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Title: Warning About Toxic AGEs in RAW(commercially-raised) foods
Post by: TylerDurden on November 10, 2008, 07:17:47 pm
The other day, JustAnotherExplorer pointed out, quite rightly, that some raw foods contain pretty high levels of AGEs(I believe commercially-raised chickens were cited). Well, I was a bit surprised re the study cited, and duly found something obvious that I shouldn't have missed, previously:- namely, that AGEs are also produced in high amounts when animals are fed on unnatural foods, so  meats from such animals should be avoided, however raw.Funny, I'd always thought that AGEs were just an issue if you cook your meats, but it seems that grainfed meats are also, to a degree, rich in toxic AGEs(advanced glycation end products) so, cooked grainfed meats are even worse. Here's a relevant excerpt from the Web:-

"The problem is not just over-heating sugar. Fat and protein can be just as serious a concern.

“It’s easily missed in the paper, but fats are really big-time AGE producers when cooked at high temperatures,” Joe tells me. “I’ll be posting some data soon. Vegetable fats contain very little saturated fats and they are usually cooked less severely. Since we Americans usually prefer roasted and broiled meats – and much of the fat is on the outside – the meat-based saturated fat gets really high in AGE content when browned. That may be the reason saturated fats are linked to health issues….It’s the AGEs generated from cooking, not the saturated fats themselves.

“Another, largely unrecognized, source of dietary AGEs is animal products from animals fed a high-AGE and/or an AGE-inducing diet. This probably includes most commercial poultry, grain-fed beef, and other animals that have high levels of AGEs and/or AGE inducers in their diet. Any ‘fattened’ animal has probably been fed such a diet since that is how rapid weight gain can be produced.”

taken from:-