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Primal Diet / Experienced weird "detox" symptoms with Raw Milk
« on: October 11, 2018, 11:57:12 pm »
Hi everyone,

it's actually the second time I've experienced these weird symptoms.

First time, few months ago, it was the few first times I tried raw eggs and raw milk. I remember that I was home, I ate a few raw eggs with like 4-500mL raw milk, and I went to my university library to study. A hour after ingestion, I started experiencing weird feeling symptoms, I was stressed, a bit "outside" myself and sluggish.
Then, I remember me headed back home, and then black hole until I reach some kind of parc in my city (not in the actual path to my house) and I was so "touched" by all the colors, sounds, and my feelings were *10. I was literally smiling with euphoria to everything I was seeing and receiving through my senses (just a beautiful but random parc). I identified it as LSD symptoms, which I tried twice in the past, like few month to a year before or so.
This story ends 2 hours later.

10 months later, today; I didn't eat anything in the day and I finally drank a whole glass of fatty raw milk (still the same, grass-fed, non-homogeneized, whole...). I started to feel so weak that I didn't go back to university, I felt stressed (usually milks just get me calm and joyful, kinda like morphins do) and nervous. It almost never happens to me since the time I changed my diet. Few minutes/hours later, feelings *10, I felt like I was so far from the ground, was euphoric, feeling the music, and shit.

Feel like it's still some "light LSD effects", but I might be wrong. First experienced I hypotethised some LSD was getting out of me somehow, by detoxifying, but since it happened a second time I dunno if there's another explanation, or if it is "detoxifying" at all.

Well, do you have any guess on this ? Have someone already experienced similar such things, like drugs-you've-tried-in-the-past effects ?

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