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Title: The Primal Parent
Post by: CitrusHigh on October 04, 2012, 02:46:24 am
Interesting site, I've enjoyed what she writes, check it out! (

"At some point I added raw beef and blood. No problems there so I’d found another food. I added other raw meats and seafoods and even included a little white rice (which I don’t eat anymore) and eventually eliminated dairy again. For the next year or so I ate a raw Primal diet and felt amazing! I was able to maintain the discipline to eat a strict diet of raw meat, raw seafood, raw eggs, and a little white rice because I felt so great. It just didn’t make any sense to add other foods which altered my mood, impaired my delicate digestion, and fired up my joint pain....

Very slowly I started to discover which particular foods bother me and why. While people are generally ready to accept that food affects our physical health, people often balk at the idea that our attitudes, intelligence, and motivation are affected by the same. After years of careful observation I am certain that the food we put in our bodies is largely responsible for our moods, our mental disorders, our productivity, and satisfaction....

Interestingly, I have determined that at least for myself a carnivorous diet is not perfect either.  A carnivorous diet comes with its own set of emotional complications, namely no emotions. A carnivorous diet makes me Vulcan.

This wouldn’t be much of a problem if I had remained a single mom with no emotional investments (raising children is a job, and doesn’t have to be particularly emotional) but I met this boyfriend of mine whose personality is in stark contrast to my own.....

The dilemma: To be or not to be like everybody else. Well the answer is easy if it involves feeling crappy. I am done falling apart from the inside out and am quite content being a Vulcan thank you very much! Except that I am in a relationship and have friends and family who all have heightened emotions. That makes me look rather cold. If I could just run away to Mongolia where people eat a native heavy meat diet and don’t feel much pain, I would be fine, but here I am tethered to the US. Oh well, I went on being a carnivore anyway!...."

Title: Re: The Primal Parent
Post by: goodsamaritan on October 04, 2012, 07:39:24 am
I don't know about that being vulcan experience yet.  I still cry when loved ones die.  And i love my family just the same.

It's just her new boyfriend thing.

Aajonus wrote about this emotional stability thing on less carbs such as restrict yourself to one serving of fruit a day.
Title: Re: The Primal Parent
Post by: CitrusHigh on October 04, 2012, 07:56:22 am
Sounds like she's got a pretty good awareness of what's going on with her in relation to foods, just like a lot of us do here, I'm guessing she's noticed a correlation for some reason, not just psychosomatic.

I know that my girlfriend and my mom accuse me of being cold and hyper-rational , and my grandmom's who I was very close to just died, and I think I'm making the family uneasy because they're all morose and I'm happy that she's been released from suffering (she was SAD to the max and was miserable, I think she wanted out.) I don't get too bent out of shape about anything and mostly I'm just content and excited to be alive. Much less so when I'm eating shitty food.

Besides, I've noticed that food affects mood as well and I think probably more profoundly than we can fully appreciate yet.
Title: Re: The Primal Parent
Post by: cherimoya_kid on October 04, 2012, 10:34:47 am
I know that I'm very calm when I'm eating very low-carb.  I worry about what it will do to my cardiovascular health long-term though, since heart attacks and strokes run in my family....that's why I eat some carbs.
Title: Re: The Primal Parent
Post by: l0rdcha0s on February 15, 2013, 11:40:41 pm
I wouldn't say I'm emotionless when eating only/majority of meat. I was a very emotional person before. They would often manifest very strongly or not at all (happy, sad, angry, etc.). Depression runs in my family, which I was always worried about. I feel more like this diet has helped my body learn how to keept them in check. Perhaps it's due to the hormonal balancing of fat and cholesterol in the diet. They are after all important in hormone regulation and production. Vulcan would be cool though, I do find myself thinking more rationally than emotionally about things as of late.
Title: Re: The Primal Parent
Post by: van on February 16, 2013, 05:52:23 am
I think there's a real difference between reacting to everything and getting caught in and fueling one's own emotions and that of being relaxed and inherently calm residing with awareness, which being low carb certainly facilitates (no more blood sugar and hence mood swings, proper fats and b vits for the nervous system, healing of intestinal upsets, elimination of most effects from viruses, colds, flews, infections, parasites....
    I Want to believe that the author may not be aware of her limitless ability to love and be of benefit, when no longer being entangled by one's ill health.  We're meant to be so much more for the world we live in than just figure out what diet is best for us.
Title: Re: The Primal Parent
Post by: svrn on April 04, 2013, 03:12:49 am
yes low carb definitly keeps my emotions in check.

unlike my vegetarian friends who are quite emotional and often aggressive for no reason.

I dont feel like a vulcan, just much more mentally stable.