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Title: Farm journal
Post by: RogueFarmer on September 20, 2013, 02:53:53 pm
next year i will be marketing grass fed lamb, grass fed chevon, grass fed rose veal, pastured pork products and sausage, swamp fed muscovy duck, acorn fed turkey, cow pie fed chickens and eggs and  pumpkin fed duck eggs. my goal is to have a six hundred acre grass farm, four hundred acres rented.          thirty or so sows, three hundred or so goats, three hundred or so sheep, fifty or so beef cows and around thirty dairy cows would be an approximate end tally for that many acres. a large tractor will be needed for planting high yield summer crops and winter annuals. two or three acres in ten will be planted in crops most of the time with double cropping each year. crops can be hogged down or eaten or sold direct market. there will be a mi based buying club. basically to make an order you have to get enough orders to make it economical to ship. im going to hazard that orders in mi must be a minimum of one thousand dollars for each city we ship too per order unless we farmers market in that city. we are looking at sending a cow share service down state. out of state orders would be a minimum order of two thousand dollars i would hazard. we are going to focus on producing the highest quality forages and the highest quality animal products with the a high organic iodine kelp and micro mineral supplemented. the tractor will allow us to implement the lacerator forage wagon system to make high omega three and vitamin a plus sugar vacume haylage. animals will be harvested primarily from mid winter to mid summer but some will be finished on sudan and corn and beans sans seeds and other green summer forges stockpiled for the fall and some will be finised on perennial and high quality hay and some finished on haylage with perhaps giant forage beats.  animals will be sold through farmers markets, restaurants, health food stores. there may be a mobile kitchen for events, even catering and camping and an on farm shop.
Title: Re: Farm journal
Post by: cherimoya_kid on September 20, 2013, 09:37:11 pm
I hope that goes well.  Let us know.