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Journals / Re: Ramblings of a madman...
« on: June 15, 2020, 05:06:58 pm »
Ah ok, so mold probably is the main cause for your issues. Maybe working on that solves the problems and all my writing about b6 doesn't apply to you.

What form of b9 / folate was in that b-supplement? Oftentimes folic acid is used, but some time ago it was identified as harmful (a lot to read about it in the internet) which is why one should use a supplement with the natural form of b9 like folate or methylfolate, if one chooses to take a supplement at all.
The usual form of b6 in your b-complex supplement can also be harmful (again a lot of research about it in the internet). It takes the body a lot of other nutrients like zinc etc. to convert the b6 to its active enzyme form p5p. If you don't have enough of these other nutrients, it builds up in blood etc. Which is why usually p5p is recommended as a supplement. Anyway, just like everything, too much p5p in the cells can cause issues. Which is why I recommended caution with that as well, though it is largely well tolerated.

Did you research on why your b9 levels were low? I don't know about the accuracy of such tests though. Could it me mold related? Was your diet low in b9? Did you take other supplements, medications etc that decreased your b9?
And I'd probably research if the p5p could interfere with b9 status. Or if you are deficient in sth which is neccessary to increase b9.
Maybe you even crave some food high in a certain nutrient that could give you a hint and balance it all out again longterm.

Journals / Re: Ramblings of a madman...
« on: June 12, 2020, 08:06:11 pm »
Hello djr,
did you ever look into vitamin b6 deficiency? There are some conditions in which the need for b6 is higher than for other people. I am asking because histamine reactions, mast cell activation syndrome, sensitivities, smell sensitivy is all very much related to b6 issues. Ground beef gives reactions to many people with these issues because beef itself is already aged and ground it gives even more surface for histamine buildup.
There is science about it, a not so uncommon issue. Depending on the root cause you will find other common nutrient deficiencies that might be involved in these issues.

Just in case you or anyone else ever considers the above as
ones own issue after researching or maybe even doing some testing on it:
If supplemented, the experts and experienced advice to use the p5p form of b6.
In general I think it is better to solve health issues with whole foods, but I came across more and more people and conditions which question if diet can solve it alone. Still, in my opinion, just with all supplements, caution and listening to the body is necessary.
Here on the forum I think it was PaleoPhil who reported in his journal of his experiences with p5p.

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: Raw, grain-fed beef?
« on: June 01, 2020, 07:23:12 pm »
I'd ask the farmers what percentage the grains make from the whole feeding.
Are there any farmers around who'd feed the animals only hay when they are kept inside during the colder seasons?
I ate raw muscle meat and organs often from animals that were fed grains in addition, only in small amounts though and otherwise treated in high organic standards. I know it is not ideal / perfect, but it was very tough and at times even impossible to get meat from fully grass-fed animals.

What about wild game? Do you have access to it?

General Discussion / Re: How to chew raw meat.
« on: May 21, 2020, 02:30:06 am »
There are cuts of meat that are more chewable than others. Usually the pricier cuts like some kind of steaks, filet have a tender texture and therefore are easily chewed. The most tender cut is tenderloin. But I think also the most expensive.
Then there are cuts that are tough and very hard to chew, even when cooked, which is why they are sold as meat for soups and stocks, being cooked longer to become tender. Like soup meat, the parts around the leg bone. Gulash meat usually is a little chewier as well.

Health / Re: bloodshot eyes
« on: May 21, 2020, 02:10:20 am »

It took me along time to figure out that it was the keffir that was the problem. Even today I get very heavy legs from eating it, so I have dropped it in the realization that it seems to cause some sort of histamine response.

Your post might be too old to get answered, but I'll still try:
If it was a histamine reaction, wouldn't you also get it from hard cheese, aged meats (some also get histamine reactions from raw eggs)? What was your experience?

What kind of kefir did you consume (made with kefir grains, etc.)?

Did you consume raw milk? Did it affect you in any way?

Anyway, great you found relief from the symptoms.

Off Topic / Re: RVAF alternatives to soap/shampoo etc.
« on: May 12, 2020, 06:16:24 pm »
- raw eggs
- clay (different clays having different effects)
- strongly diluted apple cider vinegar
- softly using sea salt on wet skin as a body peeling can be very refreshing and soothing too, not too frequently though. leaves the skin very smooth.

2 not so paleo methods, but at least raw:
- rhy flour (Some people need a few trials, but works great for cleaning hair once understood. Wheat flour would stick in the hair.)
- rice water (some ferment it), works great for hair, I would be careful using the fermented one in hair too frequently / leave it in too long

Which one works better also depends on the hair type etc.

Health / Re: Teeth keep getting worse (2 years raw primal)
« on: April 30, 2020, 12:25:21 am »
You're welcome :)

Is your fat / butter intake also based on satiation / taste?
I am curious if it will change when you include suet / back fat etc.
I have to rethink my assumption that you might not eat enough fat. On the first read it crossed my mind, on the other side, you also add butter / fat to eggs, juice etc, summed up, it might be ok. I can't give a propper guess because I never really weighed the amount of fat I ate. I eat fat to satiation and do good with that. But I know it is a big topic and for some it might be helpful to experiment on that. But you probably did your research on the different recommended fat-protein ratios and maybe you already figured it out for yourself.

Regarding the blood shot eyes: When I ate only beef and fat for about two weeks I got blood shot eyes after a few days. Before that I already ate raw meat from time to time, raw dairy (, raw liver) and raw eggs daily.
As soon as I ate less meat / protein (and more fat as the new calorie source) it passed. I remember someone here in the forum reported getting blood shot eyes in the beginning of raw paleo.
Another popular cause of blood shot eyes is riboflavin / b2 deficiency. But I can't imagine someone would ever get it when starting a raw paleo diet, as organs, eggs and dairy are excellent sources of b2. Only if you supplemented with b1.

Which organs do you consume?

Haha, I only mentioned the winter-could-be-beneficial thing because many people have in mind how beneficial it might be to get a lot of sun whole year 'round to load up on vit d, but what if then one would miss the benefit of colder times? :) In the end it might depend on what the body needs most in the current state "happier" surrounding, sun, vit d or calmer, colder times.

Did you start all the supplements at the same time?
Some people on the forum would rather recommend consuming high quality seaweed as Iodine source, since it contains all the synergistically working nutrients, being a whole food. But here again, Lugols & seaweed / iodine was discussed in the forum already.

Regarding green juices: I can't recommend not to drink them. Some people clearly benefit from it, some not. For me juicing was awkward because it seems so "unnatural" to me, so I skipped it a few times, but always came back consuming it round about once a week because it is doing me good. I wouldn't drink more than what I feel benefits me though.

Health / Re: Teeth keep getting worse (2 years raw primal)
« on: April 28, 2020, 06:50:57 pm »
I forgot:
When did you start getting the bloodshot eyes? Prior raw paleo? Are these persistent?

Health / Re: Teeth keep getting worse (2 years raw primal)
« on: April 28, 2020, 06:47:48 pm »
Hello Thomas,

I would firstly ask about why you do some things, that I stumbled upon when reading your post.
When questioning it, I am not saying that you're doing these things wrong, but at least I could imagine that these are causing problems or are not ideal:

- Why do you take so much Lugols Iodine? I mean it sounds like a lot to me. Even one drop orally daily is a lot for some people. Maybe you have a good reason or clearly benefit from it?
- For what reasons do you consume the other supplements? Do you clearly benefit frm one of these / have a deficiency? As you surely know, supplements can be too "one-sided", resulting in deficiencies / imbalances in other areas. And to find out these newly created deficiencies it often not an easy thing to do.. Nevertheless, sometimes supplements helped me a lot and might have even been necessary. But yeah it can be tricky to keep it in a balance.
- How do you decide on what to eat? I mean is it based on rules, dogma, appetite, instinct, expected feeling afterwards etc.?
- Which organs do you consume? In which amounts? Balanced? How do you decide on which ones / how much to eat?
- Why do you eat so many tomatos with your meat meal? Why not eating raw eggs alone?
- Do you have access to other raw animal fat sources than butter, like suet, back fat etc? I can imagine some people here would recommend increasing your fat intake compared to the amount of muscle meat you consume. But you better wait what others here say about that or read on that topic here on the forum.
- I definitely would have suggested to cut back on the green juices. Some people report benefiting from it, I do as well occassionally, when I feel like my body needs it, but the amounts you drank daily sound a lot. Some people here even recommend not to drink them at all. Because they might lead to mineral deficiencies, are not a natural food etc.
You say you might even feel worse when consuming less green juices for some time. Why you think so?
- Can you calculate how many carbs you consume per day? Do you feel better consuming less or more? I personally would consume fruit when living in warm / hot / tropical climate.
- Regarding your assumption that you might have a parasite infection: If it were intestinal parasites depleting you that severly from nutrients I am pretty sure (but don't know) you would have some intestinal symptoms and or weird stool. Does it apply to you?
- Just an idea (& might only be some not so relevant finetuning): I am wondering if it so good to spend the whole year in warm climate / summer for people who are genetically used to live in a colder environment for some part of the year. I don't know about your genetics though. Just as summer, winter has its positive effects on the body. Like calming down, having a rest from the more "exciting" time of the year. I haven't done research on that topic, but intuitively I feel like there might be something about it.

I hope this is helpful for you. I might have other things in mind but I guess that's enough at first. I have to say that I couldn't watch your files because I currently have no promising internet source to do so.
I wish you luck figuring out your problems. It seems like you already made some progress :)

I wouldn't say raw eggs are for everyone since there are even people who don't seem to tolerate them. Though I don't know about the eggs quality, how often they tried etc.

In my experience taste / cravings change and I am convinced this usually relates to the current needs of the body.
So if I were you, I wouldn't toss the eggs for all time. Maybe you have vitamin a, selenium or whatever in abundance in your body already and as a result your body is not craving or even kind of rejecting the eggs (for now). So maybe just try a raw egg occassionally from time to time?

Furthermore I react differently towards different food sources. I had raw eggs from pastured chicken, orange yolks, kept by a simple man for self-sustainable living. There was sth about the taste.. I really didn't like it. Tried again another time. Still didn't like. Once I had the same taste in eggs from another source. I had similar experiences with other animal products. What I mean is, your experience could also be due to the egg source? Pastured, organic chicken oftentimes still means they get fed with soy for example, depending on how sensitive someone is, I can even imagine that's why some people don't react well to eggs. Probably it is not optimal for everybody, but maybe some people are not at all affected by it or the benefits of consuming such raw eggs still overweigh.

With some things I have to say it took my body some more time to crave them / learn that I benefit from them. For example I kind of started craving raw kidney maybe after the second time I ate it.

I would definitely experiment a little bit more :)

Health / Re: Egg Yolk Liver Flushing: The Paleo Liver Flush
« on: March 05, 2020, 09:05:12 pm »
A carton in my supermarket is usually 1 liter of Apple Juice.

If apple juice is not for you, you can try eating lots of fresh raw apples.

Then I might try again one day when I tolerate the sugar better.

General Discussion / Re: Iron overload on raw meat diet
« on: March 05, 2020, 08:57:44 pm »
Damn..good you found out. And luckily still early enough.
Lifelong learning..

I only read about african tribes getting iron poisened by brewing beer in iron pots.
If you have your study by hand which says there are some who got it through walking in iron rich soils, please share it with me.

A little bit offtopic, but: Unfortunately Rhassoul clay made my hair frizzy, I liked how easiliy it cleans the hair though!

General Discussion / Re: Iron overload on raw meat diet
« on: March 05, 2020, 05:57:11 pm »
I guess too that clay types vary in their iron content.
Nevertheless, since it is more or less the same material, I could imagine that they all are high in iron. In the internet iron is listed as one of its main components. Though I don't know if it is referred to all clays.
On the other side, I don't know about the exact chemical form of iron in clay and its bioavailability. There are even contradicting theories on if clay (and earth in general) is a good dietary iron source or if it even inhibits iron absorbtion.
The clay that I ingested, but only rarely, was Terramin clay. I don't have it with me now but I think the recommended daily serving had 1000% of the iron RDA. Luckily I only used it with breaks in between. The day last month I had the most pain in my liver area was when I ingested the clay and later on raw beef heart. Anyway, since there are many people using it more often (though probably not very long term), it might work without major issues.
The one I used daily for skin and teeth for 2-3 months was french green clay. Even if it might not as high in iron as the Terramin, I still used it daily and let it absorb through my mouth for several minutes a day.
Regarding your Rhassoul clay: It is sometimes called red clay as well. But I don't know if I'd be worried if I used it only for hair and short skin washes (if the iron is absorbed at all).

Hot Topics / Re: Coronavirus Fear Tactics
« on: March 03, 2020, 06:59:10 pm »
I am not scared of the virus itself, I'd rather be "scared of" being kept in quarantine in a toxic hospital environment, with no access to healing foods, instead being filled up with weakening medicine.

Hot Topics / Re: Coronavirus Fear Tactics
« on: March 03, 2020, 06:21:26 pm »
From reading your post, I feel like you have almost a divine connection to nature.  How did you cultivate this?  I feel so often that I am not connected to anything, and yet it is what I want most of all.

Though I don't know him, I have the same impression about him as you have, and really like it.

I can speak for myself at least that it comes with the diet or at least with increasing animal foods. I had feelings of "nature connection" prior to the diet, sometimes kind if a blessed feeling, spent a lot of time in nature, hiking etc, but it reached another level through the diet. I felt like I finally truly loved animals. I liked them before as well, but it felt different then. I found myself stopping riding the bike when I passed some cows grazing outside (not close to me) and I'd smile and feel sth like love / connection. Might sound odd or like vegan spiritual stuff or whatever, haha, but I can't explain differently. Maybe some deeply rooted appreciation for their role in the cycle of life. Maybe the plain fact, that half or so of the protein build in my body once belonged to a cow.
I think I here and there read from other people that their appreciation and love for animals (and therefore nature) has changed with such a diet.
Furthermore I have the impression it can provide a more calm, rational, less emotional driven mindset regarding nature, cycle of life, diseases etc.

General Discussion / Re: Drinking Water
« on: March 03, 2020, 05:57:57 pm »
I'd do long distance trekking frequently if it wasn't so hard to get good (real) food along the way..

Regarding water sources: It also depends on the natural water source. I am zero worried with the ones coming directly of the mountain / stones whatever or well, since they are not exposed to animals and usually not by human polution. With other waters (with some exposure) I am more careful.
Our ancestors and indigenous tribes know more about it / are experienced but I am not sure if one could one to one compare us with them regarding ability to drink natural water. I mean, generally I am not too scared of it but I can imagine that modern world people could get sick from it in terms of uncommon bacterial exposure and hence adapting to it. But there might be people who are too sick to easily handle it. Don't know.

If I were to drink distilled water, I'd only drink water that I distilled myself with a stainless steel distiller. And then I'd do more research on if one could bring back some life to it. Since natural water from mountains etc has another chemical structure and life in it (or however one wants to call it, I think you get an idea).

General Discussion / Re: Iron overload on raw meat diet
« on: March 03, 2020, 05:36:55 pm »
Hey Inger,

good to hear you're doing better!

I can't heally describe my diet, since it changed a lot lately mostly due to social reasons (was working and living on a farm where I partly adapted my eating to some shitty food available). But some things I can say about the last ~ year: My appetite for raw meat decreased, I started eating cooked meat occassionally, then I usually ate it cooked, at times a quite high amount of raw heart because it did me well in the beginnings of raw paleo but didn't notice when it didn't really help anymore in these amounts. For a year or so I nearly ate no plants, just some occasional fruit or vegetables /salad stuff for social reasons. Stopped it though because I started enjoing plant foods. And also because in the summer I got insane insomnia, which I was only able to solve with carbs in the evening like fruit. Some experiences where I noticed I need more plant food than I thought.

Also what I forgot to mention: For three months I used clay to brush my teeth, didn't get any problems with it teethwise, but damn it is freaking high in iron. And I used it every day, some of it accidentally swallowing. I also washed my face with it. With that I put myself in a high iron environment, so to speak.
It might have been too much iron for my damaged liver to handle.
Anyway, I feel better now with taking care of iron consumption.
Anyway, some downwards symptoms started before using the clay. But could have been anything else. I am not worried though, because so far raw paleo / primal etc has been an up and down learning adventure for me, full of needs to adapt / change sth. After the iron issue, there is sth else to come, haha. I'll probably figure it out one day.

I still have my period, though the last three years I had a so called too short monthly cycle (it began before raw paleo / primal), and I was able to get a longer cycle by adding carbs and or cooked meat.

You read that elevated iron levels heat up the body?
Since raw paleo / primal / increasing animal products I have no longer problems with cold weather. I heard this from a few people with similar eating habbits and the opposite from vegans. Anyway, unfortunately I also developped a low tolerance towards heat in the summer.. Could be because of iron? Or simply another issue. I'll see how it goes the upcoming summer when iron is lowered.

General Discussion / Re: Iron overload on raw meat diet
« on: March 01, 2020, 06:36:25 pm »
I only mention the effects of olive oil and egg white to bring awareness to natural methods of lowering iron instead of potentially harmful methods. I am not promoting to take rigidly care to consume 0 iron.

General Discussion / Re: Iron overload on raw meat diet
« on: March 01, 2020, 05:29:21 pm »
does cooked eggwhite still inhibit iron absorption?
I am doing the yolk raw for now and some whites cooked, not all though. I ditch some. I like to quickly sautee a big onion with herbs and maybe some mushrooms, just until a little soft, and then add the eggwhites and stir so it becomes a little like an omelette but was more onion and mushrooms that eggwhite. I pour some good quality olive oli on the top when ready. For vitamin E. And then I do the eggyolks raw.

My diet is right now looking pretty different than before
But it feels great and right. I just am going to eat mainly seafood until my next blood donation and the labs I am going to do after that to see how much I got my ferritine down.

Sure I did overdo it with raw muscle meat. I know. Probably I would not have run into issues if I had done bones with it. Like you do Derek.
After I get my ferritine down I am going to try out a different more broader approach, and also contonuing to doante blood so I can still eat lamb and Galloway :)

I do think heredity has a BIG impact in how much iron you absorb.

30% of my ancestors have extremely high iron absorption rate..... and it might be even more as this issue very often goes undiagnosed as doctors are often clueless what to look for. Also ferritine levels that are seen as "normal", "in range" are way too high, in reality.
My doctor said my vales were perfect! But they are way high.

I am going to get it down to maybe 30 or so, until then I am doing this strict regimen I do now
- IP6, donating blood as often as I am allowed to, no red meat but lots of seafood, oysters, herring etc. A little veggies here and there, more in spring and summer, as fat coconut oil and olive oil and eggyolks, some nuts. Lots of green tea, herbal tea, using herbs too. Raw sheep and goat cheeses for dessert to limit some iron uptake. Some dark chocolate/raw cacao. And regularly test my ferritine along the way.
Regular castor oil packs on my liver/belly :)
Also castor oil on face and neck (for wrinkles..;) )

Also other factors probably are at play. I think psychological stress will make your body do different things - as your organs and belly are not as relaxed having tons of emotional pain. Which is not good. I had tons of heart ache after my last relationship ended very abruptly. This might have had a big impact too.
Also that I easily over eat, being able to digest huge amounts of meat and fat... using it a little to feel comforted... and safe. Red meat makes me feel good and stable and gives tons of energy for sure. So I easily over ate it.

Mhh I don't know for sure if cooked egg white would still inhibit iron absorption. I guess it decreases its ability a little, but since most people eat cooked eggs and the research usually adresses to such people, I guess there is still some iron inhibiting properties left in egg white after cooking. If I were you I'd research on it.

What do you think of what I wrote about the IP6?

The link I provided states that olive oil increases iron absorbtion.

By the way your breakfast sounds great! Inspires me to try it out as well.

General Discussion / Re: Iron overload on raw meat diet
« on: February 27, 2020, 09:55:08 pm »
Thanks for the feedback.
I can also imagine that iron overload often occurs in a context of liver problems or unbalanced nutrition (not enough copper, B2 etc.).

For some people this website might provide further interesting science based information:

One information might be especially important for Inger: You said you'll keep eating egg yolks (without egg white as far as I understood you). There's a protein in the egg white which inhibits iron absorbtion. And as nearly all of the iron is contained in the egg yolk, I'd eat the whole egg in an iron overload condition.

Welcoming Committee / Re: Meateor Man IN THE HOUSE!
« on: February 26, 2020, 03:19:09 am »
I enjoyed your youtube videos, great content!

General Discussion / Re: Iron overload on raw meat diet
« on: February 24, 2020, 03:07:10 am »
For me the main reasons I thought of an iron overload:
- I have on and off liver and pancreas pain, occassionally, short, not too bad, like a twitch and sometimes days or weeks in between without any. I already had prior to the diet. Sometimes got better, sometimes worse again. But since healing takes time, I just gave it some more time, not really bothered. Had a break of the pain for a month or so last November, it came back in a time when I ate more cooked meet than ever before.
- Also some on and off diabetic symptoms. Though these usually appeared when I for example included rice in my diet. I would pretty fast get vision problems, nerve pain, weight gain etc. Or sometimes having nerve pain from drinking freshly juiced organic oranges. I mean to some degree my body might have been sensitive to it because of longterm fruit and sugar etc restriction. But still, the degree to which I was sensitive to it, ws suspicous, especially because I suspected to heal on the diet, including the diabetic and pancreatic symptoms. On the other side, when eating a little bit of bread, potatoes, rice etc. several days in a row and I'd then get diabetic symptoms I didn't consider it too suspicious for a long time, because I knew from people in such forums, that they'd even react on such foods or vegetables immediately. But would they get diabetic symptoms? As far as I remember they rather get intolerance or digestive symptoms.
- The day I had the most pain was when I ate clay which is an iron bomb and raw beef heart, which is high in iron especially when taking its relatively low amount of copper and zinc into consideration, to balance the iron out. And that pain started bothering me.
- I didn't crave raw beef muscle meat since quite some time.
- And what I kind of use as my final proof (which I value higher than a blood test) is the following: Eating raw organs is not a big deal for me, I even sometimes really liked eating raw kidney, even when it wasn't that fresh and had a little unpleasent pissy smell. Anyway, (raw) spleen.. which is loaded with iron, I think it is most abundant there. I had a very specific disaffection when eating it.  I mean I like the look, it reminds me of berry sorbet and blood mixture or so. Kind of asthetic. The texture is also nice. And still eating it felt weird. Tried it a few times, each time organic, grass fed, very fresh.
Back then I thought, well I don't have access to raw blood, shouldn't I be missing iron and therefore find eating spleen satisfying?
It was weird to me. And after a few months, liver pain getting worse (again), sleep getting worse (again) in a very particular way that I could distinguish from sleeping issues I had before and therefore couldn't solve like before. Occasional nerve pain, sometimes worse. Worse skin. And maybe sth else as well which I don't remember right now. Looking worse, of corse.

Puuh, that was pretty detailed, sorry.
Anyway, I decreased my red meat and organ consumption. Some raw liver for copper. The occasional liver pain / twitch is rare by now. Symptomwise it is bearable, I've been through worse, but looking bad and feel exhausted because of the terrible sleep.

I would love to donate blood, but I am in a foreign country at the moment and I am not allowed to donate blood here yet. In 6 months they say.. Only way might be getting to know a nurse or similar and doing it privately, haha. Or going to a doctor for blood work and hope he will do the right measurements but I can't be sure that he'd do so and I anyway don't consider blood work to be always correct. Too many involved factors and things we don't know about yet. Additionally I'd need to hope that he'd prescribe me to donate blood. But I can't even know for sure if my current health insurance would pay for all that. And at the moment I don't wanna risk spending all the money by myself without even knowing if the doctor would measure the right stuff or if the measures are valid.
Little bit annoying situation ;D

Might try the castor oil thing, though I don't understand how it should work if it is wrapped in plastic. Or did I get it wrong?
Otherwise just getting through it by lowering dietary iron intake. But might take very long. Let's see.

General Discussion / Re: Iron overload on raw meat diet
« on: February 24, 2020, 02:15:54 am »
@ Inger
Yeah I would definitely go slow with the IP6 or even rethink it.
Because what I wonder about is: IP6 means phytic acid, and isn't that a chemical compound why grains, vegetables to a degree etc are considered unhealthy and people decrease it by fermentation, soaking etc? Because they are not binding exclusevly to iron, as well as zinc and many other important ones, right? All the minerals you would need to balance excess iron.
Also, in the end it is not a natural thing to supplement it. Could be harder to correct the damage caused by it than using the other methods to decrease iron. And I guess by donating blood + decrease dietary intake if iron + increase intake of copper + other changes you're already on a great way :)

General Discussion / Re: Iron overload on raw meat diet
« on: February 24, 2020, 02:05:34 am »
Sure, I wrote about the process I use on my website: A Tale of 100 Acorns. Let me know if you have any questions.

So cool, thanks for sharing! Gonna try it out this year I guess.

Health / Re: Egg Yolk Liver Flushing: The Paleo Liver Flush
« on: February 23, 2020, 10:45:58 pm »
i do not think this breaks up stones.
I think breaking up stones is what apples do.
I believe in using various liver cleansing techniques.

Hello GS,

first, thank you for sharing your knowledge.
I am wondering: What do you mean by a carton of apple juice? I mean how much is it? I was hoping round about 300ml is enough and that you don't mean a liter package per day..
Because the apple juice affects me already badly in 300ml amounts. Making me feel irritated and uncalm. And yeah bad sleep. Couldn't imagine to drink more.
After 5 of such preperation days I did three liver flushes as you described (tomorrow would be the 4th). So far no stones.
I am wondering if a 4th day of flushing is necessary. Or if I might not release stones because I didn't drink enough apple juice. Maybe by now you've made experiences with this liver flush without prior apple juice drinking. At least I can imagine that quite a few people would refuse drinking so much apple juice.
I appreciate your help :)

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