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General Discussion / Sticker Shock
« on: September 10, 2021, 11:26:37 am »
I just paid $10 for half a pound of ground beef to feed a family of three.  Anyone out there having trouble funding the diet these days or do you raise your own critters?  I need to learn how to fish!

General Discussion / Re: My concerns
« on: September 10, 2021, 11:19:42 am »
Hey I'm new here so I don't have enough knowledge on the diet to help but I have IBD pretty bad.

A week or so ago we put in a reverse osmosis water purifier to remove glyphosate and flouride.  My gut has been much happier, but it's still too soon to call it a cure-all.  For the first time in years I'm unaware of food as it moves through my body and no crippling pain, which is a huge benefit.  Anyway, thought I would mention it.  There are a lot of GI diseases of course and causes.  Good luck!

Welcoming Committee / Re: Just Starting, Newbie from Oregon
« on: September 10, 2021, 11:11:29 am »
A lot of my books aren't pre-1950's unfortunately but those would be really cool to deep dive into.  I have the classic Pritikin books (low-fat), the first books by Dr. Barnard (Vegan), Atkins (low-carb), and some other more obscure stuff.  My oldest book is on Kindle, Upton Sinclair's 1911 book on fasting, which I believe is a free PDF online or also very cheap Kindle.  I had read the Jungle but found out he wrote a book on fasting a 100 years ago. 

I have a lot of general questions, which part of the web forum would be a good place to ask things? 

Right now I'm having a flare up with arthritis and I think I have gout.  My big toe joint feels like it's full of broken glass and sometimes I can't walk on it - and I wear Hoka shoes with insoles already because of joint damage.  Those are the HUGE soled sneakers. 

I was wondering if anyone had issues with Gout.  Classically it's associated with rich meat foods and organ meats, but because I lurk a lot online and read a bunch, I've found people on plant based diets and everything inbetween struck down with Gout.  Wondering now if it's either genetic, related to sugar, or something else.  Anyone here have issues with it?  Last year at this time my arthritis flared really bad also, so maybe it's the PNW rain moving in and the summer leaving us.  If it's like last year it will probably go away in a week or two. 

Anyway - big shout out and hello to the group tonight.  I hope everyone is doing alright. 

Suggestion Box / Maybe make a Q/A section for new people?
« on: September 06, 2021, 02:18:15 am »
Like, I really want to know if you all drink coffee.  That's kinda a staple here in the PNW or the US (Oregon Coast) because it rains non-stop all winter.  I don't know, I have a lot of stupid questions like that. 

Exercise / Bodybuilding / Any Runners or Cyclists?
« on: September 06, 2021, 02:16:28 am »
I'm an avid runner and cyclist, anyone else? - I'm slow and sometimes I have to take off a few weeks if my health is bad, but I do really enjoy it.

I've been reading the book, "Natural Born Heroes" by the author who set off the barefoot running craze, in his new book he delves into resistance fighters in Crete using fat adaptation and basically the keto diet to fuel for weeks of uphill mountain bounding avoiding Nazi patrols.  It's an interesting look at very low-carb running so if that's your jam, or if you like history you might check the book out. :D

Exercise / Bodybuilding / Re: can not get rid of belly fat no matter what
« on: September 06, 2021, 01:59:57 am »
Newbie here, question: does it matter if it's a game meat vs. moo cow bovine?  Or are game meats too lean?  I know that a certain amount of fat has to be included for digestion and avoid 'rabbit starvation' but could the poster use Elk potentially? 

Also to the original poster, who might not be here anymore, I would suggest using calipers and old fashioned body fat measurements.  If you have gained fat nowhere else besides the belly then it could potentially be something other than fat gain. 

General Discussion / Re: Thyrotoxicosis from consumption of Thyroid gland.
« on: September 06, 2021, 01:52:48 am »
I've been looking for freeze dried thyroid supplement if anyone has a link :D

My Mom thought breastfeeding was gross and somehow dirty - - so I was given formula and lucky me I'm allergic to both soy and dairy.  She got sick of the diarrhea diapers, constant crying, and sickly baby so weened me super early onto baby cereals.  I also wasn't allowed to have a pacifier for too long.  My Mom would later say that having a baby was pretty much a nightmare and she would never do it again. 

So I was weened and not allowed to suckle, and funny thing that, suckling is vital to babies because it develops the jaw muscles and makes the jaw and face grow correctly - without it you get a really high pallet, impacted teeth, weak non-existent chin and issue with the jaw and nose for life.  As an adult I've spent around $30,000 USD on various surgeries now to correct in part some of the damage I have to my face. 

I didn't have a glass of water until I was 23.

My Mom and my Grandma didn't believe in water.  How can anyone not believe in WATER?!  I don't know, but they gave me Dr.Pepper to drink.  I had heart palpitations, insomnia, and was anxious non-stop.  When I was ten I asked if I could please have a caffeine free version of soda.  But a lot of my stomach pain was probably due to dehydration.  Finally in college I thought - this is ridiculous, I'm going to learn to drink water.  And wow, did I ever feel better.  It took a bit to get used to though. 

Welcoming Committee / Re: Just Starting, Newbie from Oregon
« on: September 06, 2021, 12:58:44 am »
I'm 46 and since I have a GI issue I've actually spent .. oh 10 years or so studying nutrition.  I have a vintage book collection of some of the greatest hits even.  Having spent so much time studying food, I find the group really interesting.  I would like to hear some stories on how people discovered this and how it affected their health.  Being sickly I ended up a proper book worm. 

Being interesting in nutrition I have watched Shawn Baker and Mikhaila Peterson, and for a bit on Youtube Vegetable Police was trying the raw meat diet.  I have a little knowledge, but this is the first I've heard of raw paleo. 

I would like to lurk and learn more if that's okay. 


Hot Topics / Re: Paleo Diet for Heart Disease
« on: September 02, 2021, 08:20:28 am »
I've been wondering about this as well - the Kempner diet was just rice and sugar.  (Gross, can you imagine being fed that everyday?) But the deal there was it was so low calorie.  It was the low calories that made a big different in Diabetes / Heart Disease.  I suspect that it is the low calorie of a lot of Vegans that help protect them from the same diseases (although there are still cases within that community.)  Nathan Pritikin had the same deal, I have his books on my shelf and it was like, 500 calories per day and some vegetable snacks if a person was too hungry to cope.  He was renowned for healing heart issues.

I was in the Vegan community on and off for about ten years as I tried to heal my GI health issues.  There were so many anorexics.  If I had to guess, an extremely low calorie diet is the ticket, maybe not necessarily the food.  That's just a guess of course, but a decent guess. 

Welcoming Committee / Just Starting, Newbie from Oregon
« on: September 02, 2021, 07:52:26 am »
Hi, well, I thought "RAW" was like ... an adjective like XTREME or KILLER, lol, so confession, I just read the pinned explanation and -- I can't eat anything raw that I know of, at least not at the moment, I have IBD (likely - see explanation below).  Everything I eat hates me.  So I don't know,  ya'll might have to give me the boot. 

I have so much trouble eating that a lot of times I resort to nibbling on Skittles for most of the day.  I was sick all the time as a kid, so don't know if you ever had the experience of having a bad flu and you don't really want any sort of heavy food?  Broccoli, steak and pizza aren't really on the menu... 

I eat a lot of soup and bone broth and I can eat veggies if I boil them (but not broccoli and there are some veggies I can't digest at all).   I was born with digestive issues and then it got worse.  I would eat pancakes for breakfast and then not eat again until supper because I was so scared of getting sick at school.  When I went on trips with my parents they threatened me, 'DO not get sick'  -- so I'm 46 and in the 1980's absolutely everything to do with a bad GI was "STRESS" hahaha -- so I'm like seven years old and my Mom is super ashamed that she has such a weakling mentally fried child.  I used to get threatened a lot with, "if you keep this up you will have to go to a GI doctor and do you know what they'll do (insert torture) GULP"  So although I've talked to a few general MD's -- I have avoided actual GI doctors my entire life.  There it is, my confession.  I don't have a firm diagnosis but so far they just want to use SSRI's on my gut so I guess it's all back to the whole 'stress' thing, lol.  Despite what most people know about the usual GI issues, my biggest complaint is GI pain. 

I want to develop a system of food I can eat, and some foods to avoid, and get some support.  Sometimes I just get sick of trying to manage my food and just drink a coke with a doughnut.  (I can eat most processed carbs although they put me straight to sleep usually). 

I'm really here to learn if you'll have me, but I might be too much of a mess to be saved, idk.  :D  My energy is non-existent.  I have a lot of fatigue most of the time. 

I have a big bubbly personality if you'll let me join.  I just have questions and I'm not on Facebook or social media stuff because my friends all became political meme activist and got weird. 

My dream is to be a runner and a cyclist but I'm so fatigued, and I've put on some chubby weird weight in the middle and it's holding me so far back I can't see the start line. 

Cheers!  - Poppy 

--btw -- on ancestral supplements: Beef Liver & Beef Organs  <-- these have helped a lot

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