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Title: me iceman
Post by: iceman on October 07, 2008, 04:57:41 am
Helo me iceman.  i am furty touzand yeyrz owld and wuz thawd owt.  i am geting hang uv inturnet but wut hapend to my fuud?  poyzoned!  And uparently i kant klub wemen an drag by hayr to cave no moor.  Annyting els i shuld kno?   

Just kidding.  I'm IceMan.  Best of all fighter pilots there ever was.  And yes that includes Maverick.  He's not really a pilot he's an actor named Tom lol.  That little punk couldn't fly his way out of an airport hangar.  I'm here lookin for a wingman.  If you can take the heat and check my six, and your name isn't Maverick or Tom, let me know.   

Now if you'll excuse me I have to post some raw meat questions....

Title: Re: me iceman
Post by: boxcarguy07 on October 07, 2008, 06:07:48 am
At first i was like  >:

and then I was like  -\

and now I'm like  :)

Welcome to the boards!
Title: Re: me iceman
Post by: iceman on October 07, 2008, 09:56:02 am
Thanks boxcarguy.

I guess I'll add a bit about myself, in case anyone needs a way to fall asleep...

I'm a 30-something, currently an omnivore.  I was always a health nut, trying to figure out what the healthiest diet was.  Early on I thought milk and bagels and tuna were healthy.  Now I don't eat any of that.  I thought if it was in food it was safe because the government would surely not let bad things be put in food.  I thought fluoride was healthy.  I thought silver fillings were safe.  I thought fat was bad, what a mistake that was.  Got into greens, vegetables and tomatoes pretty hard, and developed joint/tendon pains (gout I think).  I tried vegetarian with eggs and fish but never could go completely off animal meat for long before my physical and mental health deteriorated.  I suspect I'll keep learning health until I die, but I'm narrowing everything down considerably.  Now I know what I want but there are challenges as grocery stores don't sell what I need and the powers that be are always putting up roadblocks to those of us who don't want a nanny government telling us what is best for our heath and what we can and can not grow/eat/buy/sell. 

I guess one of the major points I have about all this, at least from my own experience and viewpoint, is that modern humans lost the guidance about health that was once passed down through the generations.  Now that government teaches us all what is healthy and safe, they literally poison us and our minds.  When we reach a certain point of bad health, usually age 30ish for most, we have to not only figure it out on our own but perhaps an even more difficult task - erasing what we have been taught our whole lives.  It truly amazes me how naive and brainwashed I have been at times and how society is so strongly against the lone person who eats a different healthy diet.  It doesn't bother me now but I can see how younger people have intense social pressure to eat the same crap that their peers eat - I think that is the tribe dynamic doing it's thing.   

Most of the food out there is polluted or poisoned or not even food.  90% of the food in a supermarket is not real food and not something I would feed my dog.  People today feed on total garbage and then think it's normal for their teeth to need drilled out at 14 years old.  I won't even get into pharmaceuticals.  Health in the US is determined by the dollar and the dollar is just the modern survival of the fittest equivalent of brute force which our ancestors used to compete and survive.  Our ancestors were eliminated by bears and clubs and rocks, today we are eliminated by the dollar with junk food, pharmaceuticals, and poisons.   

Nature always wins.  A quick look at nature, a wolve's perfect teeth and his diet, a happy bird and her lifestyle, a squirrel and his savings, can teach a lot about the human animal and the millions of years of programming we have inside us.  Humans and other animals need to work, complete tasks, compete, socialize, and are programmed to recieve the rewards of happiness and fulfillment to ensure survival.  Survival of the fittest will always rule humanity, oppression of weaker animals will always occur, and those who live in naiveness or denial will eventually be ruled by nature and it's laws.

Title: Re: me iceman
Post by: xylothrill on October 07, 2008, 12:24:35 pm
Welcome Iceman!

My teeth started to decay on SAD and got even worse on raw vegan. They started wearing away - becoming translucent on the tips and the enamel at the base of some of my teeth eroded and exposed the dentin near my gums. As a raw vegan, it was very difficult to maintain an alkaline saliva. On raw paleo, my saliva is alkaline - a clue that there are more minerals in it now. 
Ever since eating a raw paleo diet, tooth sensitivity has disappeared and I can tap on the dentin where the enamel had eroded and feel no sensitivity. They are discolored where the dentin is exposed but I believe it may be due to a layer of minerals covering the dentin and protecting it. I really wouldn't call it re-enamalization, but a protective layer of minerals allowed to adhere to the dentin. All this using toothsoap (no fluoride) or just water to brush. 

About elders passing down knowledge, I firmly believe that. We are now left to fend for ourselves and find what works the best. They had generations of accumulative knowledge passed down to them. The government - "new" "modern" selective studies.


Title: Re: me iceman
Post by: Kristelle on October 07, 2008, 11:55:32 pm
Welcome to the forum Iceman...nice to have you here and enjoyed what you had to true! so sad!
Title: Re: me iceman
Post by: iceman on October 08, 2008, 02:08:49 am
Thanks Craig!

I can definitely relate to the dental problems.  Worn enamel, receding gums.  I got rid of the toothpaste, mouth wash, radiation doses and my hack dentist.  I believe the human body can heal nearly any health problem if we just give it the raw materials it needs to function correctly.  I never consume tap water because of the fluoride, chlorine, and aluminum they put in it.  I brush with spring water and sometimes use extra virgin coconut oil and oil of oregano to brush and "oil pull"/swish.  I occasionally use 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide to swish.  Unfortunately my dentist put lots of silver (mercury) fillings in my teeth when I was younger which has been a long nightmare.  Still trying to get rid of them, so I can't chew as much as I want until I get them out.  I bought a dental scraper and now clean the tartar off my teeth every few weeks instead of paying a dental assistant to do it every six months.  I don't pay someone to wipe my ass every six months.

I've had an image in my mind of the perfect clean pearly white teeth of a wild wolf.  That wolf has replaced my dentist and my dental health has gotten better and better ever since.       
Title: Re: me iceman
Post by: iceman on October 08, 2008, 02:19:35 am
Welcome to the forum Iceman...nice to have you here and enjoyed what you had to true! so sad!

Thanks Kristelle!

I hope forums like these can replace some of that lost wisdom.  I hope to learn and share a lot here.
Title: Re: me iceman
Post by: Satya on October 08, 2008, 02:21:33 am

I don't pay someone to wipe my ass every six months.

Ha!  Good point, Iceman.  And welcome to our family!
Title: Re: me iceman
Post by: iceman on October 08, 2008, 03:33:57 am
Thanks Satya!

And a good lookin family you all have here - a bunch of healthy lookin' well mannered folk.  Must go with the diet.  When I go to the dog park I can usually tell which dogs are on the BARF diet, and when I see little kids I can usually tell which brats, er, kids are on a crappy SAD diet.   -d