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I currently eat the same way Lex does, with the exception that my fat supplement is KerryGold butter vice rendered tallow. Another exception is that I almost always buy grain-fed beef.

Because of this latter exception,  i wonder if adding a vegetable or two to the mix might be advisable.

Therefor, I seek nominations for vegetables which would:

1. be low in carbohydrates

2. be likely in the REAL WORLD OF COMMERCE AS EXISTS NOW,  not just in a 50-year old USDA lab analysis, to actually be micronutrient-packed.

3. have low flatus-generating capacity

I have zero indications or symptoms that I have any "deficiencies"  in my current diet. What I want to avoid though, is confirmation bias - the tendency to always look for anecdotes and/or valid experiments which agree with a currently held belief.

to be true to science, we must at all times be aggresively seeking to disprove that which we believe to be true.  Thus my interest in considering a change.

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