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Title: stomac acid
Post by: littleElefant on August 20, 2012, 04:43:52 am
Hi all,

I have a super important question for you. l)
I had loads of health problems during the last years.
I realise now that it was all caused by my digestive system not working properly. I definitely produce not enough stomach acid, not enough bile and not enough enzymes in my pancreas.  So now I just have to build up my digestions force and than I will be totally healthy again ;D.
Today I started already, I ate everyting mono, took bitter herbs and ginger before and after meal and sipped a bit of apple cider vinegar diluted or lemon juice with it. I feel good now and I'm in a good mood. Normally at this time I feel so sick, nausea, vertigo, and I have this strange fear which goes from my belly to my heart and I'm so very scared. Sounds totally strange I know -\.
Anyway Acid really seems to be a key for me. As soon as I add acid to my food it digest sooo easy. Normally I always fell as if  I have eaten stones after a meal and I am sooo nauseous. I have a hard time getting some Cal every day and I'm seriously scared of eating.
The problem is that I'm already demineralised and my nathuropath told me I should take no acid at all ever (and no fruit, but this is not a big problem) I know also that acid can harm me because one year ago I consumed acid regularly in the form of lemon to help me digest and grapefruit I took in the morning. After I while I recognised that the tips of my front teeth became transparent and I stopped the acid. I also have slight osteoporosis because of my low body weight.
Now I don't know what to do. Acid helps me so much but I'm scared of taking it and causing a  new problem. Bitters of course help a lot but I did not get the same results from them jet.
What about Betain HCL, is it acidifying as well? I didn't find any info about HCL and acidity so far.
What do you do to help your digestion, your stomach, liver, pancreas?
Is there such a thing like a paleo protokol to heal  the digestiv system and to make it strong again?
My nathuropath told me to eat only white rice and ghee for a while but, seriously -v -X :o?????????
Title: Re: stomac acid
Post by: cherimoya_kid on August 20, 2012, 11:11:36 am
Keep taking acid for your digestion, as long as you need it.

Supplement with some magnesium and calcium and other minerals.  Dolomite, Terramin, Pascalite, and bone meal are all good supplements.

Try some fermented foods, like high meat, overripe fruit, etc.. to see if that helps with digestion.

Good luck. :)  Let us know how it works.