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Any kind of meat.

General Discussion / Re: Raw meat leaders
« on: May 09, 2021, 05:01:38 am »
You have to be a unique individual to be willing to try something everyone else thinks is crazy. Most unique individuals are considered crazy, unless they're very successful, in which case they're considered geniuses.

Crazy people love attention, and normal people love giving attention to crazy people. And when an idea is dangerous to those in power, if it can't be silenced, it's better to promote people who can be painted as crazy as the main proponents of said idea, in order to accuse the idea itself of being crazy.

That said, there's nothing crazy about calling a spade a spade. If you look for a perfect individual with no mistakes and no sins, you will not find it in human form, you should be looking up into heaven for that.

Now ask yourself, how many mistakes and sins can you find in the people promoting the food guide pyramid, NWO grain-based diet for the whole of humanity? Are they crazy? Are they misguided? Are they evil?

Why are you focusing on finding things wrong with a lifestyle that heals and prolongs life, and not in finding things wrong with those who promote the opposite?

Health / Re: 2 years, health not improving
« on: May 09, 2021, 04:50:09 am »
You misunderstood, I said avoid the mince, not all meat from the supermarket/butcher. By mince I assume you mean ground meat? The problem is not simply being grain fed, but also that when the meat is ground, it could have other things besides meat added to it, or it could have high toxin fat that you would spit out if you were to try to eat it whole and plain, but since it's ground, you still eat it.

I'm not sure why you thought doing this diet would cure addictions, if anything it makes it easier to indulge in those and still survive, or keep your health deteriorating at a slower pace than it otherwise would. If he wants to improve, he needs to cut out or dramatically reduce tobacco and alcohol. And I don't think pills are good either.

Try marinating meats in lemon juice for a few hours. If possible, grind or mash the meat, or chop it as fine as you can, prior to marinating. Then chew well as you eat it. If that improves digestion, you know it's lack of stomach acid.

I don't eat bile, but I was saying that raw bile would be better than tablets.

Freezing does kill many bacteria and destroy nutrients, but it doesn't add many toxins either. So it can be a compromise if all your options are grassfed frozen or grainfed fresh.

Health / Re: 2 years, health not improving
« on: May 07, 2021, 06:15:12 pm »
I would avoid the mince. Try finding a cheap source of meat cuts, it doesn't matter what cuts they are, but you don't know what's in that mince. There could be other things added, or parts of the animal that are high in toxins and you wouldn't be eating them if the whole cut was presented to you. If you get a chunk of supermarket meat and have it at room temperature and without any additives, you will notice that some parts of the fat is tasty, but some isn't. Don't eat the parts that don't taste good. Those are likely cooked fats from grains and full of toxins. When you eat mince, you can't avoid eating this.

I would also tend to be careful with the organs, eating them sparingly, or avoid them altogether. Organs from animals that are fed an unnatural diet, given lots of chemicals and kept in unnatural conditions can be overloaded with toxicity.

Frozen foods are not ideal but if you know the source is good and free of toxins, I would prefer it over high toxin meat, or have some of both. Either way I would avoid the mince.

Are you eating a lot of salt? Try weaning yourself off of it if you are. See if reducing salt intake improves digestion. You may not want to go cold turkey because there will be withdrawal symptoms.

If you're can't digest fats, the fats should be coming out undigested. It's possible that your gallbladder is damaged and you can digest some fats, but not a lot. Keep in mind the gallbladder is used when you need to digest large amounts of fats, but small amounts can be digested even if you've had your gallblader removed. By the way, eggs do contain a sizable amount of fats in the yolk. This fat is easier to digest however, since it's already liquid. It could also be a stomach acid issue. If you have a stomach acid issue, you would want your foods ground down, in that case you could get a meat grinder or food processor, or just chew things very finely.

I don't know how the oxbile tablets are made but I wouldn't take anything made in a lab. Plenty of people use raw bile instead, maybe you could get a source of that. It's generally thrown away during slaughter and/or butchering. As for the beet kvass, I would not want to have that while having a meat meal, as that can interfere with digestion. See what happens if you eliminate the fermented cod-liver oil and clarified butter. Have raw butter instead.

Is your dad still an alcoholic or drug addict?

Btw, I would be very careful with doing high meat with anything but great quality sources of meat and organs. Fermenting something that's already toxic is dangerous.

Hot Topics / Re: Covid - how is everyone
« on: May 06, 2021, 08:05:06 pm »
I've just been pondering over the past year of crazyness... Do we even know for a fact if previous global pandemics were real? And by real I mean if they really reached the claimed extents.

With today's tech and communications it's hard to make up millions of deaths, and they still managed to come up with a couple. How much easier would this be to pull off in, say, 1920 (spanish flu), or even moreso, in 1350 (black death)?

What's most worrying is that with today's globalization of most urban areas of the world, if these pandemics had an unnatural cause, it's now become easier than ever to make sure enough of the world population suffers the disease, and thus to manufacture the pandemic if those in power stood to gain from it, and if natural forces did not cooperate.

Off Topic / Re: "something fishy"
« on: May 03, 2021, 07:53:11 pm »
From the source you linked it seems like it could be something related to groundwater - maybe fracking related?

Info / News Items / Announcements / Re: Vice article featuring Me
« on: April 30, 2021, 12:59:20 am »
I was doing a quick search online because I was having doubts about whether evidence that is found in a search that is unrelated to the crime in question, can be admissible in court in order to charge the defendant with another crime that had nothing to do with the crime originally under investigation.

I came up with the following. I'm not sure if this will apply in your state, and in either case you should ask your attourney. But in case it helps:

Irrelevant Evidence is Generally Inadmissible

You and your lawyer might need to demonstrate to the court why a piece of evidence is irrelevant because the prosecution might feel differently about it. In addition to being material and legally obtained, admissible evidence is any evidence that is relevant to the case, meaning that is provides reasonable inferences about the case. When a piece of evidence is deemed to be irrelevant to a case, it may be thrown out.

As far as my intuition helps me to understand this, it means that if a piece of evidence is found during a legal search that is done looking for evidence for one crime, it cannot then be used to charge the defendant with another crime completely unrelated to the first one.

Info / News Items / Announcements / Re: Vice article featuring Me
« on: April 28, 2021, 04:49:05 pm »
saber, I would not have chosen your methods, but I think I understand why you chose them. You would've had much bigger reach by simply speaking publicly about this insanity, and they would've had a harder time pinning something on you for it. However, that method would've exposed you instantly, whereas this was more covert. I feel that you got the worst of both worlds, because you likely didn't achieve much notice, at least not yet, but you still ended up exposed, and now they have something they can use against you while keeping up appearances that everything is done by the book.

All of that said, what's done is done, and now your focus should be on what's ahead. With the caveat that much of my experience is coming from a country where legal matters can go very slowly, I think would suggest a strategy of stalling wherever possible, as it could take years before the world wakes up to the biggest hoax in all of history. A jury of your peers may not be ready to listen and understand what's been done to them, and may simply repeat whatever the TV told them has happened over the last 15 months.

It's probably too late to negotiate a plea bargain now that you've confessed. I would however delete the posts here and anywhere else where you've added additional information they may not have, or may not have enough proof of. That just adds more ammunition they can pile up against you. I'm not entirely certain what the charges being brought against you imply, but it seems to me that they may not be so severe if they don't have you for anything else than the graffitis and possesion.

Your legal strategy may very well be your best option, but again I would not want the other side knowing what my strategy is going to be, if this can be avoided. Remember they can more or less choose who sits on that jury of your "peers".

Really interesting article. Antibiotics seem to improve the symptoms but not the disease. Best to stay away from them.

For a second there I thought Tyler was back. Then I saw the date of the post.

Primal Diet / Re: Is it safe to eat raw meat with low stomach acid?
« on: April 22, 2021, 08:04:45 pm »
AV had zero stomach acid due to a vagotomy-like surgery when he was young, and the only thing he suggested for such a situation was to make sure all food, including meat, was made into paste either by grinding, blending or intense chewing. This makes it easier to digest food. He did not however recommend intense chewing because he thought all the mixing with saliva made some foods digest too fast.

Another thing you could try is marinating foods in lemon juice, which has a similar ph to stomach acid. However, this could over time damage your teeth.

Primal Diet / Re: Height Increase on Primal Diet
« on: April 20, 2021, 04:44:56 am »
If you're a white or east asian man it might be possible to grow a little by age 18-20, but 4 inches would be totally unheard of as far as I know. If you're a woman or if you're of another race it would be much harder still.

I suspect it has a lot to do with sexual selection as well as keeping warm and other uses. For example, paleo people could've used spare hair as pillows / stuffing / baby coat. Also: long hair can somewhat be used as dental floss.

Notice that not all races have head hair that grows very long. In most races it's only female hair that grows very long, and in some races, neither sex has hair that grows very long. For beards it's mainly just european men that can grow very long and lush beards. Arabs, asians, hindus and australian aborigins can to an extent grow a long beard and moustache, but much less so. Africans, american indians and eskimos can't.

Finally, all mammalian hair really grows forever, including all human body hair. It's just that it tends to fall off before it gets too long.

One other example: Cats and rats and to an extent other animals use long whiskers that project far out of the body, to sense the location of objects. Cats can drastically change the direction of whiskers and point them forwards to sense prey while in the middle of a pounce.

Health / Re: Weird thing on my arm. Insect / spider bite?
« on: April 05, 2021, 07:25:18 pm »
I would try putting raw honey on it.

Primal Diet / Re: Ground meat...
« on: March 29, 2021, 02:09:14 am »
chewing, clawing and pulling, or using rocks, stones, sticks, bones, or any combination thereof to make tools that were then used to cut, chop, tear, rip, tenderize, grind...

Off Topic / Re: 8,000 Years Ago, 17 Women Reproduced for Every One Man
« on: March 28, 2021, 10:28:01 pm »

I look at this study from this angle:

- majority of women only desire to reproduce with the top 20% of males
- the majority of women dismiss the notion of monogamy and will not decide to mate with a male solely on the premise that he is a BACHELOR
- the bottom 80% of men have not been reproducing... for plenty of generations.

Women are the soil, men provide seeds.

It's like planting fruit trees, when you eat an amazing, wonderful fruit such as durian or avocado, humans will desire to plant the seeds from such a delicious fruit.

You are forgetting that reproduction in a human society is not simply about having the best genes, but having the best environment to raise your kids in. If 10 women all have babies with the same man, who is going to provide, help feed, clothe, teach, raise their kids? They either have to do it all by themselves, or they have to find another man who will do this for them while neglecting his own biological prerogative to reproduce, or they have to rely on a state apparatus that steals from men who don't reproduce, in order to give to the babies of those men that do.

In either of all these examples, the quality of the childraising will be much poorer than in a stable, traditional, nuclear family structure. If the woman has to provide for her children all by herself, she is much more likely to be poor and to not have the time to properly teach and raise her children. If she relies on a beta male to help do this but not reproduce, he's more likely to be resentful and mistreat the children, or simply be incompetent and do a poor job at raising them. If she relies on the State... Well, the State wants something in return, and what they want is to turn her children into state worshipping zombies.

Furthermore, the genes that are "best" under a situation of widespread monogamy, are different to those that are best under a situation of widespread polygamy. For example, a woman who only sees men as a sperm bank, may not be interested in the man's capacity for love, bonding, teaching, caring, protecting, or providing. She will simply look for biological markers of sexual attraction, which, interestingly enough, may not even signal good health or chance of survival.

Finally, you are forgetting about what happens to all of the men who can't find a mate in your polygamous society. They will be much more likely to be violently aggressive, to generate chaos in general.They simply have much less to lose than a man who has a stable mate that is bonded to him for life. This also affects women, who will feel lonely and in despair when they're all alone with their children and no man wants to stay with them for more than a night or two of mating, and this will impair the woman's ability to nurture and care for her children, also. But the effect is clearly much worse for males, which also have a greater capacity for harming others in the society, and not just their own families.

A society such as this is much worse for everybody, for the women, for the men at the top, for those at the bottom, and especially for the children and future generations. It's not an accident that, like I mentioned in my previous post, all societies that became prosperous did so by introducing monogamy and nuclear family structures, and the extent to which they became prosperous is directly proportional to the extent to which the society was able to achieve a widespread and faithful implementation of this model.

Off Topic / Re: 8,000 Years Ago, 17 Women Reproduced for Every One Man
« on: March 21, 2021, 07:41:00 am »
I was corrected by someone... if you are a man and have impregnated 4 to 5 women... you are an amazing STUD. (I got my math wrong, sorry.)

All societies that became prosperous did so via the introduction of monogamy and nuclear family structures. That means, one man, one woman. What good is impregnating 5 women if all your kids grow up to be less successful, because you didn't have time to raise them well? Instead, have 5 kids with the same woman, and you have much better odds.

If you live in a backwards, socialist society that is based on stealing and leeching, it can temporarily make sense to play that game, but as soon as the society reverts to normalcy, that strategy is doomed, and so are those who have been taught to pursue it.

Personals / Re: What happened to Tyler Durden?
« on: March 16, 2021, 12:44:20 am »
14 months and still MIA...

'Rosemary's Baby' - Mia Farrow eats a plate of raw liver out of the fridge  -d.  Grossed me out at the time, but now I almost do the same myself (light searing of the outside, for appearances sake, you understand.)

There's also multiple ocassions in the movie where there's references to her drinking raw egg smoothies, and one where she eats steak that's just seared 4-5 seconds on each side. It's not depicted in a good light in the movie, except perhaps some of the egg shakes.

Primal Diet / Re: YouTube Censorship Against Raw Meat
« on: January 15, 2021, 07:15:21 pm »
The left can be so predictable and rigid in it's way, they have their own uniform (people dress the same in many groups), here in Germany it is often taboo to a say that you enjoy meat in the left scene. Many are anti wilderness in many ways (not consciously), they say the earth could support so much more people. Hunting is evil says many. And, the right is scary, wanting to control humans and planet with tech and pharma.
Actually, I am quite sure that one is not possible without the other, they need each other.
We need to find a different way.

There is another way. Start properly identifying and denouncing the radical left as the most evil form of politics there is. You have an advantage in Germany, in that most people would do anything to not be associated with the nazis. Start correctly pointing out that the nazis were a radical left wing party. It shouldn't be too hard. It's in the name. Point out how Hitler was a vegetarian, and how many of his policies aren't that far off from what is being proposed today by the radical left. Simply swapping national socialism for international socialism doesn't change the fact that it's still socialism.

Point out how Germany became prosperous and happy after WWII because it embraced a mostly free market policy for several decades, and how that's the only way to progress further, if that's what "progressives" claim they want.

If you wanna take it one step further still, you can mention how the nazis' plans for a united europe with Germany at the top were realized under the socialist european union.

Primal Diet / Re: YouTube Censorship Against Raw Meat
« on: January 14, 2021, 07:15:39 am »
It is important that we do not lump ourselves together with the whole MAGA/right wing extremist crowd. It would make us an unnecessary target for censorship.

Well, I've been a heavy Trump critic since I first learned who he was back in 2012. I'm certainly not part of the fake right wing MAGA crowd. To call MAGA right wing extremism is highly deceptive. The MAGA crowd is simply national socialism, which is a brand of socialism and very much a part of the radical left. Meanwhile the Harris crowd (Biden will be irrelevant) is simply communism, which is another brand of socialism and therefore also part of the radical left.

As a bonus, I don't worry about youtube/twitter/facebook blocking people they don't want on their platforms. What's worrying is when the State takes on that role, but far as private companies doing it, all you have to do is refuse to use their services.

I do like to find out who the big companies are blocking though, because I wanna find out who they are and why they've been blocked.

EDIT: It would be worrying however, if ISPs started blocking people too, based on ideology. While they are private companies, they often operate with state-granted oligopolies that forbid or heavily restrict anyone else from competing. It's true that Google / Facebook / Twitter have ever increasing alliances with ISPs that grant them benefits at the expense of their competitors. But thus far, the ISPs aren't going as far in terms of censorship, at least, not that I know of.

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: bees fed on sugar?
« on: January 11, 2021, 01:06:58 am »
Most beekepeers feed sugar or syrup to the bees during the startup of a new colony or during times where there aren't many flowers around. This is obviously much worse than natural honey.

Most honey is heated.

When you combine the two, the end result is just sugar with some extra minerals and whatnot. It's no surprise that the teeth of those consuming it suffer.

What you want is honey is hasn't been heated, and if possible that bees weren't fed anything except for raw honey during startup.

When you eat this honey alone, it will feel a little weird in your stomach, it can even hurt a little, as the high insulin-like substance can be overwhelming. If you combine it with other foods, this won't happen.

When you eat heated honey, even by itself, this also won't happen, as you'll esssentially just be eating sugar.

Primal Diet / Re: AVs charcoal brand
« on: January 10, 2021, 06:42:40 am »
I don't remember charcoal being recommended. Are you sure you're not thinking about clay?

Primal Diet / Re: YouTube Censorship Against Raw Meat
« on: January 10, 2021, 05:35:19 am »
Are you surprised?

I'm surprised it took them this long to start censoring people promoting real health.

Primal Diet / Re: aajonus' on pineapple, papaya
« on: June 07, 2020, 09:15:10 pm »
As far as I remember it was just a tablespoon with meals. Only for people who needed extra enzymes though.

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: Raw, grain-fed beef?
« on: June 03, 2020, 08:34:12 pm »
No need to sear, lean muscle will be perfectly fine. Fat you will have to go by taste, but even if it's bad quality it will not harm you.

Try to have it at room temperature and without condiments to be able to discern the quality of the fat. If you sear it you will lose this ability, plus you will break the fat/toxin bonds and you will absorb all of those sprayed grain toxins.

Cooking doesn't destroy toxins, in fact it makes it so they are more likely to be absorbed rather than discarded.

Go easy on the organs, since they will have a high toxin load, but you can have some occasionally for the vitamins. Liver in particular. Avoid them if you're gonna be paranoid about it.

Always strive for better quality, but that's not a good reason to instead do something much less healthy like cooked foods.

Because the toxin load of these meats is higher, you will experience some symptoms occasionally. It's your choice if you'd rather have a few days a year of discomfort, or be sick the entire year but to a lesser degree. And it's your choice if you want your health to worsen significantly year by year, or if you want to age more naturally and slowly.

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