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   When I started the primal diet in my forties, I grew taller than I ever was.  My diet in the early time of my RAF journey was mostly cultured cream, all raw of course and all grassfed, except one quart I got that was grainfed.

Very interesting.

You grew taller in your forties?
How much are we talking here? It wasn't just caused by i.e. better posture?

I'm 26 years and 5' 10" medium height. I'm taller than my mom (will check height and update), same height as my 30 year old sister and lower than my father (5' 11") and 33 year old brother (6' 1"). I am the only one who has cut dairy our of my diet, and I started noticing problems with lactose intolerance as a kid (age 7?) and now have intolerance also to the whey and casein (thank you Mr Antibiotic). I didn't completely cut out dairy till age 19/20 though, because I was told it wasn't causing my issues). Never been a big milk drinker of any sort though, but did eat dairy containing foods and even ignorantly took whey protein shakes for about a year in the military before my whole system revolted.

I'm also turning out shorter than all my cousins, which is making me think I should genetically be taller if it wasn't for malnutrition/antibiotics in my youth..

General Discussion / Re: Raw Animal Foodist Retreats/Spas etc.
« on: April 06, 2010, 04:58:59 am »
Now that my office is beside the big wet market with raw everything in it, would people find it appealing to check into a hotel beside the big wet market and be able to get fresh raw everything daily?  I could be your simple guide?
Hallois Good Samaritan!

I might travel to the Philippines for a period this year or next, so might take you up on that guide offer (if it's still standing?) ;)
Can you say anything about what sort of costs I should expect for one person living in Manilla?
..or possibly somewhere else on the philippines you would recommend?

Living expenses I'm thinking an appartment 20-40 sqm, utilities (electricity, internet, ??), food costs (meats and veggies) and anything else to consider..

I'm quitting my current job soon because it's too much travelling/work away from home making me dependent on canteen foods - which are neither healthy nor very optimal for my tomato, gluten, dairy, egg and asparagus intolerances :-/ (After too many treatments of antibiotics in my younger days, till age 20 that is. I'm still just a quarter century old and been troubling these intolerances and more for 5+ years).

Not sure how long my stay would be, from a month to a year (still in the early planning stages).

Also considering various south american countries or possibly the USA, or open for other suggestions. I'm looking for a place to get away from the cold norwegian climate, because it's really not helping my health problems. So somewhere warmer, 20-30 degrees C most of the year would be ideal ;), and good availability of healthy foods. So if anyone has any suggestions and information about costs to expect it is greatly appreciated. Low costs wouldn't hurt either, as I'll be living off savings till I get some work or get any online business ventures going..

I will contact Pangaia to check if they still offer a meat diet, and report back when I get a reply.

Cheers :D

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