applied either Burger's or any other kind of instincto-nutrition.

Not even my own kind of "instincto"-nutrition since this kind merely doesn't exist and is a pure fad of yours or your guru.

There are more things in heaven and on earth than instincto (you might imagine), Iguana (Horacio)