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Hot Topics / Re: Raw Milk, when its bad for you?
« on: January 22, 2011, 12:53:24 pm »
Hey bro,

Can I have bro to bro advice? I used to wake up with morning erections and my libido was coming back until I started lifting weights. I don't want to give up weights because I want to keep a good body composition for many reasons. It seems like I have to chose. Morning erections and Libido or gym. What do you think bro. I am tired of doing blood tests I am over it. I just want to feel good.

It made me feel good but it couldn't be healthy. I was consuming about 1800 calories a day which is to low right? Vander and Matt Stone are all about High Everything Diet and it would be fine if I was okay with being fat till my thyroid and adrenal grands heal. Its not a good look for me and I feel ALOT of social anxiety when I am like that I can walk out in public make millions of friends when I have a decent body. I am totally confused.

Weds Dec 22,


Hormone Imbalance
Low Libido
Easy Fat gain

Had ED for 5 years Improved dramatically  Paleo Low Carb along with other issues.

Went back to Semi Paleo- I eat dark chocolate, drink a few beers with friends sometimes and eat rice thanks to my filipina girlfriend.

Read Matt Stone 180 degree and read some others and I read low carb causes other health issues like vitamin c problems and kidney stones and I had low thyroid functions after. Higher carb helps with those issues but my ED is back and 20 pounds of weight gain and I felt better on low carb paleo but I love sweet potatoes with butter and rice and things..

I need advice is this my new health journal.
I would like to correct my issues.

General Discussion / Making raw food taste good
« on: November 16, 2010, 08:54:33 am »
Trying to do the transition to a more raw lifestyle.

How do u make raw eggs taste good and other foods?

I Appreciate it :P

I am having a problem enjoying

Health / Hypothyroid Healing Diet LifeStyle and Supplements.
« on: October 31, 2010, 07:06:38 am »
Any Suggestions? I have hypothyroid. Started with Iodine and slowly introducing more carbs in my diet like sweet potatoes to boost metabolism.

General Discussion / Re: Libido Strength foods for raw paleo
« on: October 11, 2010, 09:34:52 am »
Thanks for the heads up everyone. So going to get more testicles lol. I am going to eat a combination of clams and oysters along with kidney

Journals / Re: Boracay Journal
« on: October 11, 2010, 09:29:04 am »
Thats gross...But I am sure we will get some.. How do we kill them once there in the body

General Discussion / Re: Libido Strength foods for raw paleo
« on: October 11, 2010, 02:54:30 am »
Celery? What does celery do for libido? I saw that vegetable juice with alot of celery is advocated for general nutrition... are the b12 amount in oysters as much as clams?

Journals / Re: Boracay Journal
« on: October 10, 2010, 09:22:13 pm »
Phils Department of Agriculture states that 70% of pork in the country is raised in smallholder backyards. There is not any underlying tendency towards high levels of cleanliness in the malayan culture, though the Filipinos are better than the Indonesians.   A small percentage of pork production is highly professional. However, almost all of that output is under contract to Monterey (= the parent of Jollibee and its co-holdings such as Red Ribbon) and a handful of other giant corporations. These large corporations actually have western-quality field representation by real veterinarians and the quality is outstanding.

Anything found in a wet market likely has a un-contracted origin and there is no
corporate supervision of the farms.

Davao City is an epicenter of high-quality public officialdom.  I ate raw ground beef out of Davao
supermarkets for many, many months and never once experienced the slightest problem.  I myself
won't buy meat at a wet market but in Davao it probably is ok. Frankly, the cost savings is tiny.

Thre are more or less pature raised


Journals / Re: Boracay Journal
« on: October 10, 2010, 09:19:34 pm »
Welcome Boracay !

But is that kind of menu really paleo? I’m afraid not at all!

NO! >D


Well I guess I am cheating a little. I am indulging in butter and cream but until I get used to raw organs a raw meat I need something to keep my sanity and I am thinking its in the "grey area" as far as excepted things amoung paleo... I am trying to really increase my fertility so alot of saturated fat and cholesterol is a must and I dont have organic eggs to me at the time so i have to compensate..

Journals / Re: Boracay Journal
« on: October 10, 2010, 09:15:46 pm »
It's so unnatural how these farm animals are stuck in one place, defecating on the grass where they're eating. I guess that's a reason for cooking in modern day compared to paleo times. Almost every lamb joint I get has parasitic cysts in it...

Ok... Now I am scared.... I am eating all my goat organs and meat raw shortly... Any suggestions of how to look for parasitic cysts etc?

Journals / Re: Boracay Journal
« on: October 10, 2010, 09:14:31 pm »
What are coconut flakes?

I agree in keeping the coconuts.  You live in the #1 coconut producing country so coconut is always fresh and brand new.

The brown dehydrated coconut they scrape out the white stuff and it is these flakes for coconut milk. I love them!! I mix them with Butter,Cream and Cinnamon and get a huge fat bomb in the morning.

Journals / Re: Boracay Journal
« on: October 10, 2010, 09:13:02 pm »
Welcome Boracay!

    I eat regular pig, but it's locally raised, fully outdoor raised, and raw never been frozen.  I was scared to try it at first.  I had health problems though, and my instincts told me to try it.  Eating it has only helped my health improve so far.  I've been eating it for a few years.  It took me until I was doing RAFs about a year, before I tried eating it.

    Aajonus says raw oysters are one of the fastest detoxing foods that exist.  

    Could it be that it's detoxing you so fast, that the toxins are temporarily lodging in your joints or tendons?  Maybe it's improving your ability to feel, or first opening up healing channels, which can hurt at first.

    You're eating a lot of heated or frozen coconut?  Are you finding you need less spices in your curries yet?


I no longer like curry anymore... I don't know what happened but it happened fast... I am eating alot of coconut straight from the coconut.. It is my greatest source of raw far. Its good to know about the oysters because I am eating them everyday..

Journals / Re: Boracay Journal
« on: October 10, 2010, 09:10:22 pm »
Cut out the coconut and the dairy.

I would cut out coconut but I think I never will. It is extremely heart protective. It is the best thing to boost up your Protective HDL cholesterol that is known to man according to my hours of research... I had metabolic syndrome that I am in the process of curing. Boosting up my hormones with high amounts of saturated fat especially from coconut is needed. 

I cut out all grains and all that bullshit. I moved from margerine and milk to full fat cream and butter.

General Discussion / Libido Strength foods for raw paleo
« on: October 10, 2010, 09:01:00 pm »
I eat alot of oysters and fat like butter,coconut milk,cream, raw egg yolks. Anything else? I used to have ed and my diet cured it..

Journals / Re: Boracay Journal
« on: October 09, 2010, 10:21:20 am »
Since I can't find native pig yet.. Is it ok that i eat the regular pig raw. I found the raw liver at the wet market yesterday. I am 25.. The oysters are helping my libido immensely I believe the oysters come from palawan or roxas city. I am getting a lot more morning erections... The only problem is when I wake up in the morning I am sooo fatigued from eating the oysters.... No poisoning... Its like my whole body is really tight and I am really tired... Sleeping 10 to 11 hours a day now.. 

I am trying to establish some people who have native pig that eats off the land that will sell there organ meat and find someone with goats and chicken. What vegetable do you recommend?

Journals / Re: Boracay Journal
« on: October 09, 2010, 06:44:00 am »

I have a history of autoimmune disease starting at 20 years old till now. I had Cronic fatigue, Hormonal imbalance, hair loss, muscle weakness and tightness over the body and bad allergies.I also had IBS. Low Libido, inflammation on top of the head red painful spots and weight problems

I switched to Paleo 3 months ago and transitioning to raw paleo. Raw paleo makes my body really tight and stiff. Harder to breath and mood not as good.... I think it may be detox. I eat alot of FAT especially coconut,butter,cream. My libido is up for sure. I wake up or have morning woods alot more frequently especially that I am eating oysters everyday raw. I think i am about 50 percent raw and 50 percent cooked stage right now. I felt MUCH better on cooked but maybe it is a adjustment phase.

My Breakfast usual consists of Coconut Flakes,Coconut Milk,Full fat cream and butter mixed together with cinnimon. Its like my cereal.. Then I will have some cooked Chicken Curry made with full fat coconut milk or cream with coconut oil added. At night I will eat raw oysters and some more butter or coconut milk and chow down on some cooked shrimp that my girlfriend makes. I saw a huge raw liver at the market that I am going to by. It isn't grass fed and thats harder to find and I am working on it. Considering even starting my own little farm when I do a full transition but I am going to try cooked liver and slowly eat it more and more rare till raw.

Journals / Boracay Journal
« on: October 08, 2010, 08:40:06 pm »
Hello all. Getting ready to post my food meals and how i feel and health problems trying to over come starting tommorow


For the past 3 months I switched into Paleo.

I usually eat lets say

Egg curry made with coconut milk or oil and 2 two 3 ounces of steak rib eye.
Or salmon cooked in butter
I would eat one serving of a vegetable not a ground like spinach or brocolli.
Felt great.. That would be the days food.. I would also eat full fat cream 70% dark chocolate... Cinnamon as a sweetener....

Now I tried 4 raw egg yolks with raw rib eye and coconut oil.... I felt intense pain and lots of problems

I had alot of hormonal problems due to bad nutrition before and making good progress. I had CFS Prediebetic and alot of inflammation

What is going on with me.. I just switched had horrible nightmares body is all tight and I am always fatigued... What just happened???!?!!?

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