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Primal Diet / Re: YouTube Censorship Against Raw Meat
« on: January 15, 2021, 07:15:21 pm »
The left can be so predictable and rigid in it's way, they have their own uniform (people dress the same in many groups), here in Germany it is often taboo to a say that you enjoy meat in the left scene. Many are anti wilderness in many ways (not consciously), they say the earth could support so much more people. Hunting is evil says many. And, the right is scary, wanting to control humans and planet with tech and pharma.
Actually, I am quite sure that one is not possible without the other, they need each other.
We need to find a different way.

There is another way. Start properly identifying and denouncing the radical left as the most evil form of politics there is. You have an advantage in Germany, in that most people would do anything to not be associated with the nazis. Start correctly pointing out that the nazis were a radical left wing party. It shouldn't be too hard. It's in the name. Point out how Hitler was a vegetarian, and how many of his policies aren't that far off from what is being proposed today by the radical left. Simply swapping national socialism for international socialism doesn't change the fact that it's still socialism.

Point out how Germany became prosperous and happy after WWII because it embraced a mostly free market policy for several decades, and how that's the only way to progress further, if that's what "progressives" claim they want.

If you wanna take it one step further still, you can mention how the nazis' plans for a united europe with Germany at the top were realized under the socialist european union.

Primal Diet / Re: YouTube Censorship Against Raw Meat
« on: January 14, 2021, 07:15:39 am »
It is important that we do not lump ourselves together with the whole MAGA/right wing extremist crowd. It would make us an unnecessary target for censorship.

Well, I've been a heavy Trump critic since I first learned who he was back in 2012. I'm certainly not part of the fake right wing MAGA crowd. To call MAGA right wing extremism is highly deceptive. The MAGA crowd is simply national socialism, which is a brand of socialism and very much a part of the radical left. Meanwhile the Harris crowd (Biden will be irrelevant) is simply communism, which is another brand of socialism and therefore also part of the radical left.

As a bonus, I don't worry about youtube/twitter/facebook blocking people they don't want on their platforms. What's worrying is when the State takes on that role, but far as private companies doing it, all you have to do is refuse to use their services.

I do like to find out who the big companies are blocking though, because I wanna find out who they are and why they've been blocked.

EDIT: It would be worrying however, if ISPs started blocking people too, based on ideology. While they are private companies, they often operate with state-granted oligopolies that forbid or heavily restrict anyone else from competing. It's true that Google / Facebook / Twitter have ever increasing alliances with ISPs that grant them benefits at the expense of their competitors. But thus far, the ISPs aren't going as far in terms of censorship, at least, not that I know of.

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: bees fed on sugar?
« on: January 11, 2021, 01:06:58 am »
Most beekepeers feed sugar or syrup to the bees during the startup of a new colony or during times where there aren't many flowers around. This is obviously much worse than natural honey.

Most honey is heated.

When you combine the two, the end result is just sugar with some extra minerals and whatnot. It's no surprise that the teeth of those consuming it suffer.

What you want is honey is hasn't been heated, and if possible that bees weren't fed anything except for raw honey during startup.

When you eat this honey alone, it will feel a little weird in your stomach, it can even hurt a little, as the high insulin-like substance can be overwhelming. If you combine it with other foods, this won't happen.

When you eat heated honey, even by itself, this also won't happen, as you'll esssentially just be eating sugar.

Primal Diet / Re: AVs charcoal brand
« on: January 10, 2021, 06:42:40 am »
I don't remember charcoal being recommended. Are you sure you're not thinking about clay?

Primal Diet / Re: YouTube Censorship Against Raw Meat
« on: January 10, 2021, 05:35:19 am »
Are you surprised?

I'm surprised it took them this long to start censoring people promoting real health.

Primal Diet / Re: aajonus' on pineapple, papaya
« on: June 07, 2020, 09:15:10 pm »
As far as I remember it was just a tablespoon with meals. Only for people who needed extra enzymes though.

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: Raw, grain-fed beef?
« on: June 03, 2020, 08:34:12 pm »
No need to sear, lean muscle will be perfectly fine. Fat you will have to go by taste, but even if it's bad quality it will not harm you.

Try to have it at room temperature and without condiments to be able to discern the quality of the fat. If you sear it you will lose this ability, plus you will break the fat/toxin bonds and you will absorb all of those sprayed grain toxins.

Cooking doesn't destroy toxins, in fact it makes it so they are more likely to be absorbed rather than discarded.

Go easy on the organs, since they will have a high toxin load, but you can have some occasionally for the vitamins. Liver in particular. Avoid them if you're gonna be paranoid about it.

Always strive for better quality, but that's not a good reason to instead do something much less healthy like cooked foods.

Because the toxin load of these meats is higher, you will experience some symptoms occasionally. It's your choice if you'd rather have a few days a year of discomfort, or be sick the entire year but to a lesser degree. And it's your choice if you want your health to worsen significantly year by year, or if you want to age more naturally and slowly.

Science / Re: Children raised via IVF more likely to get cancer
« on: May 30, 2020, 08:29:26 pm »
It's actually up to 24 times more likely according to the data posted in that article.

Goes from 17.5 per 100,000 to as much as 1 in 240, which the article mistakenly claims is equal to 44 per 100k, but is actually 417 per 100k.

I never understood how embryos are even viable after freezing, but this is the first sign that some damage is likely done.

We'll have to wait and see to get an idea of full life expectancy from this procedure.


Including depression, anxiety and self-harm.

Makes sense, since purposefully avoiding meat is itself a form of self-harm.

Interestingly, AV's instant-cure for depression was high meat, some of his followers even going as far as to engage in coprophagy for this purpose. Vegan food is notoriously lacking in bacteria and e.coli in particular.

To you guys who have a more diplomatic tone, you guys have better appeal to the masses, or maybe just talk to our national leaders...

Please find a way to be able to communicate the concepts of what I am able to convey here in a way that they will listen, find a way for them to save face... realize that they were HOAXED in making irrational illogical lockdown decisions.

So that they may find a way to save their own faces and find a way of ENDING the LOCKDOWNs as soon as possible because extended lockdowns are far far worse which will result in mass starvation and grinding poverty of MILLIONS compared to the statistically manipulated hoax deaths with hoax projections.

Unfortunately it seems everyone is falling in line and supporting whatever their governments say they must support, often attacking anyone who even suggests a different approach.

If we haven't been successful in teaching the masses or convincing enough influential people of the unquestionable benefits of free market capitalism, and of the terrible dangers of totalitarian socialist government regimes, before they decided to go ahead with this global pandemic hoax, there is little chance of getting anywhere now that we are here.

The lockdowns have nothing to do with the virus, they are there to give governments massive power and control over everyone and everything.

Most dissenters are just now waking up to the reality that powerful governments are the single greatest threat to their physical and emotional wellbeing. Well now it's probably too late.

We are living in the worst time in human history regarding the unchained, oppressive and destructive power of the state, and even if and when this lockdown craze subsides, and for those who manage to survive it, there won't be a back to normal after that. The new normal is in, and in the new normal, the government can do whatever it wants to whomever it wants, there are no restrictions anymore, and everybody just claps like trained seals.

AV also said that sometimes your body can "learn" to manufacture a virus when it comes in contact with it from another person who is using it to clean themselves.

In any case, a virus being present in people is not proof that it was contracted from others. These people are all being bombarded with foreign substances and chemicals all the time. Plus, it could just be a cleansing mechanism that many people go through.

Remember, the Coronavirus is just another name for the flu, and this particular brand isn't new at all, it's been known at least since 1965. It's no more deadly or more prevalent than the flu has always been.

The WHO estimates that the regular flu kills about 600,000 people a year worldwide. How many will corona claim when it's been all over the news for one year? Maybe 100,000? It will be interesting also if the regular flu deaths go down because those who would've died from the regular flu, died from corona instead.

General Discussion / Re: Iron overload on raw meat diet
« on: February 18, 2020, 11:16:14 pm »

First of all, I think you are a very experienced and knowledgeable individual in the raw paleo lifestyle. I admire your courage in not being swayed by popular belief and in openly sharing a lifestyle that most think is dangerous to yourself and, to an extent, to those around you. Watching your videos and reading your posts always inspires me to continue pursuing this lifestyle, and your cheerful attitude often brings me joy on sad days.

However, I think here you may have been getting all worked up over something which may not even be an issue.

There are many reasons why a blood iron test can come up high, the main reason being if your diet is high in available iron, which it is. The question is not just about how much you absorb though, but how much your body stores and how much it eliminates, and why. It could be that your body has issues eliminating iron, but so far you seem to have little or no evidence that this is the case, other than a suspicion based not on real experience but on a lab test that could mean many things - and which even the doctors have no concerns about.

Some of your solutions to the problem seem fine and well - more seafood, less red meat could certainly be what's best for you.

I'm skeptical of the green tea being of help - this in effect works by impairing your digestion. Even if it works for the intended purpose, there are many side-effects of impairing digestion like that. Now if you enjoy green tea with your meals, and don't want to give it up, or perhaps you need the caffeine boost or want something warm to drink, that's another matter altogether, and I'm sure you can be healthy while including it. But to include it for health reasons seems counter-intuitive.

About blood donations, if you are doing this for humanitarian issues, that's fine and well. But to do this as a health practice seems bizarre to me. When you are injured and blood comes out, it hurts. Blood is designed to clot on contact with air so as to close the wound as soon as possible. Can you imagine paleo people willingly bleeding themselves on purpose and for enjoyment or as a form of medical practice? Bloodletting only came about in an age where most people were eating a very unnatural diet, based on grains, which would actually promote anemia. Even if bloodletting was an effective method for reducing iron in the blood, this would only be necessary if your body has a problem eliminating iron, since elimination is what you're doing. However, it seems to me that creating new blood, with the great nutritional and building requirements it has, simply for the sake of eliminating iron, puts a big strain on your body, and I believe it could in fact be much more likely to age you quickly. We know that things that destroy blood cells (as well as other cells), such as alcohol consumption, age us faster. Here you are technically destroying (or rather, eliminating) blood cells on purpose. While you don't have to deal with the cleanup of dead cells that would result from heavy alcohol consumption, you do have to deal with the big task of constantly replenishing your blood supply. Finally, all of that new blood requires iron to make. So when you do that, your body is more likely to hold on to iron. I would worry that continually doing this would set your body up for iron retention.

You said that you might have a genetic mutation for increased iron intake. When do you suppose this mutation came about? Scandinavian people aren't particularly known for a heavy grain dependence, since little grain can be grown there. If anything we would expect to find this mutation in people who relied heavily on grains and thus needed such increased iron absorption - therefore it would be most likely present mainly in people from northeast asia, and to a lesser extent india, the middle east and europe and central and south america.

About the vaccuum cleaning, it could simply be the EMF like you mentioned, or more likely still, the air you are breathing. House dust is not the same as dirt in nature. House dust is full of toxic elements that come off the walls, off all kinds of plastic and treated wood and paper; particles from all sorts of aerosol sprays including deodorant and even poison (bug spray), soaps and detergents and other chemicals used in cleaning, etc. When you vaccuum a house, many of those chemical toxins end up in your lungs, nostrils and general respiratory tract, as well as on your skin and your eyes. They are then absorbed to your bloodstream and your liver and kidneys have to process many of them. Perhaps you could wear a cottonmask for blocking some of the dust you breathe in while doing this task, and see if it improves the issue. If it does, you could also add protective goggles and clothes that expose as little skin as possible, and avoiding makeup (which can make the dust stick to your skin more easily)

As a side issue, I'm curious as to where you are sourcing your raw coconut oil, since almost all coconut oils are actually cooked, even if they say they're not.

Hot Topics / Re: Coronavirus Fear Tactics
« on: January 31, 2020, 08:04:06 pm »
200 people died out of 1,400,000,000. That's 1 in 7 million people.

And of course, how many of those would have died anyway without this disease? Nobody knows. Probably about the same. Possibly even more.

By far the greatest threat is the State's response to the disease, rather than the disease itself.

General Discussion / Re: Convert Freezer to Meat Locker Like Derek
« on: January 30, 2020, 06:12:02 pm »
Dried beef is normally called beef jerky, kelpguy. Great description and tips. What you did should be called heart jerky. Another option for drying and storing meat is traditional salami, although that usually calls for enormous amounts of salt.

Jerky is definitely an option for long-term storage of food, although I doubt that consuming dried food as a staple of our diets is the best for our health; but it's definitely better than starving, or having to rely on vegan foods that store well, like grains, nuts and seeds.

Honey and cheese are other good options for animal-based foods that store very well.

Hot Topics / Re: Paleo Diet for Heart Disease
« on: January 29, 2020, 06:20:54 am »
In my experience, both a high animal fat (cooked) diet and a vegan (cooked) diet promote some form of heart disease, while a raw paleo diet slowly heals the condition.

General Discussion / Re: Anti nutrients
« on: January 28, 2020, 04:43:07 am »
The way I understand this with my very basic chemistry knowledge, is that most substances are either water soluble, or fat soluble. If they're water soluble, it's generally easier for our bodies to get rid of them. When they are fat soluble, they tend to stick around more, and it's generally accepted in the mainstream medical community, that fat soluble toxins tend to accumulate in fatty tissues.

AV's idea regarding combining starch with fats to remove toxins, was that they would combine to form a kind of internal soap, for loosening and safely carrying away toxins.

General Discussion / Re: Convert Freezer to Meat Locker Like Derek
« on: January 28, 2020, 04:35:23 am »
Great question!

Derek said you can find the remote thermostat at a brewery store.

I'm not sure how this works regarding keeping the air dry, and if the thermostat detects too much humidity, will it cool below the desired temperature to achieve the desired humidity level?

I agree with you! I really didn't want to make another post but I had to. Have you tried raw chicken liver or heart though? ;)

I have, many many times and it's by far the best parts. I haven't had them as a meal in themselves though, since they are so small and each bird naturally only comes with one, I only had them as small side dishes to a chicken meal.

*I realize this post is 6 months old

Just take the plunge and do it IMO. There are many methods to gradually introduce it but none of them are really necessary or worth it.

1. You could. But it's not the end of the world if you do. Long-term your health will improve.

2. Yes, but much less so. Still a lot better than cooked.

3. Any muscle meat that tastes ok is ok.

Display Your Culinary Creations / Eggs and blood?
« on: January 16, 2020, 07:22:04 pm »
Anyone ever tried this? I don't have access to the necessary ingredients, but I was thinking that gently stirring an egg into maybe a quarter cup of blood, could be an interesting combination.

Anyone wanna give it a try and tell us if they liked it?

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: Omnivorous v. Carnivore
« on: January 16, 2020, 03:34:46 am »
Humans are opportunistic omnivores that rely primarily on animal foods for nutrition, particularly large mammal hunting. We consume plants as a supplement or in case of starvation.

Some humans may do best on an entirely carnivorous diet, such as the eskimos. For most people, consuming a few plant foods is beneficial, as long as the contaminants from modern agriculture don't harm us more than the plant foods benefit us. Juicing vegetables and bland fruits (but not sweet fruits) can remove some of the detriments of fibrous foods, in case too much fiber is what concerns you. You can accomplish this with a juicer or using your teeth.

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: Eating raw conventional supermarket meat
« on: January 13, 2020, 06:49:00 pm »
Grain fed chicken has never made me feel sick so far, it's also alot less acidic to me than red meats.

It's not just being grain fed but being pumped full of hormones and antibiotics and vaccines, being on a 24 hour a day light schedule, packed in tight conditions where they never see the sun, breathe fresh air and sometimes can't even walk.

And to top it all off, before the bird is sold to you, after being butchered, it's submerged in a liquid full of toxic chemicals meant to kill bacteria. Of course they don't care if that kills you, too.

Primal Diet / Re: AVs theory on Apple Cider VInegar
« on: January 13, 2020, 09:54:01 am »
Oh, I don't know about the general health of people in the Philippines. I was thinking about a western society standard, where most of the food consumed is heavily processed.

Btw, 15km/h may be slow for a bike but it's still fast running speed, and riding a motorcycle is much riskier than running, because your body isn't adapted to all the things that can go wrong on a bike.

A young man died in Argentina just last week after hitting the wheels of a stopped car from behind with a bike at about the same speed. Ask if you wanna see the video, as it shows the crash doesn't even look that bad. The human body is fragile, especially nowadays with in our toxic environment, and especially when unnatural things are at play that put our bodies to the test of things they weren't meant to be facing under normal, natural conditions.

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: Eating raw conventional supermarket meat
« on: January 13, 2020, 02:39:33 am »
Yes, it's usually not a problem, if it's all you can get it's still much better than no meat or cooked foods.

However, I suggest avoiding ground meat (you never know what's in there) and beware of expensive cuts that might have meat glue. Also keep in mind when something is on sale, it's probably frozen and thawed.

Conventional chicken is pretty gross, and might give you issues, especially if you're new to this lifestyle. The first time I tried it, back when I was a cooked food eater, I had salmonella or whatever it was, that lasted for 2 months.

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