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Title: AV dvd set
Post by: ciervo-chaman on November 19, 2014, 11:48:22 pm
hi! someone has buy the dvd from AV? are they worth the price? what about the information? is going really deep on the subject? tanks in advance!
Title: Re: AV dvd set
Post by: eveheart on November 20, 2014, 12:18:12 am
We Want to Live was the first book I read that led me to raw eating, and I think AV explains what to do very well in that single book. He's a long-winded (uses lots of words) speaker and writer, and my opinion is that he would make as many books and DVDs as people would buy, but the good information is all in his first book. That's my reason for not buying AV's other books or his DVDs. Another reason is that I do not do well on milk products (even raw milk), and I don't do well with juicing.

On the other hand, some people want to hear his every word, not just his main ideas. I think he has a crazy side that doesn't interest me, and I don't want to hear that. If you want his words that much, then those DVDs are made for you.
Title: Re: AV dvd set
Post by: ciervo-chaman on November 20, 2014, 02:17:18 am
i'm just not getting to clear on the detox/healing part.. maybe i have to re-read his book entirely. (i'm spanish speaker so maybe i miss something)
if, for e.g. i had "acne"  last week (2 pimples on the axilla, one big red thing on the back of the right leg, and 3 more on the lower part of the leg) but after 4 - 5 days they wore off completely, all of them. what must i think from this? i'm geting something out of me that was from before (detox)? if this is an allergy to some food that i'm actually eating, they must be spreading more and more and more? i'm a little bit confused about the symtomps actually.. if i'm healing, i'm supposed to have symptoms? am i right? or i'm supposed to be (after 26 years of eating shit) to be super healthy just cause i changed my diet on 2 months? (100% raw) i remember AV saying that all my past pains and ills, i will have to face them again, to heal myself (and it looks like i'm actually doing it).. i had my apenddix removed and i having some kind of discomfort there again.. if i press my stomach on the appendix side it hurts. (can be this healing for the first time? it was removed when i was 20, and i'm 27 now.. maybe the raw meat is giving me what i was missing all this time for healing..)
have you had gone trough that too (same old symtomps again)? i don't want to fuck myself more than i was, and i really scared about getting something again on my stomach/guts.. i think i just have fear and have to relax if i'm doing all raw.. ow.. sorry. i just want to know from people that have long being on a raw diet and that feels that he/she has healed almost completely, if experienced scaring symptoms to them.

can i ask, eveheart, do you drink water when you thirsty? when physiccally very active? or eat a lot of fruits, vegetables? (cause you said you do bad on milk and juices)

when i re-read what i had just write, i know i'm just scared. thanks to you eveheart always answering!
Title: Re: AV dvd set
Post by: eveheart on November 20, 2014, 07:54:17 am
Yes, I drink water and follow any natural appetite for unprocessed food. That's what I don't like about following someone else's program, even AV's. I believe that, once you get past cravings for things like pizza and chocolate cake, your appetite will lead you in the right direction for the right foods in the right proportions.

The body eliminates toxins all the time via the urine, feces, skin, and lungs. You might get lots of urine, diarrhea, pimples/rashes, or bad breath from this elimination. If you are not too uncomfortable and reactions resolve in a short time, then I cannot see a problem. AV does discuss what to do to slow down cleansing reactions by eating certain other foods, but I never used that advice.

Basically, anyone who has eaten excess toxins for a number of years and then cuts out refined and processed foods will notice improved health and perhaps some withdrawal symptoms. No te preocupes.