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Title: Is it Blastocystis hominis that's driving you crazy?
Post by: Alive on December 02, 2014, 02:26:48 pm
Blastocystis hominis has been found in my stool sample, and looking at some of the possible symptoms shows several of my lifetime challenges: Sweet/starchy food cravings & sensitivities; Thick coating on tongue; diarrhoea/chronic constipation; Nervous and sensory disorders including inability to concentrate, panic attacks, brain fog, sleep disturbances, depression, feelings of doom; Chronic fatigue; Hot sweats... (

It seems that there really is no cure and my best hope is management through a low carb easy to digest raw diet, which for me is just RAF and veges eaten separately; maintaining useful thought patterns; exercise; sunshine; love etc

I have been eating a semi-fasting diet, as in eating less food than required to maintain my body weight, typically I drink a liter of water in the morning; eat 4 carrots, a broccoli, or half a cabbage for breakfast; and then later in the day have some raw meat or fish or offal. I have just started to soak the RAF in cider vinegar to help my stomach, since a leaky gut makes it hard to maintain stomach acid levels. I do not feel hungry and have steady energy levels throughout the day without eating, its just the brain fog effects that are hard to deal with. As a next step I will next try spacing my meals further apart until I am really hungry to give more time for my body to cleanse.

I have been eating raw garlic, ginger, and other strong plants to help restore my bowel microbe balance. I am exercising regularly, and practicing gratitude for all the positives in my life.

I was very pleased to find this morning that my tongue is clear and pink for a change.
I now feel I have all the knowledge and determination to become the fully human person nature intended me to be, ETA within 14 days :)
Title: Re: Is it Blastocystis hominis that's driving you crazy?
Post by: van on December 03, 2014, 01:33:50 am
you might try substituting greens for carrots, as carrots have quite a bit of sugar..