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Welcoming Committee / Switching from near vegan, Hi
« on: July 23, 2010, 05:53:39 am »
I'm so glad this forum exists; i've been eating raw food vegan for the past year (not entirely vegan due to bee products), but now my instincts are saying, eat meat. SO right now I'm eating some slow roasted angus beef, and raw turkey meat. I am really liking the consistency of the raw turkey, but the cooked beef is harder to chew actually. I'm totally new to eating raw meat, and can't wait to start reading more posts on this forum. I also read the Genotype Diet, and Dr. D'Adamo mentions how you can tell if you are meant to eat meat by the shape of the front bicuspids. Shovel-shaped bicuspids are an indicator that meat will go down well. SO i haven't eaten flesh in 1 year, and right now I'm a little antsy to see what happens after consuming raw and cooked flesh. Can't wait

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