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Title: Grass Fed Grass Finished Meat
Post by: donrad on February 09, 2009, 08:34:56 pm
This is a great web site with information on why you should eat grass fed meat. You can click on a map and it will show you grass fed meat producers in your area, as well as raw dairy and eggs. I found listings for sheep, goat, pork, beef, bison, elk, deer, turkey, chicken, eggs, dairy, and organic fruits and vegetables.  There is another link to grass fed retailers and restaurants in your state.

Most of the listings are for family farms practicing sustainable agriculture, many are organic certified. You can read the listings or call/email to find out if they use any grain or soy products. I found a couple of great places within an hour's drive. One of them sends me an email newsletter, the other has a blog with pictures.

For the UK try this: