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Title: My adventure.
Post by: CitrusHigh on April 16, 2012, 12:45:52 am
I'll give a quick summary of my path to RVAF, then elaborate later. Grew up on SAD foods. Parents divorced, and I was left alone a lot so I would prepare most of my own foods, which entailed, typically, pulling it out of the freezer and putting it in the microwave, bam! comfort food for lonely, sad little boy.  Also my dad's visitation worked out to be after school and before he went to work. So to get food in to us while we maximized our time together and kept on budget he'd usually take me to fast food, McD's, Taco Bell, Arby's, Subway, that's where I lived between 3-5 pm weekdays. At home, he at least cooked me wild game as we were avid hunters, everything from rabbit, to turkey, to deer, partridge, etc.

I've always been rail thin, and got sick fairly often, colds, flus mostly. As I got up towards high school the food really began to take it's toll. I'd get acne infections that would last for weeks and be very red and angry, which I now realize was because I lived on sugar and carbs, though I loved meat and other proteins as well. I suffered through it in highschool, though of course I was trying to treat it with every conventional treatment under the sun, cleansers, pore cleaners, antibiotics, etc, to no avail. I gave up and assumed it would go away in a couple years like I was told it would. Never happened. So at the age of 19ish, I really began to hunt for an answer because this was harming my social life, such were the size, intensity and duration of these facial infections (though they also rarely appeared elsewhere in predictable places, but almost always above the shoulders. They were embarassing, unsightly and painful. Of course I had other health issues for sure, I'd get sick fairly often, still flus and colds, but they'd put me out for a while as well. Also bad allergies. And chronic fatigue, depression, aggression, you know, all the stuff that goes with a high carb diet and an unhealthy lifestyle.

I should mention I experimented (usually solo) with a lot of obscure and less obscure entheogens and pharmaceuticals at the time, including but not limited to: hydrocodone, cannabis, benzodiazepenes, DXM, P. cyanescens, cubensis, opium (smoked straight from the pod), datura, nutmeg (large quantities, uber fucked me up, healthwise), salvia d. and probably more, all before the age of 18. It's my opinion that some of these drugs did serious damage to my heart and other parts of my body. I swear my heart almost stopped one night on a combo of the DXM and hydrocodone I think. I just remember my heart slowing down to hardly anything while I was robo-tripping and I felt horrible, but there was no-one I would tell, I'm fortunate or not to not be dead.

Anyway, in college I had the spare time (since I wasn't really attending to my college duties, never should have been there in the first place) to research alternatives, since the conventional route wasn't cutting it. First I tried more natural topical treatments like essential oils and lemon juice facials, usually they just burned the top layer of skin off, though my skin probably appreciated the little bit of direct nourishment from the lemon juice. Then I shifted to my diet. First tried to go for whole foods, but was still addicted to sugar, so it was mostly carbs/starches/sugar, and some of the food was still processed, like bread, juices, etc. But I kept studying and the more I learned the more keen I got about purifying my diet. Eventually at least one arrest later and having finally dropped out of college and entering the workforce I had even more time to research the web and find a solution, but now I had lots of money too, or more than I'd personally ever had in my life. So with my new budget and time, I eventually found organic, whole foods. Then Aajonus, then the WAPF foundation, and the rest is history. This changed my life,  and with green juices and raw animal foods I kept healing, though not without setbacks and misconceptions, until I healed to the point that I don't get sick unless I'm exposed to too much/many of my personal poisons, like sugar, carbs, alcohol or other toxins like this recent aflatoxin episode. Obviously having to obtain clean foods, and the difficulty therein (at the time, they're much more available now) led me to sustainable farming, which I had a keen eye for, and so here I am, raising pastured animals, working a side job to keep it going and teaching and learning as much as I can about all this business. Didn't know another RVAF soul for at least the first 2 years, so had very little outside influences (as you can see in the detox report below!) on my experimentation. I kept learning, but I didn't have anyone actually communicating directly to me, trying to influence or critique the way I was going about it. I think I prefer it that way, even if it might have been a lot smoother to have a forum like this. I've always been kind of a loner, though social as well, and because of my parent's vicious fighting and divorce I never trusted anyone after they split, including and especially them. I knew they loved me, but they were both lying to me, and about eachother, but that's what happens when you have a couple naive, ignorant, narrow-minded Baptist fundie's marry eachother when they have severe emotional issues (though I'm not sure there are any religious fundies without severe emotional issues! Sadly) So, here I am, and I really am really, reeeaally grateful for this forum, because we are indeed social creatures and to not have anyone to relate to over such critical things like food and health is terribly isolating, especially when your diet is considered 'extreme' by the ignorant mainstream and everyone around you is telling you that you're going to be 'sorry' and get parasites and die. Well fuck that, how you like me now! Lol, jk, really I love you all, even though we butt heads sometime, you're kinda like my family, and If I ever get filthy rich like I plan to (a lot easier to battle the powers that be when you've got massive funds) I'm going to fly anyone and everyone who's interested to a gathering somewhere in the tropics and we can have a giant feast, and plan for the future! Cheers!
Since I just ran across some photos of my most obnoxious detox, back in early '08 I thought I'd post it, in case someone can benefit from it or if someone has had the same experience. It was traveling rash that lasted 1-2 weeks. You'll have to see the link for the rest, though maybe I can upload the photos, as soon as they're uploaded to my wordpress page. Each day the rash would change configuration and it was like it was 'traveling' around my body, so bizarre. The only thing I tried to relieve the symptoms was cannabis, worked only for 1-2 hours then the itching would return. I just put up with it, grin and bear!

Here's the link to my infant, slack-blog! (
Title: More icky
Post by: CitrusHigh on April 16, 2012, 12:52:03 am
Ouch, that hurts charlie.
Title: Re: My adventure.
Post by: ys on April 16, 2012, 04:57:45 am
looks a lot like poison ivy rash.  i had a pleasure to get it twice on my belly.  looked identical and hellishly itchy.  goes away after about 2 weeks.
Title: Early Detox back in 08'
Post by: CitrusHigh on April 19, 2012, 08:21:16 pm
Yeah, poison ivy is typically pretty bubbly which this was not and I don't think it travels the way that this did. I've seen friends with poison ivy and a quick google pics of 'poison ivy rash' will show you if you look carefully, the incongruence.

I have no idea what this was, but needless to say, it went away and never came back.
Title: Re: My adventure.
Post by: Lynnzard on April 20, 2012, 05:28:57 am
Thanks for sharing that story. I think a lot of us come to this way of life ignorant about what's going to work for us. All we really know is what isn't working! There was one time in my life that I was under probably more stress than I had ever experienced before or since that I developed welts that looked a LOT like that, except they were only on the backs of my hands and fingers. Itchy and painful, and they came and went at whim for about a month. Never saw them again. All I can figure is that it's possible some skin reaction to a stress hormone, which would also make sense in a detox situation, since even cleansing the body can be very stressful to it until it's back in balance.

I've also had poison ivy, and it wasn't anything like that. Looked a little similar, yes, but you're right about the blistering and weeping skin that comes along with it. That wasn't the case with the mystery welts.

Title: Re: My adventure.
Post by: CitrusHigh on April 20, 2012, 10:52:45 pm
Thanks for stopping in Lynn!

Interesting! Now I'm wanting to figure out what this business was all about. Also back in 2010...I think, I had a little bit of what I assume was detox, though I was still concerned about the possibility of parasites at the time. I'd get these raised patches around my mouth, and especially the back roof and the entry way to the throat. I started taking Grapefruit seed extract daily and whether or not that helped, it went away after some good length of time. A month or more.  Actually less like raised patches and more like raised lines, almost as if a worm was tunneling underneath the tissue. It was quite painful sometimes to where it would push me to consume mostly liquids, like egg smoothies and especially avoid hard foods like peanuts. I also remember a few bouts of wicked headaches around that time, not necessarily correlated. These were bad to the point where I could barely walk because each step would cause another throb in my head. But those too passed.

On another note, my mama, a spry young thing of 49 has taken to consuming a few bites of my raw liver each day (well not my liver, but the cow liver I get!). The catalyst was a deer tick that bit her a couple weeks ago, she didn't exactly develop a bulls eye, but there was a raised red patch about 2 inches+ in diameter around the bite. The tick was on for less than 30 hours so it's unlikely she got any Borrelia, however she didn't want to go to the doctor because she no longer trusts them. Also having seen my health continue to increase over the last 5 years or so has given her some faith, apparently, in the way I live. This is one of the most squemish people I know, but, I've been visualizing my family all moving on to raw meat or raw foods in general and by golly it's happening. Pretty amazing!

I've noticed her skin tone has improved, and someone else, without solicitation, commented on the same, she's almost glowing. Now, she's also a farmer with me, and it's spring here, the sun is shining more, so it could just be that, but I wouldn't be surprised if her body is responding to her daily dose of liver (her diet otherwise is heavily carb'd).

Anyway, if you have family in your life that you don't think in a  million years would ever take to raw meat, just try visualizing it for a few months and see if something doesn't happen. Because my mom is the last person on the planet I thought I'd ever see drop raw liver in to their mouth! She it's it with lime, but has been commenting that with the tastier liver, or rather less cow-ass tasting liver she could eat it just as is.
Title: Re: My adventure.
Post by: Lynnzard on April 22, 2012, 12:40:03 am
Yikes! I've never heard anything like the lines thing, but I'm glad it cleared up for you. I also think it's great that you took care of the issue for yourself. I'm with your mom on the whole not trusting doctors thing at this point. They're just letting the insurance companies dictate the health care, and it's ridiculous.

And it's fantastic that you're getting her introduced to eating raw. It seems to me that liver is one of the quickest raw meats (without going the high route) to consume to getting to feeling better. I have more energy when I consume it regularly and just feel better on the whole. My parents grew up during the Depression, so getting them to try anything new at all is pretty difficult, but I'm also stubborn, so we'll see.  >D
Title: Re: My adventure.
Post by: Adora on April 24, 2012, 02:41:08 am
 I just wrote a long post and lost it. But the just is maybe your mom needs lots of carbs right now. I seem to. I've been eating fruit and honey instinctively. I love the instinctive stop. I get to learn to trust myself. I don't have to worry about being right or wrong, just patiently learning to listen to myself. My sugar stop is getting stronger. I'm learning to feel when I've had enough. I'm also learning to release judgement. I did gain a bit of weight. I stopped getting on the scale, but most of my clothes are fitting better again. I do have bs spikes, but I can feel that better too, and I adjust better for them. It's only been a month, but how about encouraging mom to eat all the raw carbs she wants one at a time. Maybe she would read about stop in Gu-Claude Burger's stop. Or you could just go over the basics with her. I'm healing tons with the fruit and honey so I don't agree with the low/no carb stuff anymore. When my body doesn't want them then I won't eat them, but till then...
     Does she eat raw milk or eggs? I'm not blending foods lately, but I still drink lots of milk. But those raw egg honey milk shakes are so good I bet she'd like that as much as liver. Once, she sees she doesn't keel over dead and that she even feels good from them she will start to share that with you too. Then, sushi dinner and she a convert.
Title: Re: My adventure.
Post by: Adora on April 24, 2012, 02:43:42 am
I'm sorry about all of the errors in my post. It is a bad idea for me to post on my little phone.
Title: Re: My adventure.
Post by: Wattlebird on April 24, 2012, 04:33:13 am
  I've been eating fruit and honey instinctively. I love the instinctive stop. I get to learn to trust myself. I don't have to worry about being right or wrong, just patiently learning to listen to myself. My sugar stop is getting stronger. I'm learning to feel when I've had enough. I'm also learning to release judgement. I did gain a bit of weight. I stopped getting on the scale, but most of my clothes are fitting better again. I do have bs spikes, but I can feel that better too, and I adjust better for them.  I'm healing tons with the fruit and honey so I don't agree with the low/no carb stuff anymore. When my body doesn't want them then I won't eat them, but till then...

Good for your Adora :)
Title: Re: My adventure.
Post by: CitrusHigh on April 24, 2012, 05:52:36 am
I've considered that, but theres little way to know when the only carbs she eats are highly processed and chemically laced breads, pastas and beer. And because of her rollercoaster of emotions and energy I'm uninclined to believe that carbs on the order she consumes them are doing her any good. She has deep emotional damage from prior sexual abuse that IMO she hasn't addressed yet, plus guilt from growing up with a bunch of religious fundies which has all manifested as developmental regression or stagnation at a teenage maturity level as well as alcoholism.

She's also going through menopause which is beyond exacerbated by all of the above as well as a completely unhealthy relationship with someone who is also severely emotionally damaged, manifested as alcoholism, paranoia and manipulation.

Soooo, that's where that is. I'm actually leaving the farm ASAP because of this, but I'm certainly trying to help diet-wise at least, but also trying to teach her non-violent communication a la Marshal Rosenberg.

Still, because it has given her a bit of a gut, typically unhealthy looking skin and contributes to her emotional instability, I'm inclined to think that even if she were consuming raw carbs like sunchoke or sweet potato, that it should be limited.

I consider most carbs as at the levels people often eat them to be an addiction, and when they're cooked, forget it, according to the studies the heat created toxins are similar to benzodiazepenes which I've had my fair share of and those ARE addicting, period!

Glad you feel you're healing. Can't honestly say I agree with you on the honey and fruit,  but since it's entirely your call to make and you will either reap the rewards or the fallout, it's not my place to try and influence you. You have my support either way and I'm certainly rooting for you!
Title: Re: My adventure.
Post by: Adora on April 25, 2012, 12:13:32 am
Soooo, many complexities in life. Makes me doubt everything and ache to run for rhe woods. Are you running to the woods when you get free of your farm, my wander friend? Maybe if she knows you are leaving it will give her strangth to make healthier choices? I don't know, but you should do what is best for you. You do that already right?
Title: Yummy, tapeworm proglottids!
Post by: CitrusHigh on June 08, 2012, 09:51:03 pm
So yesterday I'm having this fantastic day with my beautiful puppy (2 years old in July). He is one of nine and I have 2 of his brothers and 1 sister. These puppies are on an all raw diet, living mainly on heart, liver, fat, lung and a little bit of everything I eat, as well as an egg here or there, some of our chickens (naughty pups!), recently 13 of the baby ducks I just bought (fuckers, jk I luv my pups but that was harsh! not my fault, the other caretaker on the farm here was wreckless and careless) and any wild game or disease-free roadkill I come across. In other words, they live like royalty and eat better than most people I know, the puppy in question has never seen a vet, though his coat is so shiny that even though he's jet black, he looks blue when the sky is clear because of the reflection. Lot's of energy, good temperment, really no complaints!

Anyway, I'm about to go in to this meeting for Kabbalah, and I notice what I thought was a little fuzz on his hind end, so I grab it to get rid of it. But this fuzz is a little sticky, like a grain of white rice, and it moving? Yeah it's definitely undulating. Oh, that's because it's a tapeworm eggsac (proglottid). So that's why he was wiping his ass on the ground earlier. All the dogs eat the same food an I noticed his sister doing that a few months ago, though she's since stopped.

So fellow R(V)AFers, how shall I respond? Live and let live? Or do I find some herb to expel the little ones. Our farm is surrounded by conventional farms and the dogs do get in to their corn and soy which is roundup ready and treated as such. They tend to lose fur around their eyes and ears when it's at it's worst. So I'm wondering if maybe the dogs aren't detoxing this and something else they've picked up, and since they don't seem to be suffering, perhaps I should just leave them? I'll be happy to consider anyone's advice, otherwise I'll probably leave them unless there is a problem and instead just have something herbal on standby. Would appreciate info on vermifugal herbs safe for canids, GS, I'm looking at you!

It was amazing to see how quickly they go in to stasis. I could see the proglottid encysting right before my very eyes as I held them in my hand. And just like that, it went from looking like a grain of sticky rice to a grain of dry rice. I discovered the first one while we were on a quick walk in the forest. When I got back to the car, since we'd been in the car most of the day running errands and commuting, I went back to the passengers seat to check for any sacs he dropped. Sure enough, a couple more grains of dry rice, what strange and interesting little (and some times big! 100ft!?!!? whale tapeworm!) life forms.

Have a sunny (or rainy as your need requires!) day everyone!
Title: Re: My adventure.
Post by: ys on June 08, 2012, 10:00:35 pm
don't forget to wash your hands.
Title: Re: My adventure.
Post by: CitrusHigh on June 08, 2012, 10:07:32 pm
I'm cool, I don't mind if I get them, easy enough to expel, it's the pups that might not enjoy anthelmentic treatments.
Title: Re: My adventure.
Post by: Alive on June 09, 2012, 04:21:19 am
I read from Inger that diatomaceous earth kills parasites naturally by cutting them up. Also garlic, oregano etc might help: (
Title: Re: My adventure.
Post by: CitrusHigh on June 09, 2012, 06:52:11 am
I actually don't even want to kill them, I appreciate their presence I just want to be cautious that's all. I haven't really had any experience with their visible, confirmed presence since I started the diet 5ish years ago, so I'm still learning.  But thank you for the post Miker, DE is something I considered as well, still, not trying to kill them if they're just performing their duties in the body.
Title: Re: My adventure.
Post by: Adora on June 09, 2012, 09:02:57 am
Do they eat off of the ground? It might be helpful.  Not the same as DE. As long as your watching closely, let it ride a while.
Title: Re: My adventure.
Post by: CitrusHigh on June 09, 2012, 10:01:14 am
Lol, oh my gosh Adora, they eat anything and everything you can imagine including but not limited to feces(all flavors, they're connoisseurs), roadkill (in good shape and disease free), whole animal heads, as well as a host of other tasty things. They also eat plants occasionally and some processed crap my mom gives them.

I'm sure that, like you said, with a little time things will shape up!
Title: Re: My adventure.
Post by: Adora on June 11, 2012, 01:49:08 am
I've started supplementing with iodine from lugol's. It is supposed to be antiseptic. Supplements probably not where you're at or want to be. I'll probably switch back to kelp, but I feel my vital with it. Your dogs already sound more vital than me, just brainstorming. Also, what about offering some raw canabis, or hemp?
    Btw sorry about the ducklings. That would have pushed me to the edge.
Title: Re: My adventure.
Post by: CitrusHigh on June 11, 2012, 07:10:47 am
Yeah, I was pretty displeased with them, but not really them, just my farm partner financier (meaning she provides the land and most of the capital, I do most of the work, the ducks were my own separate project and purchase), my mama. I just don't like that the babies left the world that way, the terror they must have felt. But you know what, some of those ducks would have become food anyway, so it was just like really expensive food for the dogs. And actually leo, seeing that he has tapeworms, and probably the other dogs too, probably could use a nutrition boost, since they usually don't get entire carcasses to eat, just organs and fat mostly. Not pleased, but life will go on, and it's part of the deal living here (for not too much longer I'm pleased to say!) I'm moving out to the barn loft which is really going to be the bees knees! I don't like that houses have rooms, I like big open spaces, plus I'll be able to have a kitchen in the milkhouse and I'll be with my animals and not have to see her, so life is really pretty peachy. Besides, come winter, I get to start visiting my RVAF friends around the country and in canada(hopefullY!) so I'm just not in to letting things bring me too far down, life is so wonderful!

The dogs should be pretty robust, they've been raw since birth and never to the vet (except that my mom went in and had their genitals mutilated against my wishes, without my knowledge or consent!) . You, like me on the other hand, have been through the ringer of civilization and the American lifestyle, so we are going to need a little love and some time to recover completely! I'm proof of that Adora, I still have some gunk to clean out I'm sure, but basically I'm healed, and you will be too!

Thanks for the suggestions, wouldn't have thought of that. I'm around the farm today and probably not working tomorrow, so if you want to talk, give me a call!
Title: Re: My adventure.
Post by: CitrusHigh on June 11, 2012, 07:16:40 am
Also, I really need you to read up on epigenetics, especially the stuff by Bruce Lipton (thank you Miker!) . It should help you to internalize that if you want to heal you need to believe that you are healing. Know it, feel what it's like to be whole, but just in your mind. And maybe go do some things (without harming yourself) that you would do because you're all better.

I know what it will be like, because you and I will be running through the forest, full speed, and we won't stop til we're miles from where we started, we can wander for a week or two, no insulin, no worries! Just a little prediction, but act like it's right now!
Title: The Whole..Plot...Thing
Post by: CitrusHigh on January 02, 2014, 09:15:17 am
Coming soon, the whole plot thing,

Topics to be covered in the best order I can muster just now...

The singularity
Sacred Geometry
The big bang
Evolution, epigenetics, morphic resonance, mutations, etc
Ancient peoples and possibility of ancient astronauts
Neolithic and all the nasties that came with it
How disease works
Biologically appropriate diets, human centered
The rise of so called civilizations
The collapse of so called civilizations
The aftershocks of those civilizations, roman law. The VATICAN,  and THE USA as well as every country with a central bank, all as for-profit corporations (if you dont believe me look up their tax ID numbers, especially the Vatican's, creepy as fuck) and guess what, you and I are the assets/products/livestock/chattel.
The USA as a test tube, eg, chemtrails, vaccines, GMO's, nuclesr bombs, foodlike products, psyops,etc, etc ad nauseum.
Sovereignty and learning to be a responsible King or Queen of the Republic instead of a slave to the democracy, parallel trusts operating simultaneously in most nations.
Why you are probably voluntarily paying taxes.
The end game of the powers that be, eg, the not so federal, but extremely federal reserve.
Permaculture/bushcraft/old ways/tracking and awareness skills/way of life.
Hermetics and the law of attraction
Living healthfully in a world inundated with toxicity and radiation, eg fukushima, oil spills, toxic dispersants, food and cosmetic chemicals, industrial 'farming', chemtrails (which Bill Gates is finally fessing up to. :-)
What we can expect from the future of a likely war torn world.
How visualizing and pulling your head out of your arse can help reverse the problem right now today.
And so much more.

Title: Re: My adventure.
Post by: CitrusHigh on January 02, 2014, 09:45:35 am
Also since I never updated, I think, the post about my puppies and tapeworms, the tapeworms left on their own and without causing any problems, Im so fucking glad I let it run its course and didnt try to wage chemical warfare on them. Im also grateful they came to visit, Im sure they did something beneficial while in there. :-) 
Title: For Sale: Raw puppies, part coyote (probably) from 2generations raw.
Post by: CitrusHigh on January 05, 2014, 12:41:02 am
My Puppy Leo knocked up a half wild bitch out in the forest while we were in California recently so we brought her home with us and now I have 8 gorgeous little puppies, no runts, just pure, pristine health.

These pups are going to be amazing dogs, just like their 7 uncles and aunts, AND Grandma were.

They should be about half black lab, then tidbits of beagle and jack russel terrier, a little coyote and then probably some doberman and/or german shepherd. This dog that came out of the forest is fucking badass. She is super clever, scary super clever. She plans things out, I thought she was ok guarding our chickens when we brought some free ranges to camp, because she didnt even so much as acknowledge them, but thats because she was waiting for me to leave camp for work, at which point she would immediately begin hunting them. Took a lil while to figure this out,I assumed it was just the extremely high coyote pressure that was taking a toll on our chickens, but turns out this girl is just cool as fuck and knows how to bide her time. That's just one example of her wolf-like forward thinking/planning.

I love these pups dearly, they were born in my car yesterday, just a few days after their Dad's Bday. Because I love them, I cannot sentence themto a life of kibble and veterinarians, so I am not letting them go to any homes that WONT SIGN A CONTRACT TO FEED exclusively RAW ANIMAL FOODS THEIR ENTIRE LIVES, upon pain of damages, meaning if I ever find out you are feeding cooked/or kibble then you would have to return the dogs AND pay damages in addition.

These dogs are incredibly healthy and robust, they were suckling within minutes of birth.
They have not and never will see a vet, same as their grandmother and father and aunts and uncles.
NO poisonous injections (vaccines, etc)
They will be raised according to Cesar Milan's (extremely effective and evolutinarily proper) school of thought, loosely, based on my ownmodifications. Meaning they will be well behaved, potty trained, good natured, obedient, even tempered and fucking awesome.
They do not stink, they will never be fed anything but bones, eggs, organ and muscle meats and other animal products. If done right, this is their only real expense, they do not get sick, they do not have health issues so long as you invest in the good foods.

They are $100.00 each, and I consider this a pittance for several reasons, you will not find dogs as vibrant as these out there practically anywhere, you will not find unvaccinated dogs anywhere, and the sheer amount of food I will have put through them by the time they get to their new homes will be pretty substantial.

Im located in the midwest, but will be traveling a lot this summer so no place in the US/Canada is completely
Title: Re: My adventure.
Post by: CitrusHigh on January 05, 2014, 12:51:14 am
The above post wouldnt let me finish my words... parts of the US or canada are completely out of the question. But it will be a process for potential buyers to be approved, Im not fucking around, these little ones are only going to homes that deserve their awesomeness and will treat them LIKE FAMILY, not DISPOSABLE PETS.

I dont anticipate finding owners on here, but this is the best demographic for these little angels and so I figured i should give it a shot, pm with inquiries please. These puppies will be extremely aesthetically pleasing, they are well proportioned, like their parents and make excellent hunters, family dogs and their parents get compliments allllthe time about the glossiness of their coats, their excellent behaviour, the whiteness of their teeth and their well defined physiques, photos maybe to follow.